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Discussion in 'Combat Medic' started by Aeseri, Nov 25, 2012.

  1. Aeseri

    Hey everybody. I play TR medic almost exclusively, but don't have a ton of time to play the game. Cert gains are few and far between for me.

    I'm up to the second-to-last rank of the medi-tools, and am starting to consider some other cheaper certs first before I save up the last 500 for the final rank. Chief among these are weapon certs. Now there are plenty of discussions about weapon loadouts, so I'm quite alright and up to speed with all of those. I was wondering what your opinions are on sights for the medic (TR in particular).

    I'm currently quite happy with the default cycler and a 2x reflex, so new weapons are way down the list of nice things I might want. I was mostly hoping to maybe get some screenshots of the 3.4x and 4x optics so I can decide which to get for myself. I don't want to waste an extra 30 certs that could go towards something more useful if I don't have to. There is a video on youtube that is kinda old, so some up-to-date screenshots would be lovely.

  2. Pyros

    That's a video that shows every scope. Do note the names changed, check the patch notes from beta here to find out which is which.

    For medium to close quarter though I'd recommend the night vision scope for night time. The TR one is excelent(better than the Vanu one I had from beta at least), you can see people very easily with it during night time which is great for these pesky infiltrators and light assaults camping in stupid places. You can also use it during daytime but it's not quite as useful.

    Otherwise I'd recommend 3.4x, it's good enough that you can shoot at people standing far away but not too much so that you can aim and shoot people that are fairly close without being "too zoomed in". 2x Reflex tends to be alright too so you might not really need to upgrade.
  3. Vhav

    I'm using the night vision scope myself and haven't regretted it one second. I use it both during day and night as no enemy can hide from you when aiming.
    It doesn't provide any magnification though, so you have to rely on your own eyes to spot the enemy if he's far away, but anything from close to midrange will light up as a christmastree.

    PS: Do note that the colored arrows above your targets is the only indicator you'll have to identify friend from foe.
  4. Dankshasta

    x2 Reflex on my default Cycler. It's the best all around gun I have on any class.
  5. Paulus

    I play medic exclusivly too, and i personaly find the 3.4x red dot sight to be the one that suits me best, as others have said it can still be effective at closer range, and at longer range the scope is still reasonable. I get most of my kills at medium range, supporting the spearhead or the 2nd wave, so i find its the best mix of both.
  6. franchised

    Mainly medic here, spent over 1300 certs so far into the medic class and I say the 3.4 scope, mind you I perfer the regular 3.4 compared to the laser dot 3.4, but that's just me. For my TRV I perfer the x1 reflex sight or the 3.4 again. And for the saber burst fire long range gun I perfer the 4x scope.
    The last time I used the nightvision scope was in the latter days of beta and I hated how they nerfed it. I don't know if they buffed it or what but I can't account for that as I havnt bought it yet.
    Also word of advice as 1 medic to another, get either adv shield or nanoweave (personally I use adv shield) also begin upgrading that medic aoe heal, that's your self heal and it has gotten me out of a bind so many times. Also it heals others in an aoe and the more people around the bigger the heal, most medics don't know that. So if your by yourself it won't heal much and will take a couple seconds to get you back to full health, but if your around a lot of people, that's a big heal right there.
    Also your gonna want to pick up that c4 as soon as possible. The stuff is incredible, nd makes you so much more useful when that enemy sunderer or tank rolls in. Also you can use it to kill people in spawn rooms as the aoe from the blast goes through the shield doors alowing yo to kill those who stand next to the shield and shoot out without ever leaving. Just run by the door, pop it on real quick, and look back to make sure no friendlies are standing next to it and let her blow. +1 to 3 kills everytime.
  7. MaddBomber

    Medic hiding behind lines, anti inf scopes are great.
  8. Cavadus

    On my SABR-13 and AMR-66 I most prefer the 4X scope with the three chevrons (not the TMS, the other one).
  9. Redshift

    3.4 red dot
  10. McKnighter

    Aye, I use the red dot as well. :)
  11. Mudville

    I'll add my vote for the 3.4 Red Dot. I main TR medic and the ability to hit targets at 400-600m and push with the assault troops is great.
  12. Trysaeder

    T1 Cycler + 2x reflex is probably the best mid ranged combination in the game. The 3.4x has a bit too much zoom, which baits you into attempting to engage targets that will take too long to kill. You'll probably be crouching and bursting for 3+ seconds, which makes you sniper bait.
  13. MaddBomber

    No love for our anti inf scope?
  14. Steinsuppe

    As a medic you should not be in the front. So 3.4x scope is the best option here imo, not to mention 3.4 is perfectly fine in close range.
  15. Ghodere

    Honestly my medic playstyle puts me on the front lines- not leading the charges necessarily, but clearing bases room-to-room shoulder to shoulder with HAs, so I prefer 1x reflex. 2x is better for outdoors base combat, but not by that much, while the majority of what I do is inside, where the extra magnification is a pretty big handicap. That's just my reasoning, I hated fighting in a biolab with x2.
  16. Old World Vulture

    I haven't used all the scopes yet but I've found I prefer the 2x Reflex to the 3.4x Red Dot on the T1 Cycler. The actual Red Dot of the 3.4x is slightly too large for enemies further away and can obscure whatever you are trying to aim at. A very situational issue but it has made me prefer the 2x even at range, whilst leaving me better equiped in case any Barnies or Smurfs catch me up close. Will be trying the longer range scopes soon.
  17. Swordlord

    +1, and most especially for the 2x Reflex. Time-to-scope is very fast, and 2x is more than enough for the Cycler to be effective at medium+ range. Just don't expect to hit a lot at actual long range.
  18. hsal9

    Using Cycler TRV + NV scope on it, all the time. Since I dont really scope for close kills (second laser sight cert, hold lmb = lol its dead), I find the nv scope kinda useful when taking single/burst shots at somebodys head at mid-range and beyond. Also great tool to spot derpy cloakers running around and tag em.
  19. Scarfachio

    3.4 all the way. it's either spray and pray with the front runners, or burst/single shot from slightly behind the lines for me.
  20. Gheeta

    Only sights that do not add artificial recoil are iron sights, 1x reflex and IRNV so pick one of those.

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