TR Max getting buffed?

Discussion in 'MAX' started by Eclipson, Jun 25, 2013.

  1. Bape

    Man im glad they put flamethrowers to unscheduled lmao they knew **** was about to get real once they release it for VS/TR lol. But to be honest TR maxes are fine it just the lockdown that the issue and im sure a lot of TR can agree with me. THE REAL problem is the NC max all we have are shotguns and the way I would fix this is a complete overhaul on NC max weapons. Basically remove all shotguns and give us dual gauss stype weapons.

    Or just leave one type of shotgun (hacksaw) and 2 type of gauss weapons but for this idea that means TR/VS need one different type of weapon so meh.

    Just an example of what the **** I want to see

    NC Gauss M59
    dmg - 180-200(Whatever devs think is balanced)
    Low RoF less then vs and tr weapons
    35 ammo capacity
    somewhat longer reload time then tr/vs max weapons
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  2. DashRendar

  3. Pikachu

    I guess they have to buff the fracture.
  4. DashRendar

    It's about time too. I couldn't kill a full enemy Galaxy before it landed, things were so underpowered.
  5. TerryTenMen

    You forum whiners wont stop the inevitable. TR MAX NEEDS BUFF
  6. DashRendar

    In what world does the TR Max need a buff? TR Maxes constantly overextend because they think they're invincible, I see it happen all the time, open your eyes. This is not the hallmark of something that needs to become stronger.
  7. Goretzu

    If they buff them they'll be a lot better than (the likely statitically insignificant) 0.15 better MAX vs MAX and whatever it is vs infantry. Fracture is already way ahead in AV.

    They'll also be even more popular than they currently are.
  8. Fumblewatt

    R.I.P Bursters
  9. Dragonblood

    Buff lockdown
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  10. curly

  11. curly

    I'd be happy if they just buffed lockdown. It doesn't need much, maybe a second or 2 off the undeploy time.
  12. Pikachu

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  13. Naithe

    Remove lockdown. only an OP benefit, would be good enought to make up for its downsides.

    And then we'd just see biolabs, whatever, lockdown would be good, untakable from TR. And as TR I'd only get to use lockdown a few minutes every few days still.....

    And if they make it deploy faster, then what? We'll see people hit deploy in every fight, making it more like a gimmick, then something you even think about. But then again, thats how overshield for heavy's work isn't it? =/
  14. Fumblewatt

    Made a thread just for this issue: Max Imaginatorium
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  15. Evil Monkey

    Unlike the red headed stepchild (scatmax); TR and VS MAXes are functionally identical except for special abilities.

    So it is the special ability (lockdown vs ZOE) that needs to be buffed or adjusted.
  16. DashRendar

    This. Especially since on paper, the VS Max is inferior to the TR Max in terms of raw weapon performance. If they are buffing the TR Max up to the VS ZOE Max performance level, then it means they want the Maxes to be performing better than they were previous to the Max abilities update, which is a good thing, just so long as they come around to the NC Max as well :|
  17. DolanMolder

    Well, The ZOE is indeed only useful 1v1, which is a disadvantage.
  18. Nerd Mode

    Reading your posts, one would falsely assume youre a MAX expert. I'm no expert but I have enough time in TR and VS MAX suits to know ZOE is the superior of the two in my eyes. I have little time in NC MAX, so not as certed as the other 2, but I know it's not as weak as you're trying to imply since I've been absolutely destroyed 1v1 in close quarters by them in both my TR and VS MAX and I've watched them tear infantry to pieces as fast if not faster than the other MAXes. TR MAX, in my experiences, feels weaker and sloppier than my ZOE. Lockdown is an absolute situational ability and zero fun. ZOE is extremely useful in many scenarios and its funner. You got blown up by a Fracture?? Sounds like a sad story but I think you're blowing TR MAX power out of proportion.
  19. Badname0192

    TR got an uneeded nerf recently to their AI weapons.
  20. Badname0192

    ZOE is great, I have loads of fun and it's better than a 1V1 option.

    How to pad your K/D as VS? ZOE! Still not good enough? Become an adopted gunner for a tanker or harasser.. Saron against anything! Light PPA at range into rooms is tasty! I love all of those weapons as they are amazing stress relief after grinding out points as TR.