TR needs higher bullet damage weapons

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by TerryTenMen, Sep 17, 2013.

  1. TerryTenMen

  2. Bill Hicks

    Sure you can have our underbudget "high" damage weapons. But I get the Vulcan for my tank.
  3. VanuSovereignty

    Well that's incorrect. It may be an advantage, but it is not enough to make those weapons 'leagues ahead'.

    An AP Vulcan Vanguard would be absolutely terrifying.
  4. Timperium

    No, you're incorrect. A 33% magazine increase is a HUGE deal. The theoretical damage increase plus the fact that it makes these weapons much more forgiving in all circumstances puts them LEAGUES ahead of their competitors.

    It's not even remotely balanced.
  5. kaolla

    you want more dmg on your weapon? fine , just take the SAW as a starting weapon and enjoy the recoil you will STILL have even full cert ( nosegun and adv grip) + slow rate of fire and reload.
  6. ItsJustDash

    Also try moving while shooting :D
  7. Giggily

  8. VanuSovereignty

    Although this is anecdotal: I seem to have no trouble dealing with TR light assaults, engineers, or medics.
  9. Aegie

    Hmmmmmmm....nope. Look at the data- from launch all the way up to WDS.

    I have nothing against TR players, but seriously pre-nerf NC MAX was outscoring TR MAX by 8.5% and there was a lot of outrage over that MAX. Yet, post-nerf Prowler (yes, post nerf) was outscoring Vanguard by 20%. I would not be surprised if the current MAX rankings have the NC MAX dead last.

    TR has been outscoring the other factions since launch and unless something has changed recently they probably still are. Granted, some of this, like the Prowler issue, is partly related to how scoring is calculated but it still means that on average TR is the most rewarding faction to play and always has been.

    Game breaking? No, certainly not- but it still means there is something that the devs should look into in the long run. This just get compounded by threads like this because anyone familiar with the data is well aware that most of the TR arsenal performs better than the NC.
  10. Czuuk

    Um. No.
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  11. Bulltahr

    What you mean like the CARV???? Vertical recoil is brutal, I hardly use the TR LMGs anymore.
  12. Runegrace

    Our weapons aren't weak. Lower damage per shot only matters if you're firing on semi-auto, otherwise our rate of fire and clip size makes up for it. The SABR AR already has this higher damage profile, and the T5 AMC is a great long range carbine. If you want slower-firing weapons, play NC. Just don't mess with my T5.
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  13. Nocturnal7x

    Nah, weapons are all fine. Shotguns could use more nerfing. But all in all weapons are fine.
  14. PastalavistaBB

    Are you out of your mind? Shotguns are useless as they are. They should be brought back to pre-nerf situation to actually be usable again. Shotguns get outperformed by SMGs in most situations. If you are not in hugging distance, shotgun loses against any weapon. They should be effective up to 25-30 meters again. Let the Whiners whine, every FPS needs shotguns.
  15. HadesR

    If it means we can have a 750 RPM , 400 ammo LMG then sure :) .. Haven't used the Gauss since I got Aux medal for it anyway
  16. Scorponok

    carv useless? well ive done fine with carv-S when ive tried that one out...its easier to use then the Saw..the carv that is.and for the shotguns...i hate them so much...i look down at people using them...but i got a couple of them myself used them a few times to get the feel of it...and i have to agree with what someone else said.No need for nerfing the shotguns, that would just render them totally useless even if i hate them alot when LA's appear behind me and kill me before i can turn around.But thats element of surprise.If you dont want to die.Play something else then a war game ;)
  17. TerryTenMen

    The carv isn't a great gun these days, easily 1 of the worst options for TR in the LMG category
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  18. Goretzu

    If you're used to an NC6 or even EM6 it's pretty buttery smooth tbh.
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  19. PastalavistaBB

    I'll trade the CARV for the EM6 anytime of the day!
  20. pnkdth

    +1. Leave my T5 AMC alone. The most accurate carbine in the game and has the highest bullet velocity. A premiere weapon for a high aim player.