TR needs higher bullet damage weapons

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by TerryTenMen, Sep 17, 2013.

  1. Aegie

    No, because you still have the TR arsenal.

    Look at the data- there is good reason why other factions are upset with TR.
  2. Messaiga

    TR already has an AR that is amazing, almost straight-up superior to NC's Gauss Rifle, the SABR-13. As for Carbines, what you guys are asking for is basically a clone of the VS's Pulsar C, and this would replace the current T5-AMC.
  3. Grayson

    Okay, than increase the recoil, remove 10 bullets for the magazine...oh and lower the RoF.:)
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  4. Aegie

    3/10 for effort.
  5. lothbrook

    Seems people forget that that high damage comes at a high cost, one thats almost never worth it, which is why NC almost always ditch their 200 damage "God" weapons for higher ROF ones, lol.
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  6. Bennybones

    Well, I mean, except they don't. Not for their LMG at least. I guess they pick the GF7 carbine over the 200 dam one. But in terms of LMG it's absolute folly to suggest that the Godsaw is inferior. Because it's not. It's an amazing weapon and people sure as heck aren't abandoning it. Is it op? No no, not what I'm saying. I'm saying it's really good. As are many other LMGs. The NC are far from being inferior in the LMG department (doesn't mean a bit of tweakin isnt in order though). Not that it's particularly relevant to the thread as a whole though.

    And it's a bit silly to suggest that the SABR is so amazing. Cause it's not. It's good if you like burst fire weapons, but very few people use it because the TAR, for instance, is straight up superior in 9 out of 10 situations. Now, if the SABR was auto, then you'd see more people using it. But it's not. I'm not saying it's a bad gun or that we need a new one, not at all. But to claim it's amazing is pretty much exaggerating. Pretty much any NC AR is as good or better. Have no experience with the VS AR so I can't say. Regardless though, we don't need buffed weapon damage. We just don't.

    I'd happily trade the Carv-9 for a Godsaw (as would many, many other TR), but that will never ever happen. We're in a good spot right now in terms of infantry weapons. People need to stop whining about it. All three empires are in a solid spot in terms of infantry weapons right now, though there absolutely needs to be some tweaking across all factions to bring certain weapon up to par.
  7. TerryTenMen

    No LMG from TR can compare to the gauss. Also I think the armistice needs a damage buff
  8. Scorponok

    yea its not Fair the NC has a 200 damage per shot LMG!
  9. Makora

    About the SABR-13... what are you smoking? It's a burst-fire weapon that has stupid bad hipfire accuracy, even with the laser sight. And the horizontal recoil DEMANDS that you use the advanced foregrip to land any shots at med-to-long range that this weapon is designed for. I got Auraxium with this gun and I love it because it is a bit different, but going from SABR to the T1S... the T1S and the standard T1 are soooo smooth to use. And when I do the rare NC play the standard NC rifle feels just godlike.
    Miss the days of Beta when my SABR had the UBGL... that was fun as hell :D SABR handled more stable back then, and with HVA and the 6x scope (that had no sway) you had a burst-fire sniper rifle with a grenade launcher.
    But again, that is all my personal opinion.
  10. Messaiga

    The Gauss Rifle and SABR-13 aren't all that different actually, the only difference being that the Gauss Rifle is full auto and has a higher bullet velocity (but it has a higher first shot recoil multiplier) compared to the SABR-13 which actually has a first shot recoil multiplier that is below 1 (thus everytime you pull the trigger the first shot has less recoil than the second one). TBH the only thing I can say I do not like about the Gauss Rifle is that whenever you use a reflex sight and you fire your gun it has a weird animation bug that makes the Reflex Sight's dot bounce around to the left, it throws off my aim somewhat.
  11. Cab00se187

    I've read some pretty stupid threads on these forums but this one takes the cake. Please just let it die a fast painful death
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  12. lilleAllan

    luckily it has pretty good iron sights - I much prefer them to the clumsy NC red dots.
  13. Messaiga

    Lol yeah the sights on NC Carbines, NC Assault Rifles, and the Gauss SAW are stupidly easy to use, if I am not using a Reflex sight those are the next best thing.
  14. MrMurdok

    Sure is troll thread around here.

    On a different note, vehicle AV and AI weapons on ESFs please. I wanna fly a Vulcan for nosegun and dual Marauders wing mounts Mossie please.

    On a different different note, can we make the Scout Rifles faction specific?
  15. Kyouki

    Then give us the jackhammer.
  16. Kyouki

    Because of the anti-TR circle jerk that's been going on?
  17. Makora

    Stat wise the Gauss Rifle has a lower vertical recoil and first shot recoil is only so low on the SABR because it is a burst weapon, meaning you get affected by it 15 times per every magazine as opposed to the minimal 1 of the gauss rifle. And the GR only pulls to the top right while as the SABR can go all over the place.

    Then again I must admit I haven't used the SABR in quite some time after getting Auraxium on it. I've been using the T1S and plan to tinker out the TAR after that. But I consider SABR to me the "This is my rifle!"
  18. BengalTiger

    VS weapons could have the highest DPS but overheat after a 2-3 second burst.

    They could have the highest damage dissipation at long range but this could be countered by the ability to fire a charged shot that does nearly full damage at long range but takes 3 energy units.

    There's also recoil, accuracy, cone of fire bloom and a whole bunch of other variables that could give the Vanu a totally unique feel.
  19. Nenarch!/5428117870066109233/stats

    That's my alt.. The weapons are just fine. Just made that char today.. After I finally got some certs into my heavy.. I started to do my own stuff as usual, just can't farm without vehicles but doing still well as pure infantry without nanoweave 5's or medics at max capacity etc.. and didn't even have adrenaline shield.. just nanite mesh at lvl 2 I think maybe 3 if I remembered to upgrade it.
  20. Timperium

    I really hope TR players realise that 40 round mags in their ARs and Carbines gives them such a huge advantage.

    Having a longer reload speed is NOT a large enough disadvantage. TRs ARs and Carbines are leagues ahead of any other competition.