TR Max getting buffed?

Discussion in 'MAX' started by Eclipson, Jun 25, 2013.

  1. Pazzonni

    Sure Higby, make the TR max OHK ESF with the Mercies... mb then it will feel balanced....
  2. Kevorkian

    Agreed on Lockdown. It should be damn near instant. Aegis is. And un-nerf Mercies. TR max fixed.
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  3. Phrygen

    NC maxes still win in CQC.
  4. Phrygen

    More maxes used by TR indicates that more of those maxes are not certed as much as the NC/VS ones. Simply put, an uncerted TR maxes with a cycler and pounder is more commonly used than VS/NC uncerted maxes.
  5. BarxBaron

    Uhhh as situational as lockdown is in comparison to the other abilities the only buff I could see it getting without being OP would be a buff to how fast you lock-in and lock-out or CoF buffs when using AI arms with it. (let's be honest AI lockdown is laughably suicidal and ineffective)

    Other then that it really can't be given anymore damage/AS for gods sake. Please don't do what you did to prowlers. God damnit SoE.

    Throwing damage at stuff doesn't necessarily mean "awesome", nor "more balanced", nor "more fun for the user".

    Look at striker....this abomination of a ESRL is basically just an upgraded annihilator with maximum boredom effect for both the wielder and its victim.
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  6. JudgeDeath

    I am starting to get a feeling that balancing in this game is done by higby logging in on a laptop while on a flight and playing for 1,5hours then deciding that "Yeap I played as this and that and got whooped so they must be underpowered!"

    The reason why the TR max guy loses in a 1vs1 is more because of me having maxed armor and im shooting at their head with dual nebulas. When I survive I do with 10-15% hp. ZOE is a liability as one AP-granade takes 75% of your health when ZOE up.
  7. DashRendar

    Yeah man, it's possible, but it's also situational and the odds are definitely stacked against the NC Max.

    Chances are you didn't suddenly meet your enemy at 5m before either of you began shooting, so by the time the NC Max can close the distance to where he is viable, he's soaked up a good bit of fire, so there's that. Meanwhile it takes time to unload those 9-10 dual-shots it takes to kill and he's shelling you the entire time so it's possible you die from sustained fire before being able to put your enemy down, especially if you were previously wounded or are under fire from nearby units. Also you need at least one scat with extended mags or at least one Grinder to kill a stock Max, or two scats with extended mags, or one with extended mags and one Grinder to kill an upgraded Max.

    I mean I'm not complaining at all, I know it's beyond possible to do, but the balance is definitely tipped away from the NC Max currently in Max vs Max warfare and unless you are 100% sure you have the situation under control, or you saw him eat a dumbfire rocket recently, it's usually better just to retreat behind a line of friendlies when you see an enemy Max.
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  8. DashRendar

    Although Aegis is not instant. You are not protected until you hear the clink sound, I and others have tested it. There is also an issue where if you took fire between activating the shield and hearing the clink sound, the shield will not even protect you once it finally goes up. ZOE is the only instant Max ability, Lockdown and Aegis have activation/deactivation delays that alter their performance.
  9. Patrician

    Not against a well played TR or VS max they won't since the last nerf.
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  10. Larolyn

    You've been quitting the game with every second post you make. Aren't you gonna leave soon and stop these "I'm quitting" threads all over the place?
  11. Strikejk

    I don't know wich game you are playing but in Planetside 2 there are plenty of UPGRADES available, instead of sidegrades.
    Flares, Proxyradar and Fire suppression.
    Well I have to admit that most people only use Flares instead, but you showed us a great example (and exactly like I said in my thread) how NC (and VS) are looking at their UPGRADE (Shield,Magbooster).
    For NC/VS it is a MUST-HAVE. No way around it. Other Upgrades in this sections dont even exist for them.
    And that shows why Anchor-mode is completly garbage. It isn't a must-have for TR player. Most people don't even bother dumping certs in that slot at all.
    I didn't see 1 Vanguard without his shield in my entire PS2 life. But holy ****, did i see alot Prowlers without anchor mode.
    Back to topic:
    To increase the useabillity for TR-MAX units they should just remove the 90* degree limitation where you can aim only.
    Hands down, it is basically a Anchor-mode copy, but even worse. Let us ******* turn around 360*!!! This would be a easy to make fix, it would increase the useabillity, wich is the biggest problem in my eyes (most people only use it in AA now) and it will hopefully increase our TK a little bit.

    In short:
    Remove turning/aiming restriction for TR Max units while anchored. Thanks!
  12. DashRendar

    Huh? Are you sure you meant to quote me? I have not made a single thread saying I'm quitting. I think I've said literally twice in posts that I am taking a break for a while until things that I don't like are straightened out, and for all intents and purposes I already have. Don't do much besides login to collect my passives anymore. Thanks for asking?
  13. BarxBaron

    This was like 3 pages ago so someone may have already said something but:

    Actually the thing was VS maxes already had best/good stats.

    Then original ZoE came out.

    VS maxes were pulled much more often....and their avg K/D went UP.
    That's why it was nerfed.

    TR maxes are being pulled more while avg K/D is going down as you expect - at least according to Higby.
  14. illgot

    duh, sorry, yeah I am not sure why I thought it had it's own slot.
  15. Tekuila

    Gotta invest in some hacksaws with slugs and Riot shield, won't ever lose a 1v1 again mate.
  16. Dragonblood

    360° radius doesn't help much. Try lockdown with your back to a still sucks.
  17. starlinvf

    I can attribute a few bad habits common among the TR, causing novice MAX users to think they are stronger then they really are.

    1. They always go for maximum coverage. This is very common among Lockdown MAXs, which in turn leads to maximum exposure to enemy fire. They also take huge risks with a position, relying on mobilizing/anchoring being faster then a counter attack. The smarter ones will pick a good spot, and let the enemy come to them.

    2. TR infantry play style is highly reactionary. The infantry weapons naturally favor CQC, and are less reliable at a distance. As a result, they run and gun more effectively then the other empires, and try to get in close to a target whenever possible. This is the exact opposite of how one would use a cycler MAX, where the overall DPS is lower, but stability at range is much higher.

    3. TR over extend themselves constantly. I can't speak for every server, but I see this more with TR then either NC or VS.... even by zerg standards. This is probably due to the consistent style of operation for all of their ES MAX weapons, but I often see them attempt attacks that any other MAX operator would consider suicide. Chasing things around corners, attacking targets way out of a weapon's practical range, anchoring without cover, moving without infantry support, stacking over each other for a firing spot, and significant wandering in places where the anchor would make a solid defense.
  18. Dragonblood

    2/3 of what you are saying also applies to other faction members........and about the 1st point: Even if you have the perfect camping spot, you can be shot easily while in lockdown with peek-a-boo just can't hold a position this way. Furthermore if you position yourself at a safe spot and keep some distance to entrances, the CoF reduction of crouching becomes better than lockdown. There is seriously no point in using this ability with AI-weapons.
  19. Phrygen

    i'm not saying NC max don't need love, its just they have the CQC already. making it more powerful just causes a problem for infantry and was nerfed for a reason (but overnerfed). NC maxes need more ranged viability.
  20. Slyguy65

    Oh the irony of NC saying that....

    TR has never actually gotten a legit BUFF without a subsequent nerf soooo shut your mouth i remember back in january and febuary how NC just got buffed up the wazzoo and VS got nerfed around april but then buffed again with ZOE.

    TR need buffs i don't care for what but im tired of never getting a legit buff, the TR has NOTHING AT ALL.

    That can be clearly said by all factions "Yep that TR counterpart is definitely the best in that category"

    VS have mags and ZOE, as well as high ROF and accurate as jesus weapons.
    NC have hard hitting, not so inaccurate (more accurate than TR at range) weapons. Not to mention the godly CQC MAX.
    TR...we have sitting duck mode on tank and pro. Oh and a lock on spamming rocket...not a cool charge up or camera guided RPG...just the same old.

    Aside from not having the "best" the main thing is that the TR have nothing "cool" or interesting that stands out from the other factions...with VS matching our RoF its a joke to even think TR has faction specific benefits.