[TR] - TMG-50 or T-32 Bull?

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by Mic7Hael, Apr 22, 2013.

  1. Mic7Hael

    Since the Carv-S got nerfed, im looking for a new "best" gun. Although both the TMG-50 and T-32 are explicitly designated as specialized guns (long range vs. close combat), I often hear that with proper addons they are the new favourite for a TR heavy. Now two questions:

    1) TMG-50 or T-32?

    2) Which addons?

    Thanks in advanve!
  2. FnkyTwn

    TMG-50 is always the answer. Always.

    2x Reflex, Compensator, Forward Grip
    -and then decide if High Velocity Ammo is for you or not.

    Edit: The T32 is a great gun, but when you absolutely need
    to kill things at range, then go with the TMG-50. For CQC
    engagements pick a Shotgun/SMG.
  3. Singed

    Agreed. The TMG-50 Is basically the staple of any certed HA.
  4. TheBloodEagle

    TMG-50 is the best choice for a medium-to-long range weapon because of its damage & range tier (only one for TR). It's also kick *** in short range (not exactly CQB), if you're better than average. The Carv & w/e else you have including shotguns & SMG will do better for close range either way, even the MSW-R is pretty cheap (advanced laser is actually great, although the 2nd SMG is much better for that purpose).

    Keep in mind the T32 also had a recent ammo count nerf as well. The T32 was good in the sense that it had a tight COF. But the NS-15M does its job much better now with some other perks. If you're looking for something fun & different and good looking for short-towards-medium then that would be it. But I suspect you're not one to have a lot of weapons yet like I do.
  5. Ruar


    You pretty much have to have the foregrip and the compensator on it to use it, but once you have those it's not too bad.
  6. Gargantor

    I prefer the T-32, compared to the TMG-50 it feels pretty much more controlable.
    The low vertical recoil makes it easier to hit more shots to the head on close to medium range, it is not that bad on longer ranges but if you find your self more in long range battles go with the TMG.

    For both guns i use the same addons (Compensator, Foreward Grip, NV Scope and HV Ammo)
  7. EclipsedTerror

    Bull over TMG.

    Recoil, ROF and COF is horrendous on the TMG even with perks imo when compared to the Bull. It makes the Bull easier to use. Realistically, if a fight is so long you have to switch to the TMG for damage and to hit effectively then you may as well switch over to a battle rifle or to infiltator for a sniper rifle.
  8. Stargazer86

    In VR, I find that the T32 is far more accurate than the T-50. It actually feels as if it's more difficult to hit things at longer range with the T-50 than the T32, or even the T16 Rhino. And speaking of the Rhino, I wouldn't discount it immediately. It has very good accuracy, and although it does lack the fire rate and power of the other guns, it makes up for that with being the only LMG other than the CARV to feature 100 round magazines. Additionally, you can add an extended mag and bump it all the way up to 200 rounds, for when you just want to hose things down. Still, the T16 is really only best at medium range, and I wouldn't take it indoors if at all possible.
  9. FnkyTwn

    167 damage > 143 damage

    TMG-50 > T-32 Bull
  10. NaySayer

    Awesome at close-mid range, awesome at long range when using controlled bursts.
  11. Mr. Troffleops

    Honestly? Neither. I hate the TMG-50 and the Bull's ammo nerf was downright painful.

    If you are not a fairly good player, the TMG-50 won't be as capable in your hands. Its got a fairly high skill ceiling in my honest opinion. First without the compensator and a forward grip, the recoil is borderline unmanageble for the average player. Remember, most folks who sit around on forums, are not the average playerbase. Second, the TMG-50's TTK (time to kill) feels slower to me. I swear I drop people faster with the Carv, the 50 always seems to take longer.

    If you are going to get the TMG 50, be sure to get the Compensator and Forward grip, and a good scope. (Prefer 2x myself.)

    A cheaper alternative to BOTH guns is the T16 Rhino which is meant for long range, and has 100 round mags which help ALOT in CQC. Also as others stated if you are looking for CQC look no further then a pump shotgun or the MSW-R.

    Its all down to preference really. I personally STILL use my T9, despite owning most of the other LMG's. Go to the Vr, then trial your favorites in 'live' play.
  12. Singed

    The T16 Rhino and the TMG-50 are both good guns, and I regret neither. The TMG-50s increased damage at range is useful, but the T16 has wonderful sustained fire capabilities, and it isn't too bad at range either. The T16 is also 250 certs cheaper.
  13. Ruar

    I decided to try out the Bull after reading this thread. I only spent about an hour with it out in combat and spent some more time with it in VR. I'd previously decided the Bull wasn't for me, but it actually isn't that bad. The biggest problem I ran into was running out of ammo, but that might be because I was living longer in close in fights than I do with the TMG.

    I put a suppressor on instead of compensator as the vertical recoil didn't feel all that bad after using the TMG so much. Forward grip, 2x scope and ended the night getting soft point bullets but I haven't used them in combat yet.

    I noticed a difference at my CQC kill ability and I was very happy with the way the Bull cut people down. I did run my magazine dry several times but the .44 magnum came out and I had fun getting a few kills with it as well.

    There was a definite decrease in ranged capability. At one point I couldn't figure out why I was missing a target when I noticed my shots were falling underneath them, something the TMG never had a problem with. I did pull the TMG out at one point to engage a few people shooting from a doorway and corner of a building about 100m away or so. Once the area was clear and I ran to the target building I wished I had the Bull again.

    I'm going to keep trying to see what works best for me. Next I'll get a compensator and see how the Bull feels without the suppressor penalty.
  14. mazty

    T9-CARV S
    Oh wait it's a piece of ****.