TR Miller keep holding Indar

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  1. JOups

    i think you care at least, because if you dont, why even write here ;)
  2. LordMondando

    once again, see people posting AT 4 IN THE MORNING.

    I can say without giving anything away - Prime time action was on Esamir and Amerish for 90% of the NCTO last night.
  3. Yawnn

    NC and VS are baaaaaddies
  4. LordMondando

    One day this will be you.

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  5. Xasapis

    Guess who holds Indar.
    Now guess who are NC warpgating.
  6. Xasapis

    Meanwhile he is this:
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  7. GamerOS

    Organisation = telling everyone to stay up later then normal
    Interesting Timing = Dead of the night when everyone sleeps.

    But I jest

    The truth is however that most of the organized NC outfits hold their ops on Esamir and Amerish, very few are intrested in holding ops on Indar these days.
    Don't know if the VS are doing something similar or actually focussing on Indar.

    So if you where getting pushed around on Indar that would have either mostly VS or just randoms spending their time on indar for fun.
  8. Xasapis

    VS don't have the people to push on two continents.
  9. GamerOS

    Yeah, I really hope you guys get new meat soon, it's incredibly boring fighting just the TR most of the time when I want to fight some vanu.
  10. UrbanNerd

    Today TR took all three continents just as i logged in this morning..... also like to add that when i logged in you had 10% more players online than the Vanu.
  11. Kaon1311

    Was fun at skydock repairing maxes and handing out ammo, got a ton of certs so thanks NC.

    But woke up in a cold sweat with the Pheonix 'Woooosh' ringing in my ear, if i get tinnitus can i sue SoE? :p

    Wish i wasnt in work today, will be a fun weekend
  12. DoomMaze

    This is what we need...some reason to actually fight for a continent....I'm hoping for an epic fight to free Indar this weekend, will be interesting to see if you really can hold out against NC and VS when both are actively trying to break the TR lock....if indeed that actually happens
  13. JOups

    didnt they do that yesterday?
  14. Hyperz

    Looks like we now have a lock on every continent :D.
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  15. melef

    Miller all RED!!! Nice work TR.
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  16. UrbanNerd

    Its like Russia taking on a very small country and laughing about it.
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  17. Crysander

    Guys, I know there's a lot of machismo and faction loyalty sloshing around in here - and hell, I'd be proud too, we're all in this for the fun and battles right? But a lot of us think that your early morning ghost cap, while a completely valid and useful tactic, sucks a lot of the 'awesome' out of the continent lock.

    To paraphrase UrbanNerd above me; Its like an angry Russian neighbour gloating that he got up early on bank holiday easter weekend while you were busy spending time with your family and repainting your house in the dead of night - right under your nose! Sure it's an impressive feat, but you were sleeping next to your wife and looking forward to the easter egg hunt in the morning.

    That said, I look forward to some good fights this weekend, Good luck beating our record!
  18. tastyBerryPunch

    lol Georgia pwnd
  19. Joram

    And again, the VS almost pushing the TR to his warpgate and the NC ghostcaping the north of the map.
  20. Xasapis

    They do a decent job with the TR right now, but they also try to warpgate us, so they are bound to fail on both fronts.