TR or NC that is the question!

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  1. The Wolf

    So been needing help deciding TR or NC, or if I should go back to VS. Originally I was NC in PS1, then in CB for PS2 I was VS. Anyways enjoy this video and tell me which side I should stay on!

  2. JibbaJabba

    I retired from NC Main a few months back. I play both TR and VS now with more focus on Vs. If you haven't played the NC adventure yet, go with it. They've got some really fun toys.

    Lots of shotguns if that's your thing. Plus their 167/200 dmg weapon are just fantastic at range. If you've done VS/TR for a while it almost takes reconditioning yourself... yes, you can engage that target at range. Go on..shoot him.

    Cheese wise the Mjolnir is a blast even if not as good as the Vulcan. Same thing with the Air Hammer...not as good as the banshee but way more fun. And again with the rockets. Strikers are awesome cheese in a valk, and a very effective weapon. Phoenix is NOT an effective weapon (with rare exceptions) but it's super fun.

    When you finally get up to ASP, grab that Jackhammer secondary as your very first point.

    Keep population in mind though. I do VS a lot because there are no queues and if populations become grossly imbalanced as they do at times, I would rather be on the underpop faction. On Emerald right now it's kinda tough to tell. Each faction peaks at times. VS is overall lowest but TR/NC trade depending on the day. I suspect after the MAX nerf, NC pop may drop significantly. It would be a good time to get in there.

    Just my $0.02.
  3. Campagne

    Personally I play NC almost exclusively. But I think you should try them both out and play for a while and see which character you're more excited to play after a while.

    Both have their strengths and weaknesses as well as some different playstyle options.
  4. FredM

    I have all on level 100. I think TR is best, my second choice is NC. VS I do not like the color.

    Now I started a new toon on a different server, TR again and atm at lvl 70
  5. AllRoundGoodGuy

    I think the real question is Graymane or Battleborn...
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  6. AlcyoneSerene

    I play TR & VS equally because I like their faction concepts, and they both have unique stuff that are really fun:

    VS - great teamwork and support, generally underpop but wins a lot, floaty tank to reach strange places & steady shot over terrain, sauron, aphelion with penetration mechanic, good LMGs & sniper rifles, polaris, ursa, phaseshift, lasher, lancer, lumine light sabre, fast reloads, scythe slim profile & retains momentum while turning & good firing points, niche Zoe max can still be a fun suicide button, heat based magazines on some guns, increasing RPM mechanic (Canis), purple & spandex techno pewpew

    TR - always attracts a fight, great assault rifles & carbines, MSW-R, Watchman, Repeater pistol, TRAP-M1, Striker, lockdown max, Prowler with lockdown and barrage, Gatekeeper, Vulcan, Mosquito with highest base speed & good control, Banshee, incoming carbine with high burst-fire RoF, red & black brrt

    NC - so much of this is faction's stuff is slightly OP, I find the infantry guns more fun to use generally than VS's but not as much as TR's, very well rounded arsenal with high damage guns that alone are worth playing for and completely unique, good weapon attachments
  7. The Wolf

    Well I prefer the TR ranks, and it looks like on the east coast server they are no low on pop. But I prefer the NC armor/halo style, and weapons but now they are the heavier pop it looks like. On the TR side I prefer the Drill SGT voice, on VS I don't really care for their new armor as I do NC/TR. I do enjoy their weapons and vehicles however.
  8. OneShadowWarrior

    The TR have suffered some horrible nerfs from the Banshee, Vulcan, Prowler and Striker. Also the NS/NSX Series weapons have taken away pretty much everything that made TR unique. The TR also got the shaft in the LMG variants making the Watchman dead last with the Promise for NC being better and the Vanu MAW, also in SMG’s the Jackal is also dead last with Canis being the best at hipfire and Gladius having the best aim.

    The TR’s concept of high velocity and rate of fire is subpar and it takes to many shots to down opponents, if you don’t run out of ammo first.

    NC has better toys and so do Vanu.
  9. Campagne

    And here I was thinking we'd all be nice and offer meaningful information about each faction and to always do what you enjoy doing most.

    But no, silly me. This is has derailed into a whinge thread now.
  10. TR5L4Y3R

    why play TR? dakka ... can´t deny that chainguns are fun ..
    why play NC? besides shotguns, throwing hammers at people´s heads .. there is something realy satisfying to finish of someone with a more difffcult but harder hitting shot ..
    why play VS? ... for that spandexbutt ... err awesome pew pew .. no but seriously i love the techreligious presentation of the VS ..

    but realy in overall playstyle with few exceptions the differences between factions aren´t THAT big imho ..
    all factions share gals, libs, lightnings, sunderers, ants and other NS weaponoptions ..
    still even between ES options there are equivalents in each faction were the general playstyle does not realy change all that much ..

    so to answer your question is to know what are you looking for from any of the factions ..

    personally i started NC with my brother played for a while and unlocked a couple of stuff primarily for infantry but then went to VS as my mainfaction were i decided to get all general options available to me ..

    TR realy i play mostly for the chainguncentric stuff otherwise leave anything else on a basic/default level ..

    sooo with what you said so far .. like realy if you enjoy NC weapons then just go for that despite the high pop .. if you still feel TR may need some help then feel free to go there when neccesary ....