[TR] The Enclave wants YOU!

Discussion in 'Emerald (US East)' started by BuzzCutPsycho, Aug 6, 2012.

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  1. BuzzCutPsycho

    That and we seem to have pissed off 4Chan somehow. Who wouldn't want to be a part of us now?!?
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  2. TESnake

    Snake reporting in.
  3. FN198

    the crown might as well be our home base we take it every day whenever we want
  4. Ennkay

    Yup, The Enclave will always be one of the most entertaining group of players in the world. They stir the pot so hard and tend to skull [...] everyone around them pretty remorselessly. Glad they are sticking with TR.

    [Edited for language.]
  5. Spin Doctor

    No, Spin Doctor wasn't proclaiming that anyone needs to police anything.

    Spin Doctor was proclaiming that TR needs outfits like The Enclave to roll groups like Azure Twilight, otherwise AT will pull some crap like camping players as they spawn -- a bit different from rolling stacking sundies, and we can disagree about that.

    And I'll ask you to not put words in my mouth, sir.
  6. Ennkay

    Breaking down the topic further, VS or NC are doing really well on the map, the idea of one or the other losing the continent due to a tech shortage then tips the balance in favor of the TR.

    Regardless, what type of mud has 4chan been slinging at you guys?
  7. BuzzCutPsycho

    Funny stuff, just read any PS2 related VGS thread and they talk about us constantly. The best thing about is they complain about me removing sperg lords or socially awkward people upon interview.
  8. Bloodspoiler

    If you played with us you wouldn't think that.

    One thing that I can say is that the enclave is a well oiled killing machine that is pure business when operations are rolling. The business is killing NC and Vanu, and business is good.

    Good luck on the battlefield.
  9. Spin Doctor

    I found something funny upon joining The Enclave and being on the "inside" looking out:

    Where The Enclave utilizes tactics, organized voice comms, and skilled squad leaders -- other people see "zerging"

    When The Enclave dominates an objective and completely ruin any opposition -- other people cry "zerg!"

    When The Enclave comes to the rescue of an objective and repulses the NC/VS assault -- they whine "zerg!"

    Would our enemy prefer we spawn up in a force of say 4-5? What would they call us then? Nothing, is my guess...

    So hindsight being 20/20, I'd rather be called a zerger and win than be not called anything and play NC or VS...

    But that's just my take on it!
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  10. Spin Doctor

    Thank you for proving my point. Since you have no concept of this outfit, you speak only from ******** and no real information.

    Keep crying and carry on, scrub.
  11. Valkre

    I lol'ed.
  12. Segfault

    I can feel the love for The Enclave! I believe this needs to be settled on the field of battle and not on these forums. I personally do not troll other Outfits recruiting posts. Why is it that ours needs to be trolled?

    I really find the trolling to be pretty childish and very unproductive. I enjoy my game time in this Outfit. IF you don't enjoy getting ***** by an Outfit that wins the battled they chose to fight. Type /suicide and go play on some other section of the map.

    Buzz is a sharp edge, he is very polarizing. Either you like him and his style or you don't. If you don't, don't direct your hate against him in the forums. Take up arms and meet him and us on the field of battle and let settle this in battle!

    Whoever appeals to the law against his fellow man
    Is either a fool or a coward, whoever cannot take care of
    Himself without that law is both, for a wounded man shall
    Say to his assailant, "If I live I will kill you, if I die you are forgiven"
    Such is the rule of honor"
  13. BuzzCutPsycho

  14. Ecstasis

    Victory breeds jealousy.
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  15. BuzzCutPsycho

    We are now on WEST 01 until further notice.
  16. ThirdDoctor

    What's hilarious is how personally you take every comment. I was right wasn't I? If you want to have fun in the Enclave, stay away from Dagger 1. My sides are literally moving on their own.
  17. Friend

    Which server are you guys currently playing on ? East? West? Hope it's east...
  18. TESnake

    At the conclusion of our outfit ops last night, we were on WEST 02. We want to be on EAST 01, but with the severe instability that server currently has, it doesn't make it a viable option.
  19. RadarX

    We are going to reopen this thread one more time to see if everyone can follow the forum guidelines. Whether you are Enclave or regular forum poster, if you are reported for trolling you will be hearing from us.
  20. BuzzCutPsycho

    Enclave members wont be trolling this thread, don't worry.

    Also, for those that asked The Enclave is on WEST 01. Our intentions are to be on an East Coast server eventually but as it stands now EAST 01 is not playable, the lag and random warping is unbearable and WEST 02 is far too imbalanced and underpopulated to warrant our presence.

    If you're interested in playing hit me up at our website and we'll get you squaded up and show you how we do things.
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