[Suggestion] TR Needs Some Love Too

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Malebranche, Dec 30, 2020.

  1. Malebranche

    OK, its clear now that TR is the least populous faction on average, and for one big reason, they are somewhat underpowered (the VS is UP too, but at least they have the numbers). So here are some buffing suggestions I would like to propose for TR:

    1. Striker auto lock-on against ground vehicles, just like they do against air.
    2. Prowler HP increase by 100 front
    3. Armistice gets an extra 20 rounds default
    4. Increase Vulcan fire rate to 900 RPM

    There, that should do it.
  2. UberNoob1337101

    I can't tell if this is serious or not...

    4/10, the Vulcan buff suggestion ruined the illusion.
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  3. JustGotSuspended

    I would also like to add 4 barrels to the prowler, allow movement while deployed and 8 arms for the max.

    Also, please add more bullets to the mags and buff ammo pool size. I would also like a weapon that fires at 1000+ rpm, preferably a carbine/ar.
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  4. Demigan

    And don't forget that the Prowler's barrels should just be full-scale canons. They should deal at least as much damage as a Magrider shot for each individual Prowler shot! Also when deployed they should get an artillery mode that lets them click the map and shots will land there, great for raining HE down on enemies or accurately annihilating enemy vehicle columns! Also a handheld flamethrower, we got one on the Flash so let's just imagine players taking it off and burning entire rooms with it!
    Don't forget: A Vulcan is such a small weapon. You should be able to replace your Prowler HE/HEAT/AP barrels with a dual-Vulcan, but with higher stability and muzzle velocity because it's housed in the turret now so we can do that. Since there's less space needed in the turret you can now aim straight up! Add alternating ammo belts, like HE/AP-tracer rounds so you can easily deal with both infantry, tanks and aircraft! It's only fair!

    More flamethrowers! Allow the Sunderer, Lightning and Prowler to equip vehicle-flamers. These melt everything from infantry to entire buildings! Extended fire on one area creates giant fire-storms that melt anything caught inside, practically insta-kills if you enter them!
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  5. Novgdea


    Something like that ? Double chain gun on the turret, and additional guns on the flank (here you got lmg, but you can have flames-thrower too)
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  6. JustGotSuspended

    you bring up a good point, I would like to be able to equip quad vulcans on my sunderer.

    In all seriousness though, I do think NC and TR need a bit more love from the devs, it does seem most of the attention goes to VS. Would be nice to have a useful mechanic on the butcher.
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  7. Demigan

    In all seriousness, yes all 3 factions should get more useful mechanics to diversify them. Even the VS (although they already got a head start so they get less).

    Adding those flamethrowers wouldn't be that bad, assuming you balance it out right. Although originally it was the NC that was supposed to get them. After all the NC is about redesigning things like mining equipment, so rigging up a few plasma welders and changing them into flamethrowers shouldn't be that hard for a team that managed to create the first MAX's by converting mining support frames.

    VS could get a heat-based quicknife. Instead of you being able to just hack away, this item charges up while firing your plasma weapons by taking on heat. When you use the quicknife slot you release a shockwave of heat able to damage multiple enemies, but afterwards you need to recharge.
    VS could power multiple doodads and gadgets in similar ways. For example it could be a way to regenerate a light grenade (heh) so VS players deal less damage per grenade but can be more liberal with throwing them to try and finish off enemies or flush them from behind cover.

    TR could do things with ECM, chemical warfare and tactical tools. Think the UT GES Biorifle, which is essentially a hybrid between a direct-fire grenade launcher and a short-term minelayer. You can launch it into someone's face for direct damage or you can lob it on the floor, walls and ceiling where it will stick for a few moments before detonating (and detonating nearby biosludge so you can't keep an area constantly mined). Think smoke grenades with special effects like fairy-dust that sticks to opponents and make them light up like a christmas tree after passing through.
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  8. Liewec123

    Well to be fair he called VS underpowered in his first line, that was the first red flag XD
    But agreed, too obvious asking for vulcan buffs :p
  9. brutes359

    Honestly? the only the the TR "need" is to return their LMG's to their original damage stats. slow firing guns for them such as the rhino suffer heavily, and at least on console. the hilariously low watchmen with only 112 (125 with mandatory upgrade) tickles at best. would be different if they had laser beam accuracy. But at least on console, they dont.
  10. JustGotSuspended

    ....and the fastest headshot ttk in the game....
  11. brutes359

    With the addition of ambusher jumpjets to this game and the sheer number of people using them, if you manage to get headshot kills with it more often than not. then hats off to you. Though on console, its combination of surprisingly high spread for its lower damage per shot and its low damage per shot. it generally underperforms. As for highest headshot time to kill. id have to do a comparison. compared to LMGs im pretty sure the gauss saw holds that records with its three shot kill capability. If weapons in general. im pretty sure any sniper rifle beats it. but thats a vary specific class.

    Generally though, it does need eigther an accuracy buff, or a damage buff.
  12. JustGotSuspended

    not sure what's wrong with ambushers. People fly underground or through walls with or without them lol. And if you misuse these jets, you're basically screwed.

    As for the hs ttk, I should've specified lmgs/normal primaries. Because yeah, obviously 1hk weapons have faster ttk. Check for yourself. And that's without the special ammo that lowers it even more. TTK doesn't equal the number of bullets it takes to kill. The 167dmg model is also a 3hk. And many 167dmg models fire faster than the saw. The only advantage of the saw is that it maintains that 3hk ability at any (viable) range, while the 167 profiles often drop a few damage tiers.

    Ofc if you play on console I'm guessing you'll have a better time maining with a knife that trying to recoil manage/aim TR weaponry.