[TR] The Mobile Infantry [TMI]

Discussion in 'Waterson (US East)' started by Whiteagle, Dec 8, 2012.

  1. Whiteagle

  2. Zamanoy

    Rakzaks Roughnecks! I am with Imperial Reach, hope to see you guys in game though. The book is awesome.
  3. Whiteagle

    Your guys' tag is [IR] right?

    I'm pretty sure I've seen I few of your memeber on the field before, but yeah, always good to see our fellow Terrans out there!
  4. Zamanoy

    Yeah, we are a pretty big outfit for Waterson TR. Nothing compared to the giant outfits on the other EST servers.
  5. Whiteagle


    Man, you do realise we share a Server with Let the Brit Drop AND the Angry Joe Angry Army, right?
  6. Zamanoy

    By outfit I mean coordinated groups always running in squads and teamspeak, not fan clubs. Unfortunately those two just add to the overpopulation of the TR on Waterson without contributing much to territorial success.
  7. Whiteagle

    Well I don't know about our "Glorious Leader's" group, but I've seen plenty of people with ether an [AA] tag or an [AJA] tag on the front lines doing their duty.