TR Max getting buffed?

Discussion in 'MAX' started by Eclipson, Jun 25, 2013.

  1. Eclipson

    Apparently its under preforming, but honestly, the TR Max feels fine. I don't see why it would need a buff. Please don't buff it. As if the NC and VS don't rage against us enough now, we don't need more reason for them to.
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  2. DashRendar

    This better be a joke, otherwise this game is so dead to me. Every GU the one faction that doesn't need a buff keeps getting uncalled for buffs. The NC Max better be getting Gauss Cannons or I'll be quitting for a long time, that's all I have to say about that.
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  3. EliteEskimo

    The only way I see this as a good thing is that it would help balance the populations on Mattherson. But TR Maxes feel just fine to me, lol oh Higby what will you come up with next.:p
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  4. Pat Cleburne

    I could have told him TR maxes were mediocre. Especially against other maxes. ZOE maxes kill my full health TR max in 1 on 1 fights nearly every single time.
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  5. DashRendar

    I could have won $20 that you would have said that. On my NC account with heavily certed Max and every scat cannon unlocked, TR Maxes regularly beat my a** easily and there's nothing I can do about it. On my TR alt account with stock Max except for 1 Mercy unlocked, I regularly beat NC Maxes easily and there's nothing they can do about it. Perspective, get some.

    Hint: the TR Max is not the biggest problem here. In case you couldn't grasp that.
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  6. Pat Cleburne

    TR VS NC maxes aren't bad. At range, TR wins. At CQC NC wins. ZOE vs TR max, ZOE wins the majority all things being equal. IE 1v1, no previous damage.
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  7. DashRendar

    That's a lovely thought, except the NC Max doesn't win at CQ unless the TR/VS Max overextend, are greatly undercerted relative to, or make a fatal mistake. i.e. if the NC Max wins a Max 1v1, it was operating outside of intended design, and should be considered the exception, not the rule. Enough material has already been written about this topic, I'll say no more.
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  8. Greyfrog

    The problem is functionality, I can't really use my AI MAX outside small enclosed environments (Biolabs, inside buildings on points) but in these situation the NC Max is competitive.

    TR/VS Max's have enough range and magazine size to also work well outside in your mid-range engagements. If you pull a scatmax here you get smacked down, so the NC dont. K:D isnt going to reflect the loss in functionality.

    If TR Maxs don't compete with VS, then I agree lets get them all on the same baseline.....but please PLEASE HUGBY GIVE ME SOME RANGE.
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  9. Blarg20011

    I dunno, it isn't necessarily a bad thing. Cycler could probably use some buffs, as could the Pounder. They would have to nerf the uhhh.. long range rocket things in return tho.
  10. KanoHe

    Dat k/d metric again...
    The faction with most dedicated medic players gona get some nerfs...
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  11. RHINO_Mk.II

    The only reason I can think of that NC MAXes have a halfway decent KDR against enemy MAXes is that TR and VS derps insist on walking up and engaging within 10m.
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  12. KanoHe

    semi-certed NC MAX still pack a punch and can be competetive...
    I have less trouble as dedicated Comet user since beta vs TR max than NC max charging on me...
    I wish Comet would have 200 velocity like fracture now and 550dmg with 1 rocket mag as before...
  13. Purg

    I'm amazed that the average K/D is 0.9 and 1.05 for TR/NC MAX. I could probably achieve that simply by headbutting my mouse at opportune times.

    In CQC, as above, my kill ratio of TR/VS MAX as NC is at least 5:1 - but as above, I suspect that's largely due to knowing how to play an NC MAX (with shield) coupled with the opposition not knowing how to play theirs - and given the average K/D, there's a lot of players who have no clue how to play a MAX effectively. You should rarely be close enough to an NC MAX for it to kill a TR/VS MAX if they have shotguns. The damage an NC MAX puts out CQC shouldn't be balanced on it being necessary to equip extended mags.

    I have all three MAX pretty well decked out, no doubt in my mind that the VS MAX has it all over the TR/NC MAX. Without shield, I favor the TR MAX, with shield I favor the NC MAX. I use Lockdown the least but it does have its rare moments where it shines.
  14. sam38

    I don't know what u guys are doing wrong with your nc maxes but I never ever lose a 1v1 against a tr or zoe max unless I have like no health. its really pretty simple. kinetic 5 run at them while they fire there harmless guns at you then unload when you are in their face then max dash to safety. or if they try to max dash and escape max dash and follow them and then do the same. granted one MUST have extended clips to kill an enemy max with kinetic 5 but still the outcome is the same. you have to get yourself in effective kill range or you lose. there is really no need to be afraid of the pink glowing zoe point blank they take like 4 shots from each arm and they turn into a glowing pile of dead max
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  15. FateJH

    I want SOE to start certing into rounding.

    Oh, that's right, that's why we have 1000 health: so SOE doesn't have to round, ever!
  16. DashRendar

    With my experience in all three Max suits regarding the new Max resource cost tripling, these thoughts come to mind when I'm staring at an infantry terminal:

    NC: do I REALLY want/need to pull a Max? Isn't there another unit that does ___ nearly just as well?
    VS: hmm, I could justify doing this if the situation is right
    TR: I will definitely get my moneys worth from this as long as I don't mess it up

    I find the TR Max to be by far the least situational of the three. It's just the best equipped Max currently.
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  17. DashRendar

    All things considered, that's quite a situational thing you've created as for how to win a Max engagement in an NC Max suit, expensive too... it's quite different how in order for the other person to win it looks more like this "stay outside of the NC Max's range and you can lol him to death"
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  18. Tulmas

    He is talking about max vs max combat (2 MAXs enter 1 MAX leaves) 0.9 kdr vs VS and NC MAXs

    Unless you mean you are running in rooms with 5 other MAXs and stomping them all.
  19. Purg

    Ah, misread.
  20. wrenched

    How does Higby reason that :

    1. More TR maxes being used


    2. Naturally lower K/D ratio?

    Does he not understand what ratio mean?
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