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  1. mblades

    Well it seems you want more fair fights right? well there are many other games that offer these fair fights so why not play those? You cant expect a fair fight when being underpopulated/overpopulated is possibility where in other games its not. Sure even if the population was 33/33/33 it wouldn't stop factions sending most if not all of that 33 on to one hex against one empire who obviously (at least i hope so) may have their 33 split between 2 fronts. Besides its common sense to attack the weakest enemy to get what you want (if you are the Overpopulated faction) and just because its a video game doesn't mean war has to be 100% fair. Also in a game where numbers normally fluctuate frome one hex to the next its pretty hard to have even fights since allies and enemies alike will obviously will come there hoping they are the tipping point for this assault/defence.

    I have played on a faction that was horrendously underpopulated and that was pretty much TR 2-3 months ago on briggs against the vanu horde (normally at that time floating at least 35%-44% world population) and i know exactly what it is like. And sure we lost most times hell we kept on putting up fights against the vanu during alerts more then the NC most times (despite nc normally having comparative populations to vanu at the time). I rarely tried to fight NC simply because VS was majority of the time the bigger threat. Over time population seemed to have balanced out with NC being underpopulated but i expect that to change next warp-gate rotation.

    Besides isnt "bigger is better" the PS2 logo thing? Bringing more people does help because why play ps2 if we wanted small scale fighting? if you have a bigger force at your disposal you will obviously use them to win alerts in the quickest/smartest/logical way possible. You could just focus the bigger populated side and ignore the other faction which i normally do, not saying I am allies with the other faction i simply ignore them unless they are directly in my way. Simply put planetside despite all its flaws is the only game that has bigger battles and the possibility of getting outnumbered/reinforced which actually matters compared to fair fight arena shooters which are normally about individual skill instead of teamwork.
  2. mblades

    well Bigger is better? right? besides isnt that what we want big huge epic battles? or are we only aiming for 48vs48 all the time?
  3. Millsy

    I don't understand VS on Miller; NC try to push north against TR but VS come east attacking NC with huge zerg, ignoring TR taking all their stuff. Then when NC decide enough is enough and fully engage VS they go to take back their tech plant etc, but TR have all left and VS huge zerg fights nobody there.
  4. mblades

    hahaha well nice one
  5. mblades

    Well if your enemy is at 40% world population then both other factions should ignore each other and focus attacking the big dog because with your combined population you have 60% world population not saying 2 factions should team up but both factions should avoid each other unless they are directly in your way which you then proceed to annihilate them
  6. Millsy

    Well yeah, but that's exactly the opposite to what's happening.
    And it means TR feel great for taking VS all the way to their warpgate, high fives all round and the VS who tried to defend are demoralised. Then retaking against no opposition is boring for VS. So over time VS pop goes down and TR goes up. Because VS seem to play really badly imo, and that's not mentioning what happens during alerts!
  7. MrK

    Where did you read I expect fair fight?
    Re-read, specially the part where it says "to the point it's gameplay breaking".
    If you like to camp spawn doors with 10 people inside with a 48+ force, good for you. I find this gameplay extremely boring for every player involved in it, and unchallenging. "To get what you want" is not a good justification in my book, because in the end of the day, you still passed your time on an extremely boring and unchallenging gameplay.
    This doesn't mean in any way I expect total equality in all sides. Don't put words in my mouth which are actually not.
  8. Xasapis

    I think people grow tired fighting day in/ day out the same empire. Besides, given the more even numbers, the fights between NC and VS are more interesting and fun than the fights between either and the TR.
    That actually never happened, at least on Miller. TR were swapping first places in terms of population with the NC during the launch of the game, up until roughly the CU02, when VS population started seriously nosediving while TR started skyrocketing.
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  9. Goretzu

    200 vs 200 is fine.
    400 vs 400 is fine.

    400 vs 200 is not so fine.
    400 vs 100 is pretty terrible.
    400 vs 12 is facing the TR on Miller. :)
  10. SikVvVidiT

    Ok first of all this is not PS1 where skill wins out versus the numbers. There is a reason why skill based outfits like Delta Triad and TRx (two outfits that pretty much dominated PS1 and outfit wars) for the most part passed on this game. This game is all about the numbers, add that to this CODish TTK and I don't care how good you are, if they have the numbers you are not going to be able to do much. Maybe if they gave us implants like PS1 had where I could surge my way out of trouble and **** and be able to take out more people. But in this version of Planetside you are pretty much gimped compared to what you could do in PS1. Especially on Matterson where its mostly Vehicle zergs.

    Then you have to add in the fact that not all empires are the same. On my server (Matterson) TR's heavy hitter outfit (The Enclave) pretty much gave this game the bird and up and left. That left a HUGE void on the TR side, a void that no TR outfit has been able to fill. The coordination and sheer numbers that TE had cannot and has not been matched by any TR outfit. So what is left is a bunch of wannabe uncoordinated outfits that are extremely slow to react to anything going against VS outfits that have been fighting TE from start of the server. And now NC is actually getting their **** together so its really a huge mismatch.

    As far as me leaving to go to a more imbalanced server I am afraid you got me wrong there turbo. I left my main (VS) due to the fact that they were overpopulated and I thought the damn ZOE was freaking OP as hell. I joined TR to try to help out and it has been frustration for 70 levels. TR guys are dazed and confused and very slow to react, if they react at all. I'm done with them and would like to join a server where I know that the TR outfits do not act in this manor. A sever that is pretty even all around... I would like to be able to transfer to Connery were outfits like EXE and The Mercs (TR outfits) have a freaking clue how to play this damn game. And I would like to do this without having to start over from level freaking 1!
  11. mblades

    Well if the objective happens to be down that line or have to go through that hex of course your going to get their as quickly as possible and as much force as you can if your objective is safe of course it may be hard when the enemy may be overpopulated but there are 3 factions so it should be natural to always focus the bigger one and only attack the other 3rd faction if they happen to get in your way. Also I dont mind fighting underpopulated since i get a target rich environment instead of those yay i got more people but not much to shoot at so no I hate overpopulating a hex/line but during alerts in particular is where it is normally done especially facility alerts.
  12. mblades

    Well every now and then i jump on my vs/nc alt just to see whats it like fighting vs/nc from my enemies perspective as a change of pass from always attacking nc/vs as my TR. But I am not saying always fight the bigger faction all the time just saying always focus the bigger faction during alerts.

    But in regards to VS plummeting and TR skyrocketing could have to do with outfits on those factions like the apparent TR rise due to TB video or north WG swith or combination of both or the lack of active outfits on VS. But whatever the case just be strong and fight on every faction at least on my server will have their time.
  13. mblades

    Sure fighting as the 12 vs 400 would suck but i still if you purely focus TR or whoever is overpopulated and pray your NC/whoever else who is not overpopulated focuses the big dog then you will force the bigger faction to pick one front to hold/push instead of them pushing both because you decided not to attack them. Of course I am refering to alert time not when its just do whatever the hell you want moment
  14. mblades

    I agree this game is numbers but skill is still in the game especially if you get in a 50-50 fight and skill becomes a big part of how you deal with it. Of course being outnumbered does dampen skill and tactics since you lack the numbers to counter what they are doing or they are highly organized and make it harder to combat. Still this game is far from PS1 at least how I saw that game but untl we get there might as well enjoy it as it is until those particular changes.

    Yeah hearing about the TE leaving PS2/TR and no one taking its place does leave a void but it just means someone else or another outfit within TR needs to step up and be the next big thing even though it may not compare to TE it can at least rally whats left of TR to be more effective, I know its easier said then done but it can still be done.

    Well I will say I am glad to know you wont leave your server to join the other overpopulated factions on other servers. My biggest fear for those opting for server transfer is the possibility of other players that switch from underpopulated vanu to the overpopulated version in the other server which would make population much more worse not saying that's what you plan but it may have that undesired effect, Anyways just keep it up I love underdogs and i know you may feel down due to the mis-organised feats of TR but never give up )
  15. Goretzu

    By the time the dominant faction reaches ~40% (which TR on Miller reaches regularly) the dominant faction can effectively hold off being double teamed.

    Not that double teaming every really occurs with 100% of any faction.
  16. PutteFnask

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  17. bPostal

    Damn, looks like they're having more fun than we are...until some drunk *** pisses in the pool.
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