TR Max getting buffed?

Discussion in 'MAX' started by Eclipson, Jun 25, 2013.

  1. Dragonblood

    It's just a meh-ability. Every time I use lockdown I don't get a "No one gets past me"-feeling, but a "plz don't shoot me"-feeling, XD

    The Max itself doesn't need a buff.
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  2. Satanam

    YES, GIMME US POWA! But really, no need to be buffed. Only thing is they could make it Mercy faster, with less damage for medium/long ranges, and choose another weapon to make it a bit slower with heavier damage for low/medium ranges. I just feel like they're almost the same thing, specially Mercy compared to the default one. Give us more diversity and it's all fine.
  3. Izriul

    Do read what I said properly, or not at all.

    The first link is of fairly recent specific data, the second link, I STATED that it's from the start.
  4. Strikejk

    Like i said with the Prowler ages ago. TR stuff sucks because of the ****** Abillitys. No one wants to use a Sidegrade, you want an upgrade: Vanguard shield: pure upgrade. Magbooster: pure upgrade Deploy: Sidegrade.
    Atleast the MAX units are all sidegrades, looks like they listened but:
    + high damage
    + high armor
    - slow

    So it is kind of nice to increase TR damage and it is nice to increase NC armor (shield) but it is MUCH better if you get rid of the only negatives of an MAX-unit: the speed.
    And the +damage is enough to outweigh the -armor on its own.
  5. HonkSam

    Full of **** is what I say.

    Just make MAXes cheaper again. 350 is madness if you have to balance it with all kind of explosives, gimmicks and health kits.
  6. illgot

    None of the tank specials share slots with other abilities so they are all upgrades.
  7. Goretzu

    Yes you post those first links, which show very little difference then you post:

    Where quite clearly you don't seem to realise that the data set is all the same, the average is the average of the total data set, and the per hour is the per hour of the total data set.

    The only thing that can be gleened from that data if you take snapshots every 7 days or so and compare relative positions (which is fairly inaccurate, but will give a gist of performance.

    However postion swapping will take long time, months+ due to the weight of historic data in those statistics.
  8. void666

    A buff would be welcome BUT i don't think it's needed. What i think is need is a faster deploy/undeploy for lockdown.
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  9. Goretzu

    It's not about the % difference between the numbers (no idea why you'd think it would be tbh :confused:), but rather the size and reliablity of the data set, given that the NC AI MAX was just nerfed a few days ago that sample set is tiny.

    If it was a massive difference with a tiny data set them fair enough, but it's not.
  10. ergie

  11. Vearo

    If they are going to buff the TR MAX at all, I would buff/change the pounder. My bet is that the lower K/D is from new-to-MAX players trying to use the pounder to kill things.
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  12. SuperTrooperWaterloo

  13. Dragonblood

  14. EvilKoala

    I doubt it. He said the K/D is a bit low, not 0. :p
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  15. Noppa

    I quess i need to ask my friend to stop playing with hes max on biolabs since it raises so much the overal K/D on NC maxes.. last time he pulled 300+/3 in 3-way biolab fight!!

    At that same notice i should stop it too.. biolab is the only place when NC max shines so.. everyone stop using NC maxes in biolabs so we get buffed since our K/D is gonna get somewhere near 0.3-0.5 without it.. ;)
  16. boom-mug

    First, it's sad those stats are being used for anything. Second, what is a VS max supposed to run other than ZoE? The "sprint" ability? That is mediocre compared to running with ZoE? They should do a query that gives them what percentage of people with ZoE run sprint. The answer is probably 0.

    Is every sides new ability something that almost completely replaces an old one? no... just VS... oh then let's run stats... HEY they are using it more than the other sides are using their abilities! OMG news and totally irrelevant.
  17. Accuser

    TR and NC MAXes are trying to take control points?
    What are they thinking.
    Obviously TR and NC should just stay on open ground and never actually go inside a building. If they'd just stop trying to capture territory they wouldn't be at a disadvantage to NC MAXes.

    And as it stands, there's no reason an NC MAX would lose a 1v1 against the TR or VS.
  18. korpisoturi

    and here we have real "posterboy" example why there will NEVER be balance, greedy and selfish little XXXXXR who would happily use OP weapon and defend it with platant lies, and then give "middlefinger".good job ganelon you have showed us all YOUR "quality" .
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  19. Ganelon

    That would suggest that the devs listen to the the community's crying. They don't.

    Try again.
  20. Clutchstep

    I think citing the 45% ZOE usage is kind of deceptive when comparing it to Aegis and Lockdown. You basically get 100% benefit of the speed buff (plus 100% of the armor debuff) at level 1. The damage increase is only noticeable at level 5, and even then just barely, so I bet a lot of people run with ZOE level 1 since you're getting most of the benefit at that first level. For Aegis and Lockdown to really be useful you need to get a few levels in. I only invested into level 1 ZOE for the speed and don't plan on raising the level immediately.

    It would be interesting to see a breakdown of what level of the abilities are being used.