[Guide] TR Repository of Class Loadouts & Roles

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    I saw this 2 year old TR guide -> http://www.pcgamesn.com/planetside/planetside-2-terran-republic-class-loadout-guide <- and thought it was neat how suit slots and abilities complimented the weapon choices with a brief overview of the role's objective.

    Since then we've had major patches that introduced new stuff like implants, and I thought TR players could post their own custom loadouts and complimenting roles.

    (I made the thread TR only because having all three factions would get cluttered for players searching for ideas in their faction only. VS/NC players feel free to create a mirror thread)

    Some of my favorite loadouts that I use:

    Infiltrator - "The Invisible Virus"

    Primary Weapon: TX1 Repeater (silenced)

    Tool: Motion Spotter
    Ability: Stalker Cloaking
    Suit: Adrenaline Pump
    Grenade: EMP
    Utility: Claymore
    Implant: Sensor Shield

    Vehicle(optional): Cloaked Flash (stealth chassis)

    Role: Infiltrate enemy facilities (large facilities like tech plants/amp stations work best) and conduct hacking sprees to weaken defenses and deny spawning of vehicle assets

    Basic strategy: Use perma cloak and sensor shield to avoid detection. Adrenaline pump helps to cover large distances if speed is a factor.
    EMP nades to clear any mines/sensors. Claymores to booby trap hacked terminals / chokepoints to vehicle pads.
    Hack every base turret you see. Asset denial.

    Engineer - "Mr. Fix-It's Bomb Removal Service"

    Primary Weapon: NS-AM7 Archer

    Ability: MANA Anti-Vehicle Turret
    Suit: Flak Armor
    Grenade: Sticky
    Utility: Tank Mine
    Implant: EOD HUD

    Vehicle: Sunderer (proximity repair, Walker highly recommended)

    Role: Provide repair support (or ammo, your choice) to friendly vehicles. EOD HUD spots enemy mines for disposal with the repair tool (upgraded rank).

    Basic strategy: Lay tank mines on busy roads or chokepoints to protect friendly spawn points. You can also use these to mine doorways near deployed sunderers for MAX defense.
    Archer used for long range defense against AV MAX units. MANA turret used for long range defense against vehicles. Flak armor gives you more protection when repairing vehicles by hand against enemy armor and air.

    Heavy Assault - "S.W.A.T"

    Primary Weapon: SMG-46 Armistice (extended mag)

    Tool: Decimator RL
    Ability: Adrenaline Shield
    Suit: Flak Armor / Nanoweave
    Grenade: Concussion
    Utility: C-4
    Implant: Clear Vision

    Role: Close quarters shock trooper. Excels at breaching flag rooms and point defense.

    Basic strategy: Better call SWAT. They're dug in there. Concussion grenades will soften up a room for the breach. SMG will cut down anything dazed or confused and the Adrenaline Shield will keep you alive as you rack up bodies.
    Decimator for MAX units and MANA turrets.
    If on point defense, C-4 for doorway frames and clear vision will filter out enemy flashbangs / concussion grenades. Flak armor will cut down on frag nades, or players can take nanoweave for that extra bit of health.