[TR] The Enclave wants YOU!

Discussion in 'Emerald (US East)' started by BuzzCutPsycho, Aug 6, 2012.

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  1. Valkre

    People mad at the Enclave for not being a rainbow-happy-time outfit with strict policy on political correctness make me LOL.

    Welcome to the internet.
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  2. Virrago

    Remember to keep your posts respectful, courteous, and constructive per our forum guidelines. Otherwise you will be suspended from our forums.
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  3. Natir

    I appreciate you guys keeping our thread clean! I hope people will continue to follow the forum guidelines and not make any posts that would go against it. We value respectful posts in our recruitment thread and anywhere else on these forums. We frown upon those who do otherwise.
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  4. Harasus

    You seem pretty professional, nice job on TB’s video. Are you NA or EU only? If you do accept both, is there a majority of one of them?

    My excuses if that information is already in the OP, I checked there and looked through your website, but did not find much there.
  5. Zer0shin

    We take members from any part of the world. The Outfit's focus will be on an East server at launch. For beta we are on US West Beta 01.
  6. JeanLucPicard

    Capt. Jean-Luc Picard, one of Starfleet's finest officers is reporting for duty. During my time in Starfleet, I single-handedly warded off attacks from the Borg to the Romulans and many more. Discovered new races, explored new worlds and helped with many diplomatic matters. When I retired from Starfleet, I joined The Enclave.

    During my time in The Enclave, it has been a pleasure to be a part of some of the most organized men I have ever been able to serve with. One thing I liked about being Captain of my own starship, The Enterprise, I was being able to pick my officers and crew. Here in the Enclave, we pick the finest men and women to serve for the glorious cause of the Terran Republic. I encourage you to join our ranks and be among the finest in the Terran Republic, The Enclave.
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  7. Spin Doctor

    Hi there!

    We're neither, or rather, we're both! NA and EU are welcome. EU may find it a little harder to get in on our operations (M-F 5pm EST to 10/11 pm EST) but they are welcome all the same.

    We've members from all walks of life and across the globe. Feel free to apply and drop by our TS3.
  8. TESnake

    Had a blast today, rolling 30+ prowlers around the south end of the map in the evening. A shame TotalBiscuit's stream was offline when that happened, that's a real armor column!
  9. Bitmap

    Hey Buzz. It's been a while since I fought under your command. Think I'd like to re-up if you'll have me.
  10. r.Tek

    More footage of a few of our operations. We have a lot of fun together, so check us out!

  11. Frizzik

    I played with The Enclave in Beta for a couple of weeks before Guild Wars 2 came out and honestly I can't imagine a more fun and organized outfit to be a part of, huge props. Good luck guys (even though you don't need it).

    PS: You know you've made it when Totalbiscuit and Margaret Krohn are praising you on PAX's livestream. :p
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  12. Duke

    Edit: maybe not :)
  13. BuzzCutPsycho

    Sure! App up brother.
  14. Spin Doctor

    Optional operation today.
  15. KamikazeKnifer

    I can vouch for these guys being a blast to fight against.
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  16. BuzzCutPsycho

    Always fun to fight AT too. Unfortunately we're too busy stomping on the NC in the north to deal with the VS. :(
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  17. Spin Doctor

    AT is a rough fight - thankfully they're about the only rough fight we have. ;)
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  18. zu2

    I went lone wolf on Saturday as a defender around Allatum for about 80 percent of the day, and every time I came across an organized group that gave me the thought, "Jeez, these guys are almost as good as The Enclave", low and behold, it WAS The Enclave! One time I distinctly remember was at Seabed where NC were trying to urge each other to attack it with aircraft since The Enclave was there and other NC were saying "Have you seen that wall of flak? No way!"

    Was very amusing, to say the least. And NC air that did try to attack Seabed while the Enclave was there, whether it was reavers, libs, or galaxies, died, and quickly. The few brave souls who tried to advance with vanguards from Dahaka also died quickly. The Enclave is where it's at for organized TR ops.
  19. Harbinger

    So, what server you guys roll on?
  20. Spin Doctor

    Currently WEST 01.
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