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  1. XLynx

    Unleashed is a Planetside 1 Veteran outfit. We were well known for being one of the best special operations or "behind the lines" outfits in the last 3-4 years. We focused on having a small, highly organised and skillful member base which allowed us to move from fight to fight quickly and effectively. Using our tactics, communication and ability we were able to fight outmanned and out gunned and still achieve our objective.

    In Planetside 2 we have continued where we left off in Planetside 1, we use the hex system to the best of our ability to move the fight across a continent and try to gain ground away from the main fights. Our operations often allow the TRs main army to capture bases as we either get the influence around the base they are attacking, or we drag the enemy forces away from said base by attacking other more important bases.

    Though it may seem via this post that we are a hard line strict outfit, that is not what you'll find if you play with us. We know when we need to focus and we do our job, but generally we are a relaxed, very light hearted and humorous group. We understand that this is a game, and unlike many other spec ops outfits we know the importance of logging into a game and enjoying yourself with your outfit, instead of being shouted and moaned at.

    We are looking for players that are keen on playing Planetside 2 out gunned and out manned. Where your teammates rely on you as much as you rely on them. We would like players who can hold their own in fights, can work as part of a close knit team and can communicate and respond to changing scenarios.

    Because of how we operate, every outfit member is vital to our success, therefore, we require every member to have a working mic and join us on our mumble server. We also ask for at least 80% of your gametime to be with the outfit, we want you with us, not shooting us haha (at least most of the time ;) ). In return for this we promise to give you an outfit you will never experience anywhere else - in a good way.

    If you are interested please post an application thread on our forums here: and we will get you started. We run a short trial process, this is to ensure we are the right outfit for you and that you are the type of player we are looking for at this time.

    I thank you for reading this longer then expected post, and hope to see your application.

    Thank you

  2. LovableRogue

  3. LsK

    I was just about to do that! ;)
  4. Redemption

    Serious Outfit here.... very highly recommended!!!
  5. SupaFlea

    As formal as the fellows above make the outfit sound, by no means think we are hard nosed and strict rules or leadership system. Our guys are a close nit group of friends and even though their is a leadership while we are on the battlefield the reason we work together well is because of the friendly atmosphere and nature of the outfit.

    We respect each and and each skills no matter how good or bad some of us are which lends itself very well to our objective during game play. We aim to have fun and get **** done.

    If you don't want one of those oufits who recruit for numbers and want to be apart of a tidy size outfit where everyone knows each pretty well simply jump on our mumble and join us in game to get a taste of how we roll, It might not be to your liking or you may just like tagging along but not want to join the outfit we only ask you jump in mumble so we can communicate with you during combat :)

    "We Aim To Misbehave!"
  6. robo

    Great group of guys, if I was playing TR there's no one I would rather play with.
  7. Shamrock

    Bump for great justice, great bunch of guys.

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