TR Max getting buffed?

Discussion in 'MAX' started by Eclipson, Jun 25, 2013.

  1. Fumblewatt

    On a more serious note Higby, Beamer is underperforming :'(
  2. Goretzu

    I've no idea why you'd say that too be honest, for a start the K/D ratio quote here MAX vs MAX is different by a whole 0.15 (which I can't see being statistically significant - which, if so, actually means all the K/D ratios MAX vs MAX are the same.

    But from a gameplay perspective if you have the better ranged TR weapon and range you should win at least 50% of the time (I'd say a lot more tbh)

    And if you have the best TR DPS AI weapons then even at 0m you should have a chance vs. an NC AI MAX.

    If you have Fractures then I don't see how you can lose to any NC AI MAX or any NC infantry and a lot of NC Armour for that matter. :eek:
  3. Primarkka

    Do you realize that the statistics is not from one person, but the entire population of all the game?
    That's a database of four hundred thousand people. A mere 0.15 is a massive difference in this scale.
    You would know this if you hadn't dropped out of high-school math...
  4. Goretzu

    It's situational certain, but sucks? o_O

    Lets put it this way I saw 1-2 TR AI MAXs hold back an entire NC zerg at a gate way with Lockdown, now they were firing out of a spawn shield so they couldn't be hit, but it still demonstrated the raw power of Lockdown if used correctly.

    I saw another instance of it with Fracture MAXs using Lockdown with support, just cresting a hill, at extreme range, they really tore the incoming armour up.

    And no one needs to really say anything about Lockdown and the Burster, even now after all the nerfs it's still the best option with it.
  5. Airex

    Alright, I'll go ahead and do this now, even though I know it will go ignored, but the stats class I took in college is just making this itch so bad. a difference of .15 looks small. I mean, it's not even half of 1! However, you have to take numbers in context of their use. Yet, it means that there's a 16% difference between the first KDR and the second KDR. Now, I'll agree, that's not that big of a deal and it's not a catastrophic difference by any means, but in that context, it's a bigger deal than the .15 difference makes it appear. Don't mind Goretzu, I imagine he'll be using his numbers and pumping them into every thread mentioning MAX vs MAX balance for the next few months, or until he can misunderstand some other numbers the devs decide to toss us.

    Also, for the simple math of how it gets to ~16%, 0.15/0.9 = 0.16, 0.16 x 100 = 16

    PPS: in before someone wonders why you multiply it by 100 and how that skews it to make it look like it's more than it is and people who know math weep and people realize how much of a run-on sentence this is.
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  6. Dragonblood

    Lockdown is good for Spawnroomcamping? Awesome!! (Sarcasm)

    Saron will snipe those camping Max Units.....
  7. Goretzu

    The sample size is NOT 400,000. :) I wouldn't even think the entire data set is that large.

    Especially given that NC AI MAXs were only nerfed last week. :rolleyes:
  8. illgot

    GL getting a Saron inside a building or the Bio Lab.
  9. Goretzu

    As well as the other two situations I've seen it be very powerful, yes (and several others I haven't mentioned). :)

    Situational? Yes, certainly. Powerful situationally? Also yes. Which is probably why Lockdown has a higher % useage than Aegis Shield.
  10. Dragonblood

    Read the ******* post I was responding to.
  11. Izriul

    i can't work out what the **** he means by those tweets. He really does make stuff up on the spot while withholding any real statistics and blurts out random stuff to make his argument.

    I mean, he bangs on at how VS has a higher K/D in one tweet, then says 1.05 the same as NC in another. So which is it?

    NC love to bang on how they have the worst max unit, and higby bangs on how VS always had the highest K/D but contradicts his argument that it actually means something, because he says how TR have the highest amount of max's pulled so naturally lowest K/D, so then obviously, using his argument, VS has the lowest amount of max's pulled so naturally, the highest K/D - He tries to argue with useless stats (I mean, he's stated before how K/D is useless) but then they apparently mean something when he feels like it. NC use to have not just a slightly higher score but a MASSIVE amount before they got nerfed, and this took 6 months, VS took what?

    If we take a look at the max score per hour post GU09 NC are still ahead when you look at the higher BR characters.

    If we take a look at the overall stats from the start of PS2

    You'd see NC are still first with the scats

    Then looking at average stats, again, first

    and here's the important one, if you look at average PER HOUR

    You'd see that they are 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th.

    I don't really care for any of this, and I've not played GU11 just because the dev's don't know what their doing (Nothing to do with balance, all to do with being lazy and not fixing bugs and having absolute terrible priority in what their doing) and Higby further proves this point by blatant trolling and only using what numbers suit him to create an argument on the forum. He **** stirs things up, clearly on purpose, while keeping himself away from the forums anyway.

    I'm all for what he's doing though, there will ALWAYS be another game to play, there won't always be a job for developers who mess things up, so if he wants to shoot himself in the foot, fine by me. Due to the drastic nerfs and buffs I've not spent a penny on this game since the last few updates (I'm well aware, and expect things to get balanced, but NOT to have items change completely and be a whole new weapon than what was bought)
  12. illgot

    maybe you should follow your own advice. Where did he say the first lock downs were located? Oh yeah, in a building (spawn building specifically).
  13. Fumblewatt

    The significant NC max nerf happened awhile ago, the nerf was over the top, but it had to be nerfed one way or the other.
  14. Dragonblood

  15. Goretzu include all historic data in their stats, the only way you can see current performance in that is to take a snap shot then one 7 days later and compare the two.

    NC is still at the top because of December 2012 to April 2013 historic stats, NOT because of how they are performing since GU11.

    Which makes all you are claiming there pretty much nonsense I'm afriad. :(
  16. illgot

    messed up quotes, hate when that happens, but I'm just ******* with you :) I knew what you were talking about :)
  17. Goretzu

    The recent nerf was pretty significant too:

    Certainly enought to wipe out a supposed 0.15 K/D ratio difference. :eek:
  18. Dragonblood

    fine :-I
  19. DamageKing

    I main TR (BR 70) and I completely agree - TR Max feels fine. Don't buff it.
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  20. illgot

    it could use a slight decrease in lock down time. DPS wise it is fine and if unlocking is any shorter the lockdown penalty will be useless.

    But I don't agree with Higby's reasoning on why it needs a buff.
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