(TR) Recoil on T9 Carv-S V.S. TMG-50

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by Lyell Wolf, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. Lyell Wolf

    I wanted to know which gun, when fitted with both the Barrel compensator and Rail Forward Grip, has less recoil overall.
    It's more for mid range sniping purposes, which hasn't been a real issue with the TMG-50, but I wanted to make sure upgrading to the T9 Carv-S would be worth the 1000 Certs
  2. MajorPayne00

    Tested both--found the TMG-50 to have slightly less recoil for long distance combat. However, the difference is not very noticeable when they are both equipped with a compensator and the carv-s fares much better in CQB, making it the better all-round gun.
  3. Gawin

    TMG-50 is good when you want to do mid++ range, its easier to plant more bullets on target. But I find it lacking in close range damage. So I tend to stick to the Carv-S either way, if I need to do the mid++ range battles then I use even more burst fire to compensate for the bulletspread. Cause then I know I have the hitting power if the fight all of a sudden turns to close range.
  4. RedOak

    I have compensator and forward grip on both. I have been enjoying the TMG-50 better. I will test this evening and post result.
  5. Lyell Wolf

    Liking the comments so far. I may stick with a T Carv-S with compensator and grip for the added CQB damage. Then switch to burst fire mode for sniping
  6. RedOak

    TMG-50 has less by around 1/5.
  7. Ashlander

    *insert still valid argument over the overpowered as **** carv here*
  8. MajorPayne00

    Be gone, rebel scum!

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