TR Max getting buffed?

Discussion in 'MAX' started by Eclipson, Jun 25, 2013.

  1. CrimsonDaemon

    I think the TR MAX felt just fine. I dunno what he seems to be thinking is wrong with it.
  2. DashRendar

    When things are easy enough to use (or very appealing to use) that the bar for using them is very low, the lower end of the pole players will bring down the average performance values which might make it seem like the unit in question is not as OP/balanced as it really is. When something has a higher bar of player proficiency required (like the Reaver) naturally you don't have B or C rank gamers using them a lot, so the numbers will be higher because the people who use them regularly are high skill and very practiced, they know the tools inside and out and they know their limitations

    It's easy to see that this can lead to heaps of misunderstanding and misguided balance decisions if you base balance on performance numbers alone. I mean look at this thread, no less than three or four TR have said the TR Max does not need a buff in under twenty posts. That almost never happens... ever.
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  3. GhostAvatar

    And thats the issue. TR MAX get pulled far more often because they are less situational, even Higby says it in those tweets that TR MAX is the most used. He even states that they have a lower KDR because of this. So I really don't understand his logic in buffing them, unless he is holding out on some other information that changes the picture. But then again, SOE =/= logical

    For me, the TR MAX feels fine when used in the right way. What I am worried about is that they will buff it a little bit. Then the crying will begin and it will get nerfed right into the ground and left there for months until they do another pass.
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  4. Ganelon

    Did they finally realise the Mercy nerf was absolutely unnecessary?
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  5. KanoHe

    Do you guys still have any trust to KDR metric ?
    Ain't gu11 implemented death status removing upon revive ?
    Logic - do you have some?
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  6. rickampf

    Seriously uncle Higby? buff to our chaingun maxes???
    No... i can't believe in miracles for the Terrans.
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  7. Cowabunga

    TR maxes are fine. Dual onslaughts are crazy in CQC and will eat enemy MAXs. Unless you derp around and get slammed by a hacksaw MAX. If you play smart you will win most 1v1 MAX battles. If the NC MAX misses and does not pull AEGIS he dies.
  8. Lord Robert

    I think its strange that the MAX units in general have such low KDR's. They do still cost resources, right? Lots of resources? They even cost the same resources that infantry gear costs, and don't have their own "pool" like armor and air...Shouldn't they be worth a couple kills at least? If I was a dev and something that costs that much to deploy had an average KDR of .9 or 1.1 or whatever, I'd buff the crap out of it.
  9. DashRendar

    versus another Max unit. He said the units in general have about a 3KD overall. That sounds about reasonable for me.
  10. DashRendar

    What I see in the original post that I don't like is the same exact thing I've seen for GU after GU after GU... "our numbers clearly indicate that NC is last place here while TR is in last place here... sounds like TR needs a buff, everything else is good."

    You said Aegis is by far the least used Max Ability. Where is my Aegis buff Higby? Fair is fair...
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  11. phreec

    What the hell?

    What they need to do is nerf Fracture's AI damage by at least half, further tweak ZOE and for all I care remove NC MAX shotguns and replace them with guns that don't shoot sprinkles at people that are standing across the room...
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  12. Lord Robert

    Very good. I stand corrected.
  13. SgtBreastroker

    Sounds like a huge problem on your side. Most of the TR MAX weapons outclass the VS MAX weapons. How are you losing to a glass cannon?
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  14. whaleboy


    Our maxs are fine, fix the resource system.
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  15. Pat Cleburne

    Luckily we don't have to count on biased players and get to rely on the stats which say otherwise
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  16. BigMacDeez

  17. Ganelon

    I hope they buff Fractures, would be a nice middle finger to NC and VS.
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  18. Eclipson

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  19. Eleo

    I dont know about other weapons but a dual mercy is very effective at both close and medium range, not sure why a buff would be needed.
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  20. siddar

    This game has the worst Dev's in industry.

    Admit massive over use of ZoE (because it incredibly overpowered) compared to Aegis(because its garbage). Say higheruse equals lower KD then say you will buff the most used max because of a lower KD ratio.

    Basically a pack of lies straight from the top. Take that from someone with allot of time in both NC and ZoE max. Next cert stop for me is ZoE 5 now that you have confirmed you wont do your job correctly in regards to ZoE.
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