TR max lockdown needs more visuals.

Discussion in 'Test Server: Discussion' started by DonC, May 21, 2013.

  1. DonC

    Perhaps some glowing legs?

    The VS is extremely obvious to see and the NC has the same problem with the shield.

    Maybe then, you can add use to EMP nades to disable those abilities, still.

    Glowing legs, pl0x.
  2. LibertyRevolution

    I will agree with this, we need an obvious visual que to us know they are locked down.
  3. Lyel

    I'm getting a little stressed atm, seeing that these abilities are spending a little too long in the PTS. The game hasn't seen in update in quite some time now, so we've really gotta speed things up. I'd say NOT to develope new abilities, they'd take too long to balance- just balance these out better and create visuals for them. TR will obviously be in an anchored down position, with the legs having hooks pierced into the ground. No need to give it fancy "I'M HERE" colors, it's not going anywhere.
  4. Bill Hicks

    throw a nade at their feet if they dont move they are locked down.
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  5. Lyel

    Man, I miss when grenades actually could hit people :(
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  6. Bill Hicks

    Me too. Grenades are so worthless in this game.
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  7. Radec594

    Lockdown stance is quite noticeably different, not to mention the brighter red muzzeflash the weapons will emit will also be there.
    Also, lockdown doesn't really need any more downsides, it is a downside in itself and by definition.
  8. Fumblewatt

    Oh you were already on it, totally agree with this post
  9. loleator

    DId they finally animated the spiky things on its shoes to make them extend and stick into the ground when on lockdown stance?
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  10. Lyel

    Yeah, now he has this really awkward "RAAH!" pose, as if he's saying 'COME AT ME BRO!'. It's actually quite silly x)
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  11. Sabreur

    While this is somewhat unrelated, the idea of using EMP to disable ZOE really appeals to me for some reason. Not sure if it makes sense for EMP to disable lockdown or Aegis, though.

    But yeah, Lockdown could use better visuals - not so much for balance, but more for the badass factor.
  12. Dragonblood

    Sure, make lockdown even more crappy.
  13. RANDOMpercentage

    Are you really trying to be stealthy in your lockdown MAX? What difference will something that better distinguishes a Lockdown MAX from a mobile one make. While glowing legs is a bit over the top, something that really makes the MAX look anchored to the ground would be great.
    P.S. I also really like the idea of EMP disabling Aegis and ZOE modules. Not sure it would work with lockdown. You'd either be forced to exit lockdown through the normal long animation, or be stuck in lockdown without the benefits. Neither of those options sounds fair.
  14. Dragonblood

    As AV-Max with lockdown you have to be very stealthy on open grounds. Lockdown shoot at tank and unlock, when it notices you.
  15. Fumblewatt

    Bump, since max count as infantry and will only render at 300m, i think it is vital that they start glowing green, this is in fact worse than "ZOE ADAD" strafing, since now we cant hit them at all when they are locked down in their full potential.
    Since ZOE is getting nerf'ed for less, i think this needs to be attended to aswell.
  16. void666

    How about a giant glowing arrow poiting to the max's head? So everyone on the battlefield can see him and shoot him at the same time.
  17. Dragonblood

    yeah, great idea. The mindless tank zergs should really get help finding easy to kill targets. Lockdown fracture Max units are already easy to find, because they fire a stream of bright red dots all over a battlefield.
  18. DarkenShade

    Maybe lockdown should add a minor shielding effect, to negate some of the undodgable damage. and the Aegis should get a more powerful melee.

    But yeah lockdown is indistinguishable from a non mobile max except maybe at close range. Give them a very small visual shock wave on the ground when they fire.
  19. iccle

    I wouldn't object to there being more visual indicator to when a max is locked down or not, perhaps lumi fiber on the hooks at the back of the legs when extended and reaching up the legs to the waist.
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