TR Max getting buffed?

Discussion in 'MAX' started by Eclipson, Jun 25, 2013.

  1. Strikejk

    We have the best look.
  2. Endlos

    You must be really, really, really, reaaaaaallllllllyyyyyy terrible at identifying cover, moving to said cover, and then closing distance to the TR MAX out of its line of fire.

    TR ChainMAX cannot do enough burst damage at any range to an enemy MAX unit to severely injure it. NC ShotMAX can (could? I quit with GU011) drop at TR MAX very quickly in CQC.

    TR MAXes aren't terrible but they don't stand out anywhere. They're like VS MAXes but our ZOE locks us to the ground, which is way more risky than the paltry extra damage a ZOE takes. And TR MAXes are the worst at killing enemy MAXes in close quarters.

    TR's kit in general is very lackluster currently. Yes, the Prowler is best at farming spawn rooms. Woo. Everything else it has just doesn't feel very special in any way. I used to love the Vulcan, but the Enforcer and Saron (especially the god-like Saron) redesigns took a lot of the flavor away from the spam-happy, zero-functional-range Vulc. The Striker is really good at Anti-Air but only situational against ground vehicles (requiring a lock is way more restrictive than people realize) and absolutely useless against turrets and MAXes due to the aforementioned lock requirement.
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  3. DashRendar

    Well to me, if I turn around and run for cover and heals, I've lost the engagement even if I haven't lost my Max yet. Re-engaging when I have the upper hand is the start of a different engagement. Say what you will, but this behavior happens a LOT A LOT A LOT with NC Maxes. They're just not all that versatile, everything I've said about their performance relative to the other Maxes is completely true and without bias.

    To me it's just NOT ok when the most viable course of action 9 times out of 10 is to run away. CQ or not that's just broken to me. YMMV.
  4. Jachim

    It's the lockdown issue. We have a massive disadvantage to use our ability unlike the VS MAX.. the NC just simply stick with what works.. charge/shotguns.
  5. Jachim

    lol please show me these buffs, sir
  6. DashRendar

    The BIG NC BUFF you speak of, had to do with the removal of a broken game mechanic that put everyone on an equal footing so that NC would be viable. NC received a buff in the form of a Vanguard shield fix, which wasn't really a buff, just more of fixing a broken game aspect. The Enforcer got a nice AV buff, really the only true "buff" we've ever had to speak of, shame nobody actually asked for it. The Reaver got a nice buff with the fixing of its main gun angle so that it actually fires where the pilot is aiming. Again perceived as a buff though only a fix to a problem that Reaver pilots suffered with for months on end. The 200dmg weapons got nerfed for no logical reason, and the Reaver's nosegun is going to get nerfed in the big ESF update, for the same reason aka none. NC hasn't gotten any buffs really, just the Enforcer, and I've got $20 says that'll be nerfed in the next GU anyway. Let alone buffs, we haven't even gotten any weapons worth buying in the last couple months...
  7. DashRendar


    1. Striker - If for no other reason, then because every other ESRL has a hard coded effective range of 300m which limits their effectiveness, the Striker breaks that with a hard coded range of 500m. But there are other reasons.

    2. Fracture obsoletes the Mercy and Pounder, giving the Max the best of both without sacrificing the benefits of either. TR is now the dominant Max in an NC/TR Biolab fight with a 50m TTK on Max of 4s not locked down whether the enemy max is upgraded or not.

    3. Lockdown. TR has NC Scatmax TTK out to 50m or more with the standard AI guns and can get 5x more kills per mag than NC and with shorter reloads too... And as if the Striker weren't bad enough for enemy air, TR now have by far the best Bursters for no reason.

    4. Vulcan - Works on a different mechanic than the Enforcer/Saron, but it's definitely competitive now. Better than the old Vulcan for sure. Can kill a Vanguard on front armor in 2 clips with mag upgrades.

    5. Incoming buff to the TR Max, which is already the best equipped and most versatile Max usable in just about any situation a regular infantry is with higher DPS/accuracy than the VS Max with no armor penalty. Now it's going to get better. You already have the best Max?
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  8. DashRendar

    Sorry, forgot about one thing.

    6. Marauder - It used to be a sidegrade to the Fury, trading damage per shot for a larger mag size. Now with the Fury nerf coinciding with no changes to the Marauder, the Marauder is now straight better than the Fury, and it's also TR only.
  9. zedfonsie

    Don't TR weapons perform slightly better then VS weapons? I don't understand why they need a buff, unless it's a buff to make anchor mode more practical (which is impossible because of its nature).
  10. Bankrotas

    Which weapons? And don't pull PS2 stats **** on me. It is not viable information.
  11. NietCheese

    If they buff Fracture maxes, I have lost all hope for the devs of this game. They are seriously strong in any scenario.

    They can't just use statistics as the benchmark, get in game and you will see TR Maxes dominating. The problem I find when playing my TR Max is that support is much less forthcoming.

    An NC Max will get repaired more often, engies will follow a shielded Max into a room. ZOE maxes will get support because the Vanu know how strong they are. In my experience, my TR Max has to scream for repairs.
  12. MykeMichail

    Death stats include:

    MAX's run over by vehicles, enemy and friendly
    MAX's killed whilst in a passenger vehicle
    MAX's killed whilst in Galaxies
    MAX's C4'd 3 seconds after spawning them

    Also MAX spam leads to:

    Getting more kill assists.
    More people running away, redeploying
    People desperately trying to C4 MAX's even if they die doing it

    Point is, the more MAX's you spawn, the less significant each player's contribution becomes, and the more likely it is for someone else to finish off your kills.
  13. Hoki

    balance by spreadsheet
  14. zedfonsie

    I'm only going to show the mercy's because they're the most commonly used and I'm too lazy to write up all of the other weapons.



    The blueshifts are going to be more accurate starting, but lose more accuracy per shot fired.


    They both have their ups and downs, the mercies will perform slightly better close range, while the blueshifts will perform better at range but the player will lose accuracy faster then the mercies.
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  15. Bankrotas

    So wait wait, dps is less by 5.2 considerin that muzzle velocity is 110 more and cone of fire is almost 2x smaller to begin with for Blueshifts you say it's worse? Also how old is this picture? Mercy got back to 143 damage? Cause I can't check at work and as far as weapon data sheet tells me, it's 125 at all ranges atm...
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  16. Xasapis

    These must be old screenshots indeed. Blueshift has more damage and is more accurate. Mercy has higher fire rate and more bullets in the magazine (negated by extended magazines). Both have the same bullet speed. Don't know how the fire rate equalises the extra damage, but it does seem that the ideal engagement distance for Mercys is closer than Blueshifts. Extra fire rate has less issues with hit detection problems, which is something that plagues maxes regularly.
  17. Goretzu

    Thats interesting because according to the stats Higby has posted they are pretty much exactly as effective as NC MAXs in MAX vs MAX and general kills.

    So I'm still wondering where this "weakness" actually is? :confused:
  18. SolidSnake

    "VS Maxes still have higher average kills." Quick before some random VS quack posts that graphic from like 6 months ago that shows NC Scattercannons as having the most kills.
  19. Xasapis

    To be fair, max weapon normalisation was pretty recent.
  20. DashRendar

    Yes that is correct. Currently the Mercy are 125 at every range and Blueshift are 143 at every range.

    DPS - 872.3
    CoF Stand - 1.15
    CoF Move - 1.65
    CoF Bloom/shot - .06
    Proj Velocity - 550

    DPS - 887.5
    CoF Stand - 1.25
    CoF Move - 1.75
    CoF Bloom/shot - .05
    Proj Velocity - 550

    The VS Max AI are not niched, they are just straight inferior to the TR Max AI. They are only better than TR AI by a hair and only for the first shot fired, after that they have NC bloom for no reason. It's a 143 gun that has 167 gun bloom. Explain to me why the TR Max in this equation is the one that's getting the buff? Buff VS Max AI and delete the damage modifier from ZoE and keep the original movement buff with less momentum. Much better all around balance decision.