TR Max getting buffed?

Discussion in 'MAX' started by Eclipson, Jun 25, 2013.

  1. y3ivan

    i m guessing TE paid a lot of money to fund higby hobby. :rolleyes:
  2. Pivke

    here, i fixed it for you :)
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  3. JokeForgrim

    Y U NO SHIELD BUFF? 27% to 31% also he should check fractures? They are godlike, I imagine the "underperformers" havent bought these god cannons yet or are trying out pounders now they are cheap.
  4. gunfox

    All it shows is that the constant whining and raging of the VS/NC is unjustified, in reality the TR is underperforming.

    I won't pass on game-balance just because a bunch of forum-whiners feels entitled to win against the "bad guys" every time.

    So no, OP, I don't agree. TR Maxes are underpowered, the whiners are wrong, and I won't mind them raging even more. If the head developper says it needs buffing, our limited, biased point of view does not matter at all.
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  5. Vortok

    Obviously the AI/AV TR MAXs will be getting buffed to be able to provide AA, since TR doesn't have enough anti-air options yet.

    What I actually expect is some Lockdown tweaks, possibly minor cone of fire adjustments on the AI guns.
  6. illgot

    I see way more Lockdown than Aegis and TR are the low pop on Mattherson.
  7. illgot

    he used the same logic to nerf the VS maxes when ZOE came out.

    Low population but high K/D due to VS Maxes being used mainly for AA (maxes did not render so rarely died).

    After ZOE, high population but the K/D dropped dramatically, but because "so many people used them" it was obviously broken and needed a nerf.

    Yet when "TR maxes are the most used" they need a buff because they have a lower K/D ratio?

    What am I missing here? What's next, is my NC max going to get hit by the nerf bat because less NC maxes die while using the Aegis shield?

    Could it possibly be that the TR are pulling a ton of maxes and playing Rambo while the VS and NC are not dying as much because they are playing chicken?

    I disagree here, with my level 3 lockdown my max rips apart people trying to leave tunnels, exit spawn rooms, or fly at our base. Lockdown is a great skill that people try and use out in the open like idiots. I see it all the time, a TR Max will lock down in the open trying to kill a tank!

    Idiot with a machine gun

    Navy Seal with a knife

    Who do you think will win?

    Lock down could use a tiny buff in how quickly it locks down, but that is it. An increase in damage will only make it impossible to stop if they are guarding tunnels or door ways out of LOS of the enemy. I should know, that is how I use it now and I only have rank 3.
  8. EvilKoala

    31% of TR MAX users use Lockdown? No wonder they have a lower K/D..
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  9. siddar

  10. gunfox

    I have to admit that I don't really know what you're trying to say, but if I interpret that correctly:

    It's your opinion that the TR players as a whole are idiots? Since whatever you play generally graduated top of their class in the Navy Seals you should win every time right? But the overpowered TR weaponry prevents that you're winning more than 50% of the time. This is outrageous!

    Yeah, biased. The TR just gets the hate because of their "idiots & bad guys" flair, when in fact it's generally balanced, or the TR stuff (Lockdown on MAX is really, really bad 95% of the time) is even underperforming.
  11. Shinrah

    Yeah, what´s with this uncalled for crap lately? And not every Server has TR underpop...actually alot more have a TR overpop. :>
  12. illgot

    yeah, I'm saying the TR seem to foster this mentality of being Rambo with their Maxes (on Mattherson). When I play TR I notice it a lot. I'm locked down in a room, back to the wall, one entrance no windows, plus I have back up.

    I see another TR lock down in the hall way completely exposed to missiles and his back is exposed to another door.

    Or I see maxes constantly locking down in the open trying to kill a vehicle only to get run over by an enemy Harasser or 1 shot by a tank.

    Lock Down is a lot less forgiving than Aegis or ZOE but offers a great deal more fire power.
  13. nitram1000

    So if we want something nerfed in this game just deliberately die to it often? Awesome! I'm going to go suicide running against strikers and fractures, then their K/D will go up and get nerfed.

    Hmmm what else do I want nerfed....
  14. LibertyRevolution

    Remove the delay on locking down and unlocking..
    TR max already loses 180º of firing range when locked down, so why does it need a deploy time?
    It should work just like ZOE, HA shields, and cloak.. press the button and your locked down.

    Then the ability would be useful in more places than a corner of a room..
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  15. illgot

    There has to be a delay. Could you imagine instantly locking, firing for a few seconds, instantly unlocking. If it was completely instant you may as well not have the 180 degree limitation because you can instantly unlock and lock when ever you turn.
  16. Dragonblood

    I am still waiting for that glorious video of yours, which shows us TR players how to use lockdown.

    As long as crouching is more effective with AI-weapons than lockdown, is lockdown UP.
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  17. illgot

    You still can't think for your self, how cute.
  18. Dragonblood

    Nah, I already tested various situations with sucks.
  19. TerryTenMen

    As a TR player this is the best and funniest news I have heard in a while! I can't wait
  20. Goretzu

    The only place it is "underperforming" is in that MAX vs MAX thing and a 0.15 difference in K/D ratio is tiny, I can't really see how that can be statistically significant. :confused:

    And if it is not statistically significant then they are all the same, so where this idea of "buff" comes from is puzzling to say the least.