TR Lockdown ability: It needs to change.

Discussion in 'MAX' started by GeneralPeragorn, Jun 16, 2013.

  1. Tycoh

    Spent 3100 certs for AI MAX Lockdown thinking "Hell yes! Im gonna be a minigun anti infantry turret!" not "Hey! Im standing over here! Kill me!"

    I've only gotten 22 medium/close quarter infantry kills using lockdown since its release. Compared to the many kills i've accumulated with just charge and mutilators.

    The lockdown is garbage.
  2. Stormlight666

    Who really uses Lockdown anyway??? My Fracture-Max uses Charge so it can stay alive (something which is now even more important with the 350 resource cost) and dodge out of lolpod attacks or away from C4.
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  3. Vortok

    Have to agree that it takes too long to get out of lockdown. During the period of the god mode Enforcer/Saron (aka, higher splash) I tried to use lockdown Fractures. Opened up from well over 300m away from a Vanguard, the gunner took one shot to range find me (took some splash) and the rest were direct hits. Started mobilizing after the first hit and was dead right around the time I could move. Can't remember if the Van's main gun hit me or not in there. Have had similar results trying to use it from Amp station walls. Ditto against Sarons.

    Just kinda sat there thinking "What's the point of using this for the higher dps when I die before I can move if they decide to return fire?" I still have it on Fractures since I try to stay far enough away from infantry/have enough meat shields in front of me that Charge isn't super needed, but haven't yet (in my admittedly fairly limited usage - TR MAX is an alt) found a situation where I really felt like "oh yeah, lockdown is amazing."

    Haven't had enough chance to use it in a AI situation, though I came across one or two places that would've been fairly decent to have it over Charge. Particularly at the top of those narrow corridor stairwells that are at some bases. Currently use Charge as my default for AI, though.

    Definitely need support, but that's more or less true for playing a MAX in general.
  4. DoubleTake

    I use two Mercies, two Bursters and two Pounders and I've got level 2 lockdown. Here's my experience with it:

    AI: Not worth using at all, I gain more from the crouch accuracy than I do from lockdown and it doesn't have any drawbacks. People will also shoot you in the head much more if you stand still. Within the range at which the extra RoF would out-weigh the accuracy gain from crouching is the same range people tend to run through you. At close ranges, the deadzone will appear and just ruin everything.

    AV: It works well with Pounders as they have short range otherwise. Still, you have to be in a large battle with a lot of friendlies because once you get attacked by a vehicle, you're guaranteed death. The only situation I felt powerful in is when I get a good spot against a parked Sunderer. They generally don't do enough damage to kill me before I kill it at longer distances.

    AA: Well, it's decent, but the nerfs are to be expected. Air-ground relations are very delicate.

    Suggestions: Make it more defensive. Make the locked-down MAX un-headshottable. Make all MAXes have proper collision to enemies. Maybe add a small blast resistance - not a rocket resistance, mind you. Decrease the offensive outout a bit to compensate.
  5. BloodArmoredApostle

    This is exactly why TR never uses this ability. We need LOS to shoot we dont have it. Plus, we are sitting targets..

    I like you your funny. I capped IF cuz this is a Strong IF. Ill stick with sprint for now thanx
  6. Xocolatl

    I have always thought that Lockdown is used more for setting up perimeter for your team, guarding the armor line, things like that. It fits my play style, but I can see why that is less useful in general play.
  7. Naithe

    A big problem with lockdown in general. (MBT's/MAX's alike).

    Is that loosing all mobility is such huge disadvantage. that the bonuses have to be absolutely amazing before you even consider running around with it.

    This means once you get into a situation where you could use lockdown. it will be border line OP.
    And in the rest of the situations it will either have no impact. (you'd have fared just as well without lockdown.), or you'd die.

    It s one of the reasons, as to why I've always been against lockdown. Even if they make it work. by increasing defense, or similar of lockdown.

    All it will mean is, that once you get heavy support. You will extremely hard to kill. Maybe I'm not seeing something here. but I can't see any possible buff to lockdown. that would not make it OP, when you can really use it.

    But hey, maybe I'm just biased, and thats why I can't see it work...
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  8. Xocolatl

    Can you use Lockdown on slopes, just out of curiosity? I have a feeling that if it works like deployment, then it wouldn't work..
  9. Tycoh

    Yes, Lockdown can be properly deployed on slopes. Sadly you can't crouch with it deployed so the enemy gets to headshot you with rockets/tank top guns.
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  10. Anvildude

    Don't have to keep LoS if you have Pounders!

    That's basically what I'm building towards on my TR Alt, to play with some friends. We're gonna work as a mobile mortar team, with me as the mortar, one engy, and one medic.
  11. KunzeWaldemar

    Just let it go faster in AND out of lockdown.
  12. GeneralPeragorn

    So you're saying lockdown is good if you can see through walls and don't mind running with an inferior weapon. Really worth having it then.
  13. Naithe

    If you have some luck with that tell us. I'm afraid you most of all properly won't be hitting anything. but hey bias aside. I'd like to know if someone finds tricks like that.
  14. Anvildude

    I already had some small luck working that way even without Lockdown- find a position behind cover or downhill while assaulting a Tower or major base, and start shelling the walkways, doors and balconies. If you have a spotter, you can pretty accurately plonk explosives deep inside a Tower's second floor without exposing yourself, and with an engineer friend watching your back and providing ammo & reps... I like that kinda play- it's why I use the Lasher while VS Heavy- I like area denial and non-los fighting.
  15. Hathunter

    One extremely simple thing that would improve the Lockdown MAX unit's survivability, against infantry at the very least is simply the ability to crouch. Hiding behind railings, rocks, etc. would allow the max to take cover when rockets start flying or being concentrated or for the duration of "unlocking".
    I imagine it'd help against vehicles as well since one could quickly re-emergy, fire off few rapid shots thanks to the ROF buff and hide again, though taking lockdown against a tank might not be the best idea.

    Other simple buffs could include lowering the time it takes to activate lockdown. I bet the ZOE max would agree with this :p
    (since activating/deactivating ZOE is instant).

    Opinions on these suggestions? Horrible? Excellent?
  16. SuperTrooperWaterloo

    What could be the perfect ability for an empire with the most bullets, highest rate of fire and the fastest vehicles? Yes, immobilize them and boost the things they already have to let them waste more bullets and increase the aiming time they need to kill.
    If i would have known before that this is TR´s special ability i wouldnt be one of them.
    For me its not a positive ability i can unlock giving me benefits in the war. Its a disadvantage.
    I dont use it with the MAX or the Prowler. All i get are more and faster bullets. But: | Faster Shooting - Aiming = 0 | its like before with the only change i cant move. Great.
    A thumb big crosshair with the MAX is bad enough to aim and permanent fire. And the Prowler has to reaim after every bullet because the second one wont hit the same location like the first.
    Yeah, immobilize is good for spam but its a shooter game and shooters are all about aiming.

    I wont use this ability until they change the concept of it.
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  17. Naithe

    I just tried it, I got killed by 2 snipers spamming me to death, and no I'm not joking, I took something like 5-10 headshots between then, in the time it took me to "unlock"....
  18. Stormlight666

    (1) You can shut of ZOE instantly. Now if it had the delay to turn off and on like Lockdown has EVERY VS would be on the forums whining about it.

    (3) It's not a decent ability and how is standing still an offensive ability? Offence = MOVING FORWARD, Defense = Keeping your ground and Retreating/Falling Back = Moving backwards. It's a 100% situational ability from your words alone. A ZOE can do the same thing in a tunnel except it can dodge fire and frag anything before it really gets a shot off.

    Heck basically to even things out the ZOE needs a 0.5-1 second activation and shut off time. That'd even the two out more. And give the NC the same delay in firing after lowering their shield.
  19. Stormlight666

    Lockdown is so situational I NEVER use it on my MAX instead opting for Charge to keep myself alive. After all it's 350 resources you'll lose if you die. That makes the ability even MORE USELESS now.
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  20. illgot

    I use Lockdown in Bio Lab, I use it in Amp Station, I use it near cliffs against the wall to hit ESFs trying to hit our base.

    Lock Down is very useful, you just have to use cover and unless you have back up you can not stay down for more than a few shots.

    Timers for ZOE, sure, add timers, then reduce the additional damage taken by 50%.

    Aegis Timer, sure, but then give them a bubble shield instead of just a flat shield in front.