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    We're "Terran Republic Squad Tactics".

    We're a brand new outfit as of June 2018, and we're looking to become a specialist outfit!

    Our Aim:

    • Strive for teamwork,
    • Coordinate strikes,
    • Dominate the battlefield.
    Our Strategy:
    • Assess the situation,
    • Plans the mission,
    • Follow orders,
    • Establish Synergy.
    • Outfit gains bulk XP and Certs.
    • Exceptional Members get Rewards.
    Outfit Requirements:
    1. Play every 1-3 days.
    2. Join the Squad when you're online.
    3. If you want to play solo, join the Lone Wolf Squad.
    4. Follow orders.
    5. Stick together.
    Members must meet these requirements to join and stay in the outfit, and to progress through the ranks!


    Each week, a member who pulls off exceptional feats, plays, or teamwork will win Daybreak Cash.

    A Paysafe Card will be sent to the member (online), for them to purchase the DBC on their own account, safely and securely.
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