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Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by Mr. Troffleops, Feb 12, 2013.

  1. Mr. Troffleops

    Hey folks, I'm primarily a tanker, but I find that the Heavy Assault is the bread and butter of any combined operations, so I've switched to only playing HA.

    Now, I have a few questions for you advanced folks. If it helps here's my loadout: Nanoweave 3, Resist Shield 1, Restoration Kit.

    I've been holding off really upgrading Resist and Nano because I've been trying out the various LMG's. I decided to get the MSW-R, but to be frank, I'm not impressed. I have a reflex sight, and laser on it, but I think I'm just terrible and hip-firing CQC. I lose outright to those dang high ROF carbines. (Vx7 or whatever and the NC equiv.) Also, the 50 round clip is absolutely brutal. 2 enemies down and its time to reload. Also, anyone who bunny-hops can chew through my ammo pretty quickly.

    1. I'm just no good at CQC. Should I stick it out with the MSW-R? I don't have Soft-Point or the 2nd level of laser sight, will those make that big of a difference?

    2. Price wise, the next option is the T-16 Rhino. NOBODY talks about this LMG. It's 250 certs, so I figured there would be alot of info surrounding this weapon. Youtube, and these forums are pretty scant for opinions. For an all around LMG, is the Rhino any good? How does it handle in CQC? Is it a viable replacement for the standard Carv? Or should I just stick with the Carv? I'd like something for medium ranges, but with enough oomph to fight my way out of a bad CQC situation. Basically an all around gun. Any opinions on the T-16 would be greatly appreciated!

    Not really interested in saving up 1000 certs, and don't have the cash for those at the moment. Otherwise the Carv S sounds like a good choice too.

    1. MSW-R, will Soft-point and 2nd level of laser make a big difference for someone who sucks at CQC?
    2. For all around fighting, T-9 Carv VS. T-16 Rhino : GO!
  2. Dreadnaught Wrex

    I can answer the gun part, cant say much about the suit upgrades.

    I skipped the MSW-R and went straight to the rhino. The gun's recoil is the lowest of all the TR LMGs, it has a 100 round mag and a good reload rate for an LMG. The only difference between the CARV and the T16 Rhino is that the Rhino fires slower, has less recoil, and reloads faster. My main complaint with a fully certed Rhino was the lack of stopping power. Which I found in the TMG-50 (500 cert) and the TMG rocks. To "fully" cert the T16 rhino is to have the adv. foregrip and 2 sights of your choosing. There are other things that add, like the 200 round mag you can get and the HV ammo. But at that point you have spent over 500 certs. The Rhino is a good gun for 250 certs and can be very useful. But you might run into stopping power issues like me. Either way, I suggest getting the T-16 Rhino or saving for the TMG-50.

    Also, have a spread sheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet...LMG&sortcolid=-1&sortasc=true&rowsperpage=250
  3. Lorginir

    1. Soft point ammo don't make any real difference, just make your bullets move slower -> your gun performes even worse at range. Advanced laser sight is much more usefull and definately worth it, but it wont turn MSW-R into godlike weapon, just make it a bit better at spraying&praying.
    2. I advise you to stick with T9Carv with forward grip, some scopes and possibly supressor. This setup work good at medium and possibly long range, and you are still able to kill somebody at CQC.

    And don't be sad about being bad at close range. Currently TR don't have any good CQC LMG. Unlike other factions our LMGs simply outclased by carbines and assault rifles, with better accuracy and higher ROF. So, if you want to use LMG stick with medium range, flank your enemies and try avoid close combat unless you don't have another options. If you still want to face targets upclose and personal try fullauto shotgun (haymaker iirc) or perhaps SMG.
  4. Kastrenzo

    there are 6 LMGs, and if you ask me, each of them has a partner that it's similar in a lot of ways to

    The T16 is like a TMG that fires faster, and does less damage. That might not seem like much but the T16 is incredibly accurate, and it's also the only machine gun in TR that gets an advanced foregrip.

    The T32 Bull I would describe as being a cross between a T16 and a CARV-S, it has the versatility and fire rate of a CARV-S, *Attachment wise*, but it's also the most accurate MG TR has. it's a very confused weapon though because Like I said it's the most accurate, but it's by far not a long range weapon.

    MSWR is just a T9 Carv with 50 bullets and better hipfire.
  5. TheBloodEagle

    Soft Point IS worth it if you're in CQB areas such as the Bio Lab or Outposts. Just switch it out if you go anywhere else. TR LMGs have the lowest dmg per bullet (except for TMG-50) and have the shortest damage drop off range before our bullet does it's lowest damage (65m), NC is believe is 85m. With Soft Point, it extends your max damage range from 10m to 15m. 5 meters may not seem like much but it means you have practically 50 feet of max damage, compared to only 32 feet before our damage starts to go lower. Seriously think of 50 feet of full damage. Worth it. The problem is most people want to leave the ammo on for every situation. Wrong. It's very situational but it'll give you that slight edge in CQB. You can have Advanced laser and Soft Point on. If you're going to play with a weapon, might as well really invest in it. It's really not that much.

    But in all honesty, even though I have 6 weapons for my TR HA with medals. I still always go back to the CARV. I think our only worthwhile trait is ROF (VS have pretty much the same ROF for LMGs though). And with high ROF comes fast ammo depletion (MSW-R is same ROF as CARV but only 50 ammo per magazine). I find myself being able to kill and shoot again quicker with the CARV than MSW-R in CQB. I can clear a room much faster or at least suppress them and it gives me time to reload, unlike the MSW-R where you'll be going "damn just 2 more bullets would of killed him or crap had to reload".
  6. Ubikuuu

    Consider using the MSW with a "ranged" setup:
    foregrip and reflex only.

    Excellent for mid range duels and still good for close quarters.
    And dirt cheap.

    Gotta have good ammo discipline tho.

    Adv laser and soft point will increase you CQC ability "sensibly", but not "greatly".
    I would say it will increase your hipfire distance from 5m to 8/10m.
  7. Stormcellz

    Tmg 50. Get it. Now. T16 rhino feels kind of "meh" to me.