Tr max deploy spikes

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by ARIES666, Sep 6, 2013.

  1. ARIES666

    Maybe developers should remake visual tr max anchored mode? it's obvious that those spikes in the feet are made for ANCHORE ability. Why come up with something so stupid when everything is clear?!
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  2. IamDH

    Yeah but TR will consider it as a nerf
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  3. KAHR-Alpha

    Lack of time to code it, probably.
  4. SuBs

    This bothers the hell out of me. I wonder if it was a shortcut or if the dev team is just *that* absent minded.
  5. hansgrosse

    Can't imagine it'd be any more difficult to do properly. All they really gotta do is animate the MAX squatting down and the anchor spikes extending into the ground. My vote goes for absent-mindedness.
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  6. Zargas

    Take a look at how they did it in PS1, was awsome to look at
  7. CptFirelord

    Harr harr.
  8. Tommyp2006

    Its what we've been asking for since before lockdown was introduced! Why else are they there? Waste of polys otherwise.
  9. Liewec123

    the spikes are probably just part of the model with no way of extending, in order for them to extend they'd probably have to edit the max model to add movable spikes which would mean separate parts of the model,
    it's more complicated than it first seems.
    also this is a company that after 5 months of release are saying "hey maybe we should optimize the game!"
    so i wouldn't hold your breath for something as small as a visual bit of lore.
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  10. ARIES666

    You are only one who gave a clear answer. tnks
  11. MarlboroMan-E

    Can't do it. PS1 maxes had real spikes that shot into the floor. There were sparks and ****. Anyhow, because it was in PS1, they'll refuse to do it in PS2.
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  12. oherror

    Sad how they do this. They should just make it happen.
  13. Phyr

    They did it with the prowler, they could do it with the max, but that would take work, so they wont.
  14. Phrygen

    or they could just scrap lockdown and give us a useful ability.
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  15. SuBs

    No big developer I've encountered so far does absent-mindedness quite like SOE. I don't get the impression that there is much passion behind the craft of developing PS2.
  16. Sordid

    Indeed. The case of the T5 AMC really sums up what's wrong with SOE's approach:

    "Oh hey, you know how the T5 AMC looks completely identical to every other TR carbine? Let's give it a different model that's nonetheless just a variant of an existing weapon."
    A month later:
    "Oh shoot, we forgot to adjust the animation to fit the new model that has no charging handle, which means the player character's hand is pulling at nothing when performing a long reload. But it's okay, we can fix that by removing that part of the animation and just have the long reload use the exact same animation as the short reload, only played more slowly."

    Really? Really, SOE?

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  17. Pikachu

    TR MAX got jealous of vanu MAX having high heels so they got spikes to feel like they have something similar.
  18. SuBs

    I feel you, and yeah, the reloading animations in this game are horrendously bad.
  19. Spartan101

    +1 for OP's point, though could be worded better. Those spikes look like their sole purpose is lockdown mode.

    Side Note: If we get the spike working, we should totally be able to lockdown on top of a galaxy XD. ULTIMATE ANTIAIR PLATFORM!!!!!
  20. DuckSauce

    Relevant and timely.

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