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Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by Nenarch, Dec 17, 2012.

  1. Nenarch

    Just wondering, what's the deal with TR Minigun..

    I don't know if it's the calculating or what, but even if I start shooting first from superior position like flank/behind. If it's the calculation what favors it and makes he's dmg come in one burst.

    He can still turn.. and kill me without going under the shield bar. This in a standing fight.. like i'm not evading, just crouching and firing and he's standing still/turning to me and firing. This happened about 4 times, ofc i'm tired as a person can be but still this under 20m from eachother.

    Was using Ursa myself, anyways not going to engage ever again directly a minigun dude after this experience where he can turn towards me before dying because of "calculation" or whatever is the reason.
  2. Balm

    So, what I'm hearing is that a Vanu heavy is failing to ambush someone with his pinpoint accurate weaponry, inside of the damage degradation range, and failing.

    Have you considered aiming for the head? Your 'bullets' actually go where you point, unlike the other empires.
  3. Louis Farrakhan

    MCG with laser sight is deadly at up to 20 meters.

    ive killed people (accidentally) at 50+ meters.
  4. gunshooter

    If you get the jump on an MCG user, it doesn't matter what gun you're using, they should be dead before they get it wound up. You missed too much.
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  5. Elbryan

    This. Sounds like you've got to improve your aiming.
  6. Kyutaru

    That "one burst" thing you're seeing is because the minigun has lower recoil than any LMG. It fires an almost laser tight spread of bullets making it even more accurate than the Orion in close combat, or technically I should say more precise (they are in fact two different terms). A few of your shots are missing naturally because of recoil while his are all going where he's aiming.

    The minigun also fires faster than any LMG, standing at 800 RPM, so you will feel that tight cone of fire almost instantly. The result is you're dead even faster than an Orion can kill you at point blank.
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  7. Nenarch

    Though it was something like that... so TR's have got serpent with bigger clip in the minigun for their HA's. Nice. Should have just sticked with terrans, loved the minigun in ps1 even though you need to turn it on "early" before cutting the corner.

    About my aim, I'm prolly one of the top5 players on EU servers and I do 90-95% infantry. Cba to check wich I am.. but top30 in world so I gues I can aim a bit if I somehow managed to drag that much score. That's why I asked what's the deal with that weapon or did they screw up in their patch once again.. especially now that i'm getting more these mutually assured destruction kills.. aka 1vs1 and both die same time effects. That would imply that they changed something in the calculations.. what could effect minigun.
  8. Haristas3

    the cone of fire of the t7 mcg has to be adjusted
    I use the extended clip and after the first burst there is just NO REASON AT ALL to keep shooting. It's just waste of ammo even at <20m

    The whole joy of "rambo/terminator" style weapon is pointless. You need the spin up - that's fine, you shoot first 20 bullets in nice COF - fine, after that you need to stop , spin up again and shoot again only 20 bullets and by the time you do that you're dead. Hell by the time of the first spin up you're dead most of the times if you accidentally run into an enemy. You rarely win due to enemy mistake (fatal aim). This is annoying.
  9. Nayrx

    Yeah the wind up time on the mini gun is long enough to take them out before they get a shot off but if they are already spinning theres not much you can do at close range
  10. Rustygun

    True, but if theyre smart they can just keep tapping their left mouse button and keep it spinning without firing so the wind up isnt an issue when its time to saw someone down
  11. SomeRandomNewbie

    Nah, that's just creating extra wear on the mouse. the pre-fire delay isn't linked to the spinning animation in that way - the animation occurs for cosmetic effect, but even if you see it spinning you still need to hold the trigger for the full pre-fire delay before you start shooting.

    The only effective way to negate the spin-up time is to start firing before clearing cover - before you have line of sight with your enemy (and presumably, he with you).
  12. Rustygun

    ah crazy, thought it was like the chain gun in most games. Tried it out and youre right, Noob moment :(
  13. Jex =TE=

    So it's pretty **** then is what I'm hearing, OP must be doing something wrong then.
  14. SomeRandomNewbie

    It's not a terrible weapon, it just has a higher skill floor. Someone using it well is extremely lethal; someone using it poorly (like any other weapon, really) is going to fail hard.

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