TR - Soltec - Mattherson. What to Expect?

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  1. Aleksiel

    This. ULTRA is the reason that NC was hanging out at their Warpgate Friday night. Don't always believe what you read/hear. BWC/ TE/ DOG/ AOD/ WOLV/ SA/ LOC/ STTR/ BONK/ VG and NOGF all work together. When the map gets painted red in violent fashion, it's a combined Op...and Friday was our first one with new members. NC and VS are very competitive. As a BWC member I enjoy figjhting TEST, GOON, GOTR and SG. Very good opponents, very fun. I think that Matherson has the highest level of competition on any server and I'm glad you guys at Sol Tech are coming aboard. I look forward to working with you guys and hope that you all join us in ULTRA.

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  2. EliteEskimo

    BWC only runs a few squads during the week days due to most of our outfit having jobs, university, and military commitments. However during the weekends we run major operations with dedicated armor, infantry, and air forces all working as one cohesive unit. If you've bumped into our full platoon, or on the rare occasion platoons, you'll wish you hadn't. We like to coordinate with TE/ DOG/ AOD/ WOLV/ SA/ LOC/ STTR/ BONK/ VG and NOGF when the opportunity presents itself, however when we have a 2-3 squads sometimes we'll do elite stuff like hold the NC at their indar warpgate for 45 minutes during prime time on a Friday night. While we were doing this other outfits were capping Esamir and taking various parts of Indar:cool:
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  3. Kunotron

    When joining the Mattherson TR, be prepared to see Buzz's name spewed out in /yells constantly, not by TR, but by NC and VS. They will scream about how he cannot hold a biolab even if he is not logged on. They will create threads on the forums about TE in hope that they will get a response from him. They have the biggest man-crush that the world has ever seen. If you are a straight male and know someone who plays VS or NC on Mattherson, I advise never dropping any soap while around them. If your not, then by all means, party hard.
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  4. DeadOnArrival

    That's why you go premium man.
  5. EliteEskimo

    TE haters are always going to hate, because most outfits on Mattherson can't counter 3 Platoons worth of TR drop pods which are all rushing at you in under 30 seconds. lol
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  6. USD

    You can't spell HATE without HA and TE.
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  7. Bravix

  8. Deathrus

    Good EXP, In my opinion.

    At least for us.
  9. NotTheMomma

    Well, things have been a little less consistent since the warpgate changed and all, but generally VS pop % goes up after 2am EST on weekdays, 3am on Friday and Saturday. There are not many players on regardless, but it's not unusual to see VS 40%+. There seem to be a number of Koreans and Europeans who play during that time period.

    Despite what people say, TR pop on SolTech can still spike quite high at times for a few hours at a time, but it starts to progressively wane in the late evening hours compared to the other factions.

    All that said, there's quite a large 4th faction on SolTech. Indar pops fluctuate a lot based on FOTM and who's getting the beat-down at the moment.
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  10. Koopak

    It would appear i ruffled some TR feathers, particularly from TE. Sorry guys, but in my personal experience you have three modes.

    1. You come zerging in at a fight and crush it with vastly superior numbers, or get held off, it turns into a wonderful slug fest for about 5 to 10 minutes, then suddenly we start gaining ground and we look around and all the TE tags are gone, 5 minutes later the entire 3 platoons are ambushing a lightly defended base directly behind us or you progress to mode 2.

    2. You guys split up into 1-2 squad elements, sometimes even smaller, and start ghost capping every base you can get your hands on, with people one or more territories in. Territory wise this is your most effective, and annoying.

    3. Bio Farm, you lock down in a bio lab and farm for how ever many hours it takes for y'all to get bored or for the fight to finally end.

    The only other thing i see is mass air or ground vehicle spam, which with mossies is hilarious because that many mossie in the air crash into each other ALOT

    You seem to have a semi-functional grasp of strategy, but not of tactics, mostly boiling down to sudden re-deployment, iv never seen anything from y'all on the terms of multiple angles of attack, flanking, or any form of squad tactics.

    It works for y'all, but to be frank, unless i 2 to 1 odds favoring you i don't sweat it when y'all show up. Again this isn't meant to be insulting its just frank. Like it or not, this is how i feel about TE, this is the impression you leave on me. Take it as you will, but I'm only sharing my opinion as was asked for on this thread. You will note the lack of BCP hatred or indeed any disdain for your outfit on a community level. Frankly without TE, the TR on Mattherson would be very different to how it is now, y'all are the face of the TR on Mattherson.

    Lastly all i have said is from the outside looking in, the only non-biased opinion anyone can get is someone who has played both agenst and with y'all, and had a neutral opinion of both emotionally, so i provide one point of view, you provide the other, and the reader pieces both together.
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  11. Linedan

    We (SMG) had some great fights with you guys tonight on Amerish and Esamir. Jaeger's Crossing was quite the furball there for about 30 minutes. I lost count of how many pushes we had to fight off. That was the best Esamir fight I've seen in weeks. (OK, it was just about the ONLY Esamir fight I've seen in weeks, but still...)
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  12. thrikerr

    People like to believe the enclave simply outnumbers and "zergs" its opponents because of the speed and efficiency of our troops. It's a common misconception, really. In fact, we often find ourselves fighting entire factions as they desperately try to break out of their own warp gate. I remember one night a while back, we found ourselves holding off a VS force more than double our size at Indar Excavation Site when we had AT, TEST, and GOTR trying to take us down. Crazy holdouts like that are some of the most fun experiences I've had in this game so far. Lately of course we've been working with the other outfits and it's been creating some pretty nasty results. :]

    I'd also love to see where people get the idea that we make up four fifths of the TR population. Indar usually fills up (or at least comes close) around prime time and our three platoons can't possibly make up four fifths of the faction population during that time. :p
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  13. Cl1mh4224rd

    I have a question for any SolTech VS: What's up with the ridiculous number of sub-BR-10 VS on your server?
  14. Jadith

    Well, yet another Mattherson TR thread flooded with TE insecurity.

    On a different note. Mattherson is fun. Lots of fights, and a good variety of outfits have popped up in every faction. Although cross faction outfit activities have all but ceased thanks to a certain Mattherson outift acting like buttheads whenever they catch wind of it.
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  15. thrikerr

    Let me guess, you're from AT?
  16. Fox234

    Easy. You can sum up the Mattherson TR like this.


    But thats mostly because that the extent of TE tactics. And since they're the largest then thats what you'll see most.

    Also TE never leaves Indar. Practice on Esamir and Amerish because thats most likely where you'll be needed.
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  17. St0mpy

    Looks like Waterson would be a better bet for TR once the move tokens come out?
  18. Sempars

    1) Hmm didn't the Russians do that to the Germans in ww2? Or the Chinese in the Koran war? Why draw out a fight when you can crush your enemies quick and move on to other Awesome Hex territories. Nothing gets boring then Camping Spawns till base cap in this game or fighting over the same base for more then 20 mins :/

    2) I been with the enclave since the Stress Test. Not once have we been at a bio dome for more then 40-45 mins. Thats always fighting. We dont camp, we dont wait. We attack!

    You say we ghost cap? Wouldn't taking a Bio or Tech plant be easier when you cap the surrounding territories? or is that cheating and not a gentlemen's war?
  19. Pat Cleburne

    Well our outfit held a team meeting about this merger last night. Apparently some of the Mattherson TR outfits have contacted some TR outfits and discussed the Ultra Alliance.

    I for one am very excited about this merger, and though my outfit is small in comparision to some of the Mattherson outfits, hopefully we can provide some valuable support to some large scale offensives.
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  20. Torch82

    You can't blame TE for that. We've tried to get fights on Esamir and Amerish, but when all of TE left Indar nobody else came.
    Furthermore, when the majority of TE is offline, the majority of the players that are online are on Indar. I'm talking almost all outfits from all three factions.