TR really sucks !!

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  1. Gavlad7

    VS have the best weapons that kill u in one second
    NC have the armor
    TR nothing !!!!

    My biggest mistake was to create a character in TR!!!!
  2. JobiWan

    So create a character in VS and/or NC.
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  3. Prudentia

    i mean duh, ofcourse the lasher kills you in 1 second. it's one of the lowest DPS weapons in the game.
  4. Kristan

    We have DAKKA!
  5. FLHuk

    The grass on the other side is teal!
  6. Peter Tran

    I'm not sure how but I do the best on TR and do the worst on VS lol.
  7. Demigan

    TR has highest DPS (at least on his tank)
    Overall highest ROF weapons, which is arguably one of the best traits for a weapon as it reduces the punishment for a miss.
    Bigger magazine sizes, allowing them better chances to finish a fight before running out.

    And ofcourse these traits arent exclusive to the TR, but they do have the most of them, which is the point.
  8. Skraggz

    Vulcan would like a word with you.
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  9. Towie

    If you feel that rolling a TR character was the biggest mistake, why not just create an NC or VS alt ?

    (Patiently waiting for two similar threads to appear shortly)
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  10. EinPixel

    TR has Twobarreled Tanks! 2 > 1!
    TR has side fed magazine! You are unique special snowflakes!
    TR has Chainblade. Its a BLADE! With a CHAIN! Hello?!
    TR has the most annoying Stealthsound of all Infs. Just hide in enemies base and restealth for 2 min... They will flee or disable their Sound output
    TR has Tactical Superiority!
    TR is Red, So TR are Harkonnen from Dune (game)... You are badass! Not like those Atreides Conglomerate softies...
    TR is Red, So TR is NoD from C&C... You are badass... Basically you are a hybrid between Harkonnen and NoD... Thats something...
    TR is not VS... thats something too...
    TR has the best default camo color for red lava maps
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  11. adamts01

  12. kripper1

    Why on the server cobalt always attack first TR after the discovery of the continent?
  13. breeje

    i have to agree with you on this one, but it has not always been like this
    only for the last 2/3 months, i can't explain why maybe they have find out this is the only way they can beat TR on cobalt
    almost no fights between VS and NC, just some random players
    all the big NC and VS outfits are fighting TR
  14. [K29C] Gwennec

    As a TR player on Cobalt (formerly of Ceres), yes TR do get very ganged up on there but that's Cobalt TR's own doing really.

    In my opinion, TR are the underdogs on Cobalt because of the lack of coordination and communication between squads & outfits. You don't really see any open squads that actually work as a team, members seem to be all over the place and the main tactic of all is pile as many heavy assault players onto one point as much as possible. There's definitely a lack of Medics and Engineers amongst today's Cobalt TR. People need to get more experimental with tactics again and learn to fight away from their sunderers, assign squads to take and hold key locations, prepare ambushes etc.

    TR has some amazing gear when used correctly, but that's part of the problem, people don't use it correctly :p
    It was great when there were a lot more organised squads and outfits around as people seemed to understand the gear better. It all works in a completely different way to anything people would find of Battlefield or COD which seems to baffle a lot of (but not all) newer players.

    The server merge between Ceres and Cobalt was an interesting time as TR was known to be the underdog on Cobalt at the time whilst TR was the dominant faction on Ceres before they merged into Cobalt and that created quite a nice balance for quite some time.
  15. Collin

    Same on Miller but thats because of the VS Zergfit which has kind of a TR bias. Their Outfitleader has a 70/30 kills percantage TR/NC that is.

    Let me start with this: I think besides the new Cancerweapon the game is pretty balanced, when it comes to gun vs. gun. Finally they put the Orion after years into its place and TR has very good LMGs and Carbines.

    The problem is TR has nothing "iconic" to bring on the table.

    Lets start with the Tanks:

    The Lockdown is a stupid concept in a FPS game exept you gain REALLY an DPS advantage and thats very hard to balance. Even than in a game where you need to gain territory and move around have no protection from the air from LA and LIBS is Lockdown a deathsentence more or less.

    Secondly what i never understood was that the second gunner never gained something from lockdown. VS/NC counterparts do. I know hard to balance but sitting with a prowler AS secondary gunner lockdown is boring as hell because the secondary TR guns go directly the opposite way. They are all close distance and not long distance is what you need.


    Banshee shines here but its getting nerfed i heard


    Again all fine and MSW-R is a very very good gun but nothing "special". The Butcher again good gun but well nothing special just MEH!


    Trac-5 best starting carbin in game IMHO but they killed the Lynx long time ago. Its ok but nothing really special. And don´t let me start with the auraxium carbine which is the jaguar with a ub shotgun. Not usable the shotgun that is.
    Again all fine and brilliant but everything is kind of "Meh"


    Poundermax way to underrated BUT to get on his full potential you need to lock down. Locking down with a max and you are dead. Again here nothing to cry about but the special TR ability 90% of the time not usable (yes i know VS ZOE is not brilliant as well)

    And now to the new SMG´s

    GOD knows what they were thinking. The Jackel special thingy is totaly in canon with TR arsenal. Half thought through abilities which suck and are totaly lacklusting. Nobody will use it. New players will not have the knowlage to use its "potential" and vets will just take the sidearm and shot the enemy or knife them.

    So if i sum this up the TR thing is always having a special thing WITH a HUGE drawback like Lockdown and the new SMG. All of that is not even userfriendly or fun to use.

    Lock down Max - dead
    Lock down Prowler - Second gun useless or dies of boredom
    Fast fireing Carbines - not really
    Bigger magazine size - that went with the new SMG´s down the toilet.

    I would add something fun like in a prowler when you lockdown your empire specific secondary gains some stat boost like the marauder with a different better fireing arc. The vulcans spread is tighter or the gatekeeper gets a rangeboost.

    Max units i would remove lockdown and would send them into crawl mode. Half the speed no jumping. Something like that.

    Jackel with an underbarrel emp nade that would be funny :)

    But well i guess its all to late for that.
  16. Halkesh

    Every faction are globally balanced.
    Remember you're allowed to switch faction so you can see how much the other faction are way more powerful than TR. You should have done that BEFORE ranting on the forum.

  17. [K29C] Gwennec

    I disagree. I personally won't take a TR MAX without lockdown as that is how they are intended to work in my opinion.
    TR maxes don't have the offensive capabilities that the NC MAX has, it's designed more as a defensive class. I get insane killspree's with a well placed locked down MAX with twin mutilators or pounders and have denied entire enemy platoons point access with that ability.

    It's just a matter of choosing your position wisely.

    And hey if you don't like that ability then take sprint. It's optional after all.
  18. Icehole1999

    I completely agree with this. Make them come through a choke point and destroy them all. A TR MAX driver who knows his class well can dominate all other MAXs.

    You know what faction really sucks? NC. Completely and utterly sucks. With the exception of the Mercenary all their guns are garbage. The cosmetics for the HA look like a fat kid in a Halloween costume. The Gladius is even worse than the Jackal which is a pointless gun because we already have the Armistice. NCs only thing is point blank combat which is idiotic to brag about because after we throw grenades and rush the room they're already at half health and their advantage is gone. They have to park their spawns on top of bases because they can't shoot across the road. That's suckage.
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  19. Towie

    Playing TR on Cobalt is indeed challenging - the majority of the open squads are Russian and communication (if any) is in Russian, which will exclude many players. There are still some good multilingual (ie. English speaking !) outfits around, TTRO is still good fun when they get their act together.

    TR do tend to pull amazing vehicle convoys though - not that they achieve much (can't win points by sitting in a vehicle) but it's an impressive sight.

    Compared to the brutally well organised NC and VS outfits, TR is more or less a free for all. When VS TRID and TFDN are pairing up against you - it's going to be tough. NC RE4 have always impressed me and have excellent leaders (although the less said about fighting the implausibly good Hydra the better!)
  20. JobiWan

    If you're referring to Max Charge, that was removed several months ago.