TR on Miller ... lowest point reached

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  1. Jingstealer

    Today marked an absolute low point in the performance of TR on Miller. Sure, this is a game with a somewhat random playerbase and it really was dumbed down to the point where it has nothing to offer in terms of strategy. The lattice, no-deploy zones and other idiotic fun- and innovation killing interventions took care of that. And most days I tried, TR command channel on Miller is a place where you can hear the tumbleweed. There are a few large outfits that achieve things by sheer size (the only way you can in this dumbed down crap). And most of the time the playerbase just floats like a colony of amoeba. Application of common sense is so absent it makes you wonder why it's called that. All used to by now.

    However: today was the lowest point I've seen in TR so far. Helpless people unable to take down tech plant turrets, who have the courtyard more or less and still allow enemy harassers to prey on them with impunity, not a single one has the idea of putting down mines. Allowing the enemy to bring the gens back up three ******* times, apparrently too stupid to connect the gens with the shields. And of course sitting in large droves outside the small doors in the rear, no idea on how to utilise the balcony or what a shield breaker sunderer is for .. to the sheer delight of the NC C4 fairies. I'm telling you, it was like watching a bunch of ******* lick a window.
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  2. Demigan

    Most of the things you name prevent dumbed down tactics.

    Correction: all of the things prevent dumbed down tactics
  3. Azawarau

    I have to say that leadership wont change that

    In my experience the leadership channel had the greater minority of players listening to commands

    I remember hearing them yell over the chat in all caps to abandon one base and defend a more important base for hours on end

    It never worked

    What your asking for wont help

    Leadership from players wont help

    Organized outfit leadership would be a better solution since theres more of a consequence to not listening to orders
  4. St0mpy

    Be the solution, not the problem!

    Don't herd the zerg.
  6. Campagne

    If you though TR was bad today, you should've played NC. :<
  7. Hammerlock

    strange ... tr on miller has lost their leadership but tr on cobalt acting more tactical then before :confused:
  8. Towie

    Agreed. I play all three factions and VS was always the most organised with a couple of mega-outfits, NC have improved markedly over the past few months but TR always seemed to be totally lacking in the org department (although there are German and Russian speaking outfits).

    That is changing for sure - played with a few TTRO outfits lately and it has been good, well organised; specific objectives and ultimately quite dominant. There has been a noticeable population shift to TR though.
  9. toast2250

  10. Gutseen

    Oi, Russians are celebrating the New Year (and the hight % of us are on Miller), whats the big deal?
  11. Ragnarox

    So your 38% world pop doesen't help?

    NC 35% world pop.

    VS only 27%.

    Seeing this numbers for days now....