TR needs higher bullet damage weapons

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  1. John_Aitc

    I disagree with the thread's title premise.

    Higher damage belongs to the NC. As TR, we get to throw more projectiles down range faster with our ROF. There are very clear pros and cons to each Faction's weapons. There is no reason to mess with a basic concept of the game. Not every weapon gets to be a OHK.
  2. Nakar

    Stop using high-magnification scopes. The SABR can still snipe people just fine with a 2x.

    Also, the SABR-13 has less horizontal recoil than the Gauss Rifle. Before Grips. And the exact same hipfire accuracy to start with. For someone who loves the gun, you're selling it short statistically.
    The SABR also has a Compensator, which the Gauss Rifle lacks. Before Comp, every burst is ~0.7 vertical recoil. First two shots with a Gauss Rifle are ~0.945 vertical recoil. Sustained, it's 0.6 every two shots, which is very competitive. But then you slap the Compensator on the SABR, and it isn't even a contest. Factor in the better Grip as well... and it's inescapable: The SABR is more controllable.

    The Gauss Rifle's only real advantages are being automatic (which has its upsides and downsides) and having a much, much faster reload. But don't feel too bad, the Gauss Burst is nearly as good as the SABR outside of the heftier recoil, and much more accurate while moving.
    If you mean "best or maybe second best" then yes, it's sure one of the "worst" options. This tired meme of insane people pretending like the CARV is a bad weapon really needs to stop. It stopped being funny a long time ago. It's not even that hard to hit people at moderate ranges with it:

    I would gladly take the CARV on my NC guy! You're welcome to the EM6, the GD-22S and Anchor will still be there.

    HINT: This would not be a favorable trade for the TR. The same is true of the TR asking for more 167 damage weapons or high-RPM carbines without the VS/NC getting TR-ish stuff.
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  3. Timperium

    Well in a straight up firefight 1v1 I'm not surprised. This isn't anything to do with raw dps which is balanced if you have 100% accuracy, it's to do with theoretic damage per mag and ease of use.

    The TRs ARs and Carbines are not only significantly more forgiving if you fail to hit certain shots, but also theoretically allow you to deal with multiple opponents much better than their counterparts due to the 10 extra rounds.

    Not even close to being balanced from that standpoint. The real problem is with SOEs design. It's flawed. They can't make up their mind if they want asymmetrical balance or not and the result is a shambles, tbh.
  4. Goretzu

    You can anytime you want; just play NC. :)
  5. Sgtjoeyk

    I do not think any of the weapons on TR need any upgrades or buffs. I find it satisfyingly easy to kill.
  6. deggy

    Use of the Repair Tool skews accuracy downward badly.

    My top 5 weapons and accuracy stats:
    Supernova PC: 45.44%
    VX6-7: 25.04%
    Supernova FPC: 49.21%
    Pandora VX25: 36.9%
    Supernova VPC: 44.86%

    My overall accuracy stat (as read from my signature): 10.73%

    Why? If you look at my Players page, I have over 250,000 shots with the Nano-Armor Kit (5 and 6 combined). All of those shots count as misses. That's a quarter of a million misses to try to make up for. Nobody can pull a good accuracy stat out of that.
  7. Cinnamon

    Probably wouldn't be better than the T5 AMC and I wouldn't want that gun to be changed again since they made all the changes I wanted to it and it's a pretty great weapon overall.

    The SABR is certainly not something that has much appeal to most players like all the "click spam" guns in this game. I don't really like the Corvus or Gauss Rifle that much either so eh.

    If anything I see a gap in TR LMG arsenal for a Flare/Anchor equivalent.
  8. TerryTenMen

    No I mean it is the worst or second worst option! mswr, ns15, bull, tag, rhino all better than it. I'd place it over the chaingun and carvs!

    Also that video is awful, it's a firing range from an elevated position where he is picking up kills from hitting about 3 shots in a clip, terrible. I'd pick off as many kills with the underboss.

    I'll agree with that, it's completely stupid that repair and medic tools count as shots fired and missed
  9. Nakar

    I'd say the NS-15M and MSW-R have their definite selling points over it, but ranking anything else over the CARV in the TR arsenal is an exercise in madness.

    If you're going to troll, it helps to be a better liar. But hey, post your 30m+ Underboss killstreaks I guess, the thread can always use some levity.
  10. Peter Daniel

  11. Runegrace

    (Sees you gunning down people at range with the CARV)

    "Man, what CARV is he using? I want one"

    (Then notices that you're firing alongside allies. Towards the end of the clip where you're running around and getting into solo engagements there's times where you have crosshair directly over the enemy and don't even get an occasional hit marker.)

    "Ah, THERE's the CARV I remember."
  12. Shadoiex

    Just no.

    I don't enjoy getting my butt kicked by chain-gunning TR at all already.

    I don't wanna be one hit KO'ed by a Chain-gunning TR.
  13. TerryTenMen

    Haven't got 1, don't need a video to show that u could snipe kills with a pistol in the same situation though!! U just wait until a player has taken damage from other people and hit a couple of shots!! Exactly the same situation as that awful carv video!! U could use any gun in that game in that videos situation. People who would use that to try and say a gun is good clearly don't understand the game and just makes me think they are bad players....
  14. KnightCole

    After all my trolling about the TR, I am finding them insanely easy to play. Taking my CARV with its 1x and Laser and just going full auto as I remeber I used to do and killing people.

    My issue was my loadout before. I was running a 3.4x, grip and suppressor, wrong combo for that gun. Ive since then put 1x and laser and recently flash suppressor to hide the blinding flashes. Its working much better, 3.7KD kinda better.