TR/NC need drastic balancing if VS is to regain pop

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  1. W0rthy

    VS is very good to play. I don't understand you guys who say it's underdog or whatever "cuz of the devs".

    Really? have you collectively gotten amnesia, what about the VS nerf threads rampage on the forums couple of months ago? What's changed.. pretty much nothing but a few mag tweaks and HE nerf to prowler and mag. And now everything VS is UP? That makes about as much sense as those threads had merit in the past.

    I have tank of all factions with maxed out rival chassis and well certed main gun including siege and shield respectively. Including all ESF's well certed.

    Magrider is really good. You can easily get 15+kd with the FPC stock which is far more versatile than HE anyways but you do need to learn to aim a bit instead of just relying on splash. And you have a fighting chance against an apr tank.

    Scythe is really nice aswell same deal.

    In no way is VS up compared to the other factions. The accuracy makes up nicely for the lack of damage and rof.

    It's kinda like what highby says with regards to the lasher, that he's waiting for people to learn how good it is (at taking down huge amounts of rushing clustered enemies at say biolabs).. but people don't know how to use it so they scream omfg this lasher sucks man.. VS sucks etc.

    If you don't want to play a faction because you think it looks bad aesthetically, then your superb fashion sense is getting in the way of a really fun combat experience. VS is a really fun faction to play.

    I think a lot of especially younger people play after FOTM and what other people tell them.. they have zero independent thought but just do whatever people say is cool or awesome. They become lifelong slaves of fashion, trendiness, idolizers of intellectual airheads and media created icons unless they start thinking for themselves.

    So after the new ESRL's were launched, i think a boatload switched to NC because of phoenix.. and then you guys come in here screaming NC favouritism by the devs.. For a rocket launcher that you hardly notice when fighting in the game? It plays such a miniscule role.

    To interject a little philosophy; the gnostics inferred that you'll never find the truth unless you learn to think for yourself outside the confines of the "herd", and focused on knowing instead of faith, faith being the absence of knowledge. Naturally they were persecuted and destroyed by every religious faith based cult for it, because that premise undermined them and their power and influence completely.

    Millions of people can easily be wrong, it happens all the time when you put sentiment before facts and choose the bandwagon instead of independent thought. Just look at how american people voted for obama or bush junior. But i suspect I'll probably be persecuted for that.. how dare you say that about our current president! haha.. herd self conformity is sad. But i digress.

    Point is I'm sorry if i don't take you on faith and trust that VS sucks. I'm BR 88 VS and i know they don't.
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  2. Pac1

    TR is lowest pop at least on Helios & Briggs. Instead of buffing or nerfing factions why not fix the problem by encouraging people to join lower pop faction whichever it might be? Devs could boost the XP bonus on levels that it would actually matter. They could also introduce free faction switch tokens enabling players to switch to lowest pop faction. Low pop servers would benefit dynamic continent pop limit that allows low pop faction to have even fight at least on one continent. I fear that if nothing is done the problem will only get worse, especially when server transfer tokens become available.
  3. Zan_Aus

    With the changes to the flinch mechanic I am certainly getting my *** handed to me by NC a great deal more. It did need to go but it does mean the NC now hit like friggin rhinos in low to medium range combat.

    There are various problems with the game and nothing is PERFECTLY balanced, there are just too many variables in an open warfare game (plus SOE suck at balancing, always have in all their games). However, when comparing the factions themselves (apples for apples) the only thing that needs a radical repass are the MAXs. NC need long range options and VS/NC need short range options (and none of them should be equivalent to the current hackmax).

    The imbalances in the game at the moment are not so much between factions as between weapons & combined arms balance.
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  4. Abize

    Sadly nothing can really be done now other than a large player injection to the TR. The outfits in NC and VS gave the non-outfit players large organised battles they could inject themselves into, where-as (at least to my limited knowledge) the larger TR outfits didn't like to operate with players that aren't in their outfit. I personally think it's because of the number of organized outfits within the VS, we didn't see the crippling population drop that hit the VS as a whole after the mag nerf. But that might just be me tooting my outfits horn XD
  5. Haba

    I really don't care for nerfs or buffs that much.

    The important thing is that whatever faction you pick, it needs to be fun.

    Each faction should have something unique, something cool and something that is simply fun to use. That's why I don't complain that much against Phoenixes or ScatMAXes - let NC have their fun unique edge. It's fun to be forced to device strategies against foes that you don't have a direct equivalent in your own stock.

    Being shelled to death with HE, slaughtered without any chance to retaliate... That's not much fun. SOE has addressed most of those issues, but some still do remain. And most of those escalate exponentially the bigger the difference in numbers is.

    What really should be done, is having some kind of mechanic that makes being the underdog fun as well. The few % bonus to EXP gain is O.K., but at the stages where it becomes meaningful (+20% bonus), you're desperately outnumbered to the stage where defending becomes a chore.

    In real wars, the conquering force is the one that suffers from logistical issues. In PS2, you kick the weaker party and trample them down so they won't be able to retaliate.

    So, to remedy the situation, the biggest improvement I'd propose is introducing some unique gameplay mechanics that come into play when you are losing as faction. Roll out unfinished tech, enable suicide bombers... change the final remaining bases to include extra strong defences if you manage to recapture them. Something fun, different and worthwhile for the outnumbered defenders to rally around.
  6. Dingus148

    No but one null result invalidates a theory.

    Lrn2scientific method. Or VS could L2P. Briggs TR holds a decent territory count at any given time despite our pop handicap, AND we have SE warpgate. What's your excuse?

    Credit to the Briggs VS, you guys have gone from a waste of time to a fantastic opponent in the last few months. Just don't bother fighting us in the canyons :p
  7. Pac1

    I know for a fact that SOGA, Nightrage and KOL run with open squads majority of the time so I don't think that lack of organized battles is an issue. I agree that player injection is the only way to fix the problem but unfortunately I don't think it happens by itself, devs need to encourage players to join low pop faction.
  8. MurderBunneh

    Clearly you are wrong if you read the responses to this thread. I have replied that I don't like purple tights and stupid pink pew pew lazers are you telling my I am lying or wrong just because you think so?
  9. SgtBreastroker

    Briggs VS only know how to play when VFD, ENCO and TROL are on. Most of the time that is near prime time. When those guys aren't organizing large territory capture operations then most of the VS just follow the zerg around the Crown, TI Alloys area and often lose territory incredibly quick.

    I am in a way impressed at how TR manages to at times hold more territory than the VS even despite the odds. On one particular day I was certain at the rate TR was capping I was going to witness Indar finally capped by a faction for the first time I've been on the server.
  10. woooow

    Do people actually care about the very sparse "lore" (lol?) regarding the planetside factions?

    I would not even have any clue what the factions were about if I had not played ps1 and even then, to me TR=Chaingun VS=Lasher NC=shotgun when I fired up ps2 for the first time (boy did I feel silly after a visit to the store!). It's not like there's a huge wealth of rich backstory presented to a player in game...rudimentary "lore" (lol?) isn't even particularly accessible to a new player.

    I've literally seen more engaging storytelling in singleplayer quake maps. That had no text at all.

    SOE should grab a bottle of oxy and lure McQuaid into a utility closet or something.
  11. HadesR

    There's Lore ? :eek:

  12. Chipay

    VS in indeed underpopulated (for whatever reason, "I'm too sexually uncertain to not play as a super buffed armored looking guy"=> TR and NC) but we aren't underpowered, we are Vanu, we evolve and we adapt.
    Adapting means that our Platoon camps Allatum biolab, holding off all enemy randoms and farming them until our randoms capture the Crown, all enemy randoms go to the Crown, and we cap the rest of the map. Pushing up to the NC or TR warpgate, position ourselves on a giant rock with lancers and AA maxes and spawncamp the enemy faction.

    We don't have the highest population, so we have to use our strong points to be competitive :p
  13. Phrygen


    ...........Well, technically i get out to repair. Or if c4 is slapped to it.

    Life outside of the tank is on my NC:cool:
  14. HellasVagabond

    Same applies for the NC many times per day so what ? You don't see us whine about population stats (we do however want a bit of balancing between the Prowler and the Vanguard).
  15. Akordia

    Seriously, we have some good weapons, but most of the carbine, MAX guns, pistols and assault rifle are bad.

    Make a test : put any VS class with default gun in VR, an see.
  16. TeknoBug

    From the graphs posted yesterday, looks like VS is steadily losing active characters everyday while NC continues to gain. It'd be a miracle for VS to recover its population.
  17. CupBoy

  18. Nyscha

    Magrider nerfed again.

  19. Pac1

    From TR perspective this looks a little bit worrying but on the other hand it's not the whole story. The only thing that really matters are numbers on the servers, not the characters created or logged in past week.
  20. DrakeAU

    Ditch the weird space religion, focus as a science faction, improve the look of our maxxes, overall improvements to faction style. Maybe a few incentives for coming over to Vanu.