TR of cobalt. Seems you have only won 1 alert this week WE R ONNU!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by topgunsmurf, Jul 7, 2019.

  1. Liewec123

    no thanks! i hadn't heard of you before this drama, you only served as entertainment getting humiliated by NC during the alert.
    i'll continue to consider you a non-factor on the server :D
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  2. topgunsmurf

    ok game on for the weekend ... ill focus the NC lets see what i can help to do to help your views about ONNU... watch for the MOOOMOOO shouts in Yell Chat :p Game on.
    See you tonight in battle... be careful what you wish for :)
  3. JibbaJabba

    Bruh. I watched it all live. I remain unimpressed.

    You guys had a lot of FUN (I wholeheartedly approve) but you were neither tactically not strategically effective. Tactically Your wins were by 2:1 population margin. Strategically you didn't actually capture a base or change the lattice. Nor did you occupy a larger enemy force to benefit others in the faction. You tied up one enemy with two of yours.

    The Art of War reference was really in regard to your failure at the Dam. You were literally at one point yelling at your people to do X when in the corner of your screen you could see every one of them was dead. Your Army was "hobbled". Look up the term in Art of War.
  4. breeje

    i payed with dope, even joined his outfit for a while

    the good:
    he knows how to sniff out and find those sunders, he can create a real chaos in the vehicle play of the enemy and make them run away in panic, he has half a brain on how to win a alert, he wil teach his members on how to play as a team, he creates a funny play stile to harass te enemy, .........

    the bad:
    he thinks he is the best war tacticus that ever roamed the universe, he wil tread you like garbage when you don't follow his orders to the point. he wil ask you to place a beacon and wil ask it again 20 seconds later not thinking on the cooldown and wil **** on you 4 it, a 10 second respawn wil be 10 seconds and not 11 seconds or he wil **** on you, he will just **** on you if his tactic is not working out, all the other outfits are zergfits or noobs, if he even thinks you made a mistake he will threaten you to kick you out of the outfit and brags on how he kicked other players before you, .........

    if he only would find that other part of his brain, the part on how to communicate and play with other players. players who like to have fun in there game. he would have the biggest outfit in the game and win all the alerts.

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