[TR] The Enclave wants YOU!

Discussion in 'Emerald (US East)' started by BuzzCutPsycho, Aug 6, 2012.

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  1. Deezy

    I'm so looking forward to the server mergers.
  2. HuntingWabbit

    Make sure you TR bring your jump boots with you from Sol Tech, because in addition to following the air assault doctrine, TE's leader will teach you how to exploit the game mechanics like a pro using the bunny hop doctrine. Have fun.
  3. Stubbs

    Had fun tonight guys!

    - KeVanu Reeves
  4. Codesmith97

    Hey is there any chance I could join you guys? I'm definately looking for something organized and focused on teamplay and communication.

    IGN: Codesmith512
  5. Serevn

    Apply at http://enclaveoilrig.com, just click JOIN and follow instructions, easy.
  6. Justikar

    If it wasn't for Enclave Ops, I wouldn't have a tenth of as much fun with Planetside as I do. Coordination at this level makes the game really shine.
  7. Codesmith97

    Will do, hope to be playing with you guys soon!
  8. Badname2490

    Friday is gonna be quite the fight with all the new faces!
  9. Ecstasis

    Had a great night with the server merges. Looking forward to meeting plenty of new faces in the outfit!
  10. Vasheron

    If you like winning join The Enclave!
  11. Reeth

    Man, you guys are making me wish i rolled TR instead of Vanu.
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  12. kucookachu

    I was looking to join, but when I went to submit my application there was an error that was popping up.
  13. Natir

    Try again, if it still wont let you, just hop on teamspeak. ts3.enclaveoilrig.com

    We are upgrading our forums and there is currently a known issue with upgrading to some of the latest beta versions.
  14. Kastrenzo

    Why not just make a new character.
  15. Reeth

    I did. And I'm not looking back.
  16. Grok_Monkey

    How do I actually join the outfit? The links on your "HOW TO JOIN" page don't go to anywhere I can post.

    Edit: For now I'm just going to assume I need to file an access request first.

    Edit 2: Can't post there either.
  17. Badname2490

    You can blame Natir for breaking the forums.

    ANYWAY if you have an account on the forums...try going here

    Obviously read the sticky first.
  18. Grok_Monkey

    I found the problem--it didn't verify my account correctly, or something.

    Filed my application.

    There's not actually a sticky in that section at the moment but I figured, "Damn the consequences," and went for it anyway. If I don't have the good sense to not totally **** up the application process, I probably shouldn't be near a computer.
  19. xWarMachine

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  20. Sparky_SRH

    Hey im Looking for an outfit. if its ok i would like a chance to play with you guys, and if i like what i see ill be more than happy to join :)
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