TR Medic Gun? Certs?

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  1. geekrider

    So after dabbling about with my HA class. I thought it was time I chose a secondary class to become perfect in. So I went support i.e the Combat Medic.
    Anyways I took a months break and will now be back this Friday to grind some certs and kills.
    Can anyone guide me here? Revive nades or heal nades? Best primary gun? C4 worth it? Triage? AOE Heal? I tried searching for threads but most of them are very old and most likely the updates have changed most of the stats. So what's the current state of the medic?

    Note: I played a bit and racked up 78 kills on my T1 Cycler before taking a break. Current Medic certs
    Medic gun level 4
    AOE Heal level 4
    Using a 2x reflex on my Cycler
  2. angeh

    revive grenades everytime :) cost more certs but you will make them back so quickly -esp in bio lab fights etc :). Medic gunwise - get the TAR - beast of a gun - laser sight and whatever sight you like - awesome at hip fire and down the sight firing. Also cert out the medic gun to max asap
  3. Spude

    take TAR if you want easy kills pick cycler T1S with grenadelauncher otherwise ^^

    I love T1S it has no spread / low recoil and UNQIUE sound. Tube kills maxes very nicely and group of ppl.
  4. Nakar

    Basic TR AR rundown:

    T1 Cycler
    PRO: Free, good DPS, excellent at short range to decent at medium range.
    CON: Lacks in attachment options, rattles a bit and only gets a Grip to really help it (and might want a Laser instead).

    T1B Cycler
    PRO: Inexpensive, extremely accurate on the move.
    CON: Locked into 3x Burst, can be difficult to achieve max ROF, has similar vertical recoil to the T1 with nearly the same attachment options.

    T1S Cycler
    PRO: Very controllable, low FSRM makes bursting easy, underbarrel attachments as well as good attachments to take the gun out to medium range.
    CON: Lower DPS than most other TR guns, can rattle a bit heavily without a Grip (i.e. with UBGL), fairly expensive.

    Cycler TRV
    PRO: Highest DPS in the entire AR field, Softpoint Ammo and Advanced Laser.
    CON: Somewhat tough to tame, bleeds ammo, bad hipfire COF for a gun with Advanced Laser access.

    PRO: Extremely high DPS, 0.75x ADS movement modifier, great hipfire with Advanced Laser Sight, Softpoint Ammo access, inexpensive now.
    CON: Excruciating reload time, gun has both rattle and horizontal pull meaning you will need to learn to control it, desires both a Grip and Advanced Laser due to its good ADS and good hipfire, forcing you to choose.

    PRO: Unbelievably accurate, almost no recoil, better ADS COFs than other TR guns, 167 damage and 600 RPM make it very competitive with faster TR guns as well as NC guns.
    CON: Locked into either semi-auto or 2x Burst (making it hard to achieve that 600 RPM), smaller magazine (30) but comparable reload times to other TR ARs, exceedingly expensive (1000 certs is a ton).

    Overall, I think the T1, T1S, and TAR are the best guns. I love the SABR-13 but for the price it's a bit too specialized unless you are a master clicker. T1 is a reliable 750 RPM AR, T1S gives you a slightly worse Pulsar with way better attachments, and the TAR is probably the best gun in the game if you can control it.

    EDIT: As for everything else, upgrade the Medic Gun ASAP. Revive Grenades yes, C4 definitely yes, Triage definitely no. I like Nanoweave, Flak, and Shield Capacitor equally in different scenarios.
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  5. Remonew

    T1 cycler is an excellent starter rifle, with reasonable accuracy and good RoF. It's only held back by the less predictable horizontal recoil and the lack of attachments. Otherwise its almost perfectly balanced.

    TAR and TRV are good, fairly cheap, ARs with a more close quarters slant.

    Compared to the T1 cycler, the TAR has one directional recoil (more predictable), a 0.75 ADS speed multiplier instead of a 0.5 multiplier, 50 more RPM, and superb hipfire. With an adv. laser its comparable to a SMG. I found it to be a highly mobile, versatile weapon capable of handling most any situation from point blank to around 35 meters.

    The TRV has 100 more RPM, one directional recoil, and access to a adv. laser but I still found it to shake violently, even when compared to the TAR. It also has the slowest reload of all our ARs (if I recall correctly). I did not like it that much, but some comrades swear by it.

    if you want a more long ranged rifle (30-60 meters) the SABR and T1S cycler can fill that role admirably.

    the SABR-13 is almost identical to the NC gauss rifle burst. Compared to most of our ARs, it has 167 damage and high accuracy coupled with an acceptable RoF of 600. It suffers from horizontal recoil however, the left OR right jitter can be a ***** when engaging beyond 60 meters. Thankfully the adv. foregrip cuts it down significantly. Vertical recoil is acceptable and the hipfire isn't that bad in a pinch. The 2x burst is annoying personally, but clicking fast can somewhat alleviate this. Its more of an NC gun as stated earlier, it handles 30-80m ranges very nicely though it is at a distinct disadvantage in close quarter fights.

    the T1S cycler is almost identical to the T1 save 50 less RPM, and more manageable (though still horizontal) recoil. With a foregrip it competes with the SABR for long range dominance and the full auto option means you aren't a slouch at close range. the grenade/smoke launchers are love or hate, they aren't as useful on the medic versus an engie due to the lack of ammo pack, but squadding/buddying up can fix that.
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  6. Lamp23

    Revive nades over heal nades, but the default one is fine. I use the T1S with a grenade launcher (auraxium medal) but I know a lot of people life the default T1 and the cycler trv. I also use the TAR in biolabs, which is great under about 10 metres. C4 is decent, but only worth it if you are going to be using medic as your main class. Don't bother with triage. Also, upgrade the medic gun to level 5- it makes a difference.
  7. asdfPanda

    Revive Nades.
    Triage is ****.
    Get dat medic tool and dat nano regen maxed.
    You can stack the medic tool and nano regen when you heal people, do work faster.
    Pick up the TAR or Cycler TRV (TRV isn't as good as it used to be, get the TAR for more versatility), and if you have cash on hand, the SABR-13 for long range.
  8. Sossen

    The SABR-13 is great for long range, probably the best assault rifle in that area except maybe the Reaper DMR.
  9. Aecius

    I love the standard T1 cycler and the TRV when playing a medic, though I'd definitely recommend you trial any weapon that you think is interesting first (both in the VR room and in the field). The T1S is another versitile option with underbarrel launchers (grenade lauchers will more than compensate for losing out on frags due to the revive grenade, and smoke launchers can give you or your team an edge when you need them to advance), though it does cost you some DPS from the gun itself.

    Triage is gimmicky at best. You should only cert into one level of it and only after maxing out your medic gun, getting your AoE heal up to the penultimate level, getting your revive grenades (AKA throwable experience and surprise corpse ambush generators), and getting a suit slot at a decent level (nanoweave synergizes well with your self heal. Grenade bandoliers work well with revive grenades, though it does eat your infantry resources quite quickly that way. And Flak armor can really help you survive annoying mines and frag grenades, and get your team back up as a result.) Triage only comes into its own when you are pulling out of a base with transportation while there are still injured squad members, and that is extremely situational.

    As for C4, great little toy and pretty much your only tool against vehicles as a medic.
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  10. geekrider

    Looks like its gonna be the TAR for its versatility. I'll get both the Grip and the Laser sight. Switch it up with the situation. Maybe stick with the T1 for medium range and TAR for CQC.
  11. MrK

    If you're driving Harrasser often, Triage may come in handly, since your gunner is going to be responsible for repair on the move, but is going to be hurt in the process.
    That's the only use of the cert I can see atm.
  12. FendleyFire

    Pretty sound plan there, most people go with the laser site for the TAR but I have used it quite with the foregrip and it makes it much more usable up to medium range.

    The T1 is awesome too, personally I prefer the T1S because of the added utilities in the underbarrels.

    If you have decent aim (or just want to improve your aim) give the SABR a shot for those long range / outdoor encounters.
  13. Ronin Oni

    Heal nades are worthless, revive or frag.

    Also, grab C4. Lets you set traps, kill MAXes, and kill tanks. I don't HUNT tanks with medic, but there are times I'm VERY glad to have it. Considering only other option is a redundant medkit (you have AoE heal to self heal) it's a no-brainer.

    Triage is rather worthless. Grab a point of it if you want and travel in a bangbus or gal with a full squad often as you can top off health in transit... but nobody really certs that POS (I might have 1 rank)

    AOE heal is amazing. It's your self heal, also, you can heal allies while continuing fire on enemy using it, and heal multiple people at a time. I usually use med tool for individual healing though.

    I use Cycler TRV personally.... there is also a 2 round AR that's really good at mid range. Cycler and TRV are prolly your main goto's though.
  14. 0ReferenceException

    Revive nades or heal nades? -> Revive are very situational and expensive (100 infantry resources a pop). I've used them maybe 20 times since I bought them and in at least half the cases I would have been better off to simply revive the people with the med tool (with max rank you have insane range and it takes like 1 second). I'd personally stick with frag until you have everything else for your medic unlocked (except Triage, see below).

    Best primary gun? -> you need a few different ones to be really competitive. The most important ones for me are:

    - a Shotgun that you like (in my case that's the AS16 full auto shotgun) for indoor-fighting in very close quarters. Nothing beats the power of a shotgun at point blank range. Attachments: Extended Magazine and a HS/NV sight (since you'll rarely be ADS and the HS/NV gives you a slight edge in situations with bad visibility).

    - the TAR for close to medium range (such as close quarters in outdoor settings). The TRV is worse compared to the TAR and not worth it in my opinion. Attachments: Advanced Laser, HS/NV sight or other sight of your choice, soft point ammo (because it is primarily a CQC weapon and SPA helps a good deal with few drawbacks).

    - T1S or other weapon that is decent at mid-range and further. I use the T1S because I like to have the option to bring a UBGL but in all honesty I use the medium to long-range setup the least on my medic. Usually I'm fairly close to the action so the shotgun or TAR serve me better. Still, the T1S can be fun. Attachments: depending on the gun a Forward Grip (or Adv. Forward Grip) or UBGL, sight of your choice, compensator and high velocity ammo (at least for long ranges).

    C4 worth it? -> yes, C4 is great and I'd get it directly after you max your medic tool and AoE heal. You can really screw up MAXes with the C4 and even vehicles if they're driven by low-skill players (which is often the case). C4 is also nice for mining choke points or placing them close the shields so you can blast enemies that step close to the shield and think they're safe.

    Triage? -> totally worthless. Seriously... it's not worth the points. Dumbest skill in the entire game.

    AOE Heal? -> this is your endless free restoration kit which doesn't only heal yourself but people close to you. Must-have and second only to the medic tool.

    State of the medic? -> most fun class to play due to great support skills, insane cert gain and really nice weapons. C4 only sweetens the deal. I love my medic and only play something else if there is a tactical reason for it or if there are already way too many medics around.

    I think the best way to spend certs on your medic is to first get the medic tool to 3 or 4 and AoE heal to 3 or 4, then get the new primary with all attachments then get the medic tool to one step before max, then the AoE heal to one step before max and then go for the medic tool to max. The last level of AoE heal is nice but not essential (because it doesn't make the heal stronger, it only improves the recharge time). Also, don't forget to get a decent level of Nanoweave or Flak armor (level 3 or 4). I'd probably get that before getting the primary. I personally prefer Nano over Flak since it's easier to avoid mines, rockets and vehicles then it is to avoid bullets.

    Hope that helps.

    See you on the battlefield.

    Not meaning any disrespect but using the TAR for medium range instead of as a CQC hip fire beast is sort of pointless. There are way better weapons for medium range then a TAR with Forward Grip but there are no other ARs that sport the Adv. Laser and therefore totally rock as hip fire weapons.

    You should play to the weapons strengths, not try to compensate for it's weaknesses (especially since you can just switch to a weapon that's optimal for medium/long ranges if you need to). Otherwise you'll end up with a sort of jack-of-all-trades type gun that basically is outclassed in every possible situation since you have to assume that everyone else will be using the optimal weapon for their engagement range (and the ones that are not are irrelevant since they're no big threat either way - such as people using a TAR w/ Forward Grip for medium range).
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  15. Sentrosi

    I've been using the Nighthawk for CQB on my medic for a bit. I like the gun and the AOE heal can help in situations you get popped quickly.

    TAR is a must have for medics. Adv grip and a 3.4x scope and enemies will fall to your gun pretty quickly outside at medium ranges as has already been stated.

    I've only used the SABR-13 rarely in certain situations and have had some good kill streaks with it. But like I said, it's highly situational. Like standing on a ridge firing down at the enemy or direct base assaults to pen them into their spawn rooms. But if you're playing a medic and not with your squad, you're basically useless to the squad assaulting the capture point. Just my 0.02 worth.
  16. dstock

    Medic Tool: maximize this first, the last rank heals & rezzes faster, rezzes with more health, and more importantly, has twice as much range as the previous rank. Slowing down or stopping to rez = dying, so don't slow down! This is your top priority as a new medic, before everything else, IMO.
    Nades: Revive
    C4: Yes, 2
    AoE Heal: The second to last rank is crucial to maximize your healing output, but dont ignore the final rank, it cuts the recharge cooldown by 40-some percent.
    Triage: No, 1 or 2 ranks if you use vehicles as transport a lot instead of hot-drops or beacon deploys, and you have EVERYTHING else.

    I use grenade bandolier as my suit slot. The logic is, when I'm playing with my outfit, I am expected to stay alive and get rezzes, not be a bullet sponge or the first guy through the doorway. My job is to stay back, cover the flank, and protect the poor saps who have to go in first, rezzing them if needed. Staying alive .25 seconds longer means nothing, throwing a rez grenade that picks up the squad is huge. I've been in squad ops before where we guard one building, on one outpost, for 40+ mins. In these situations, having 2 bricks of C4 and more than one rez grenade will allow you to stay in position and hold the defense, instead of fumbling around with redeploy and a spawn beacon to try to resupply yourself. I understand I'm catering to my own playstyle with this suggestion, but, that's kind of the point of the suit slot. Nanoweave provides little benefit until you get the last rank. If you get killed by explosives playing medic, you either failed to let a squadmate lead/spot mines, or you were going for a tool-rez in a bad spot (should have thrown a rez grenade)!

    As far as weapons go, I use a 90-9-1 philosophy. 90% of the time, I play with my primary weapon. 9% of the time, I play with my secondary option, to stay practiced. 1% of the time, I take something fun or highly specific, ie a shotgun. The numbers are all relative, the point I am attempting to make is, try all the guns, pick a few you like, don't be afraid to change between them. Most of the advice in this thread, concerning weapons, is good so far. The best tip we can give you is go to VR, play around with all of them. When you find 1-3 you like, do the trial feature and try it in-game, then decide. My 3 go-to weapons are TAR, SABR-13, and the last one is usually a shotgun.

    I respectfully disagree. The advantage of the TAR is the .75 ADS move-speed. Why would you take the AR with the best ADS move speed, and try to make it more effective at hip-fire? ADS is inherently more accurate than the Adv. Laser-modified hip-fire, and you have the benefit of moving 50% faster than ADS users of most other weapons. I've tried both options in the field, and I've never actually swapped off the Forward Grip since I unlocked it. I think the best way I can explain it is this: The TAR is a CQC hip fire beast, even without the laser, so take the grip and extend your awesomeness to medium range.

    All that said, I actually like the SABR-13 the best. I used to use it on semi-auto before they adjusted the first-shot recoil, excellent marksman weapon. Don't bother with the High-Velocity ammo.

    Final note: Since no one else has mentioned it, ADS strafing with reflex scopes is borked. There are some videos on youtube. TL|DR: your shots don't go where they should, prepare for frustration.
  17. IamnotAmazing

    TAR, hsnv sight, softpoint ammo, foregrip, end of story
  18. Epic High Five

    TAR is bananas, if you're looking to move past the default I cannot recommend it highly enough. It's all I've been using lately, even to the exclusion of my beefier HA
  19. Windreaper

    Another vote for TAR. Attachments depend on your playstyle though, imo. I usually end up in short range fights with infiltrators or LAs trying to take me out, or lots of people rushing the room at once, so laser is a no-brainer. If your most common scenario is a mid-range ADS fight, sure take the foregrip.
  20. Kociboss

    F-grip doesn't help all that much on TAR.