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Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by SnowBurst, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. SnowBurst

    Want an outfit in Planetside 2? but dont have a microphone? or dont want the pressure of letting your squad/outfit down? or dont have to time nor will to be on at specified times?

    Well you can join "Legatus Britannia", we are a casual Terran Republic outfit on the Miller EU server designed for those of us who love the game and want to play it with people but dont want to be yelled at for firing a round 2 micro meters away from the target.

    Post your in game name here. Preferably British players.
  2. SnowBurst

    Bumpety Bump
  3. GroundPenguin

    Hey Snowburst, been playing for a while (was in beta) havent gotten involved with an outfit yet yours sounds like what i'm looking for my ingame username is Groundpenguin.
  4. SnowBurst

    Its just a new outfit a couple of people in it im online most days (somedays i work so cant come on much then) gunning for Squad Leader certs atm will be a day or 2, i was in beta to so yeah lol ill give you an add but be patient with it because its a casual outfit dont expect "LETS GO PWN VS!" every 5 seconds lol
  5. SnowBurst

    it says player not found so add me to friends list SnowBurst
  6. SnowBurst

  7. Rezkill

    Hey there, add me, uk player (Bolton near Manchester)

    Played Planetside 1 and this since Beta, just decided to switch from woodman to miller so looking for some friendly players.

    Also I like the casual playing situation, I work 10-11 hours a day 5 days a week and also have a pregnant fiance so my times for getting on are messed up at the moment.

    In game name is Rezkill, hit me up :)
  8. Mrtimtim345

    Hello there, I'm a casual player from the UK.
    Would like to join, but can you join more than 1 outfit with the same character? (I'm pretty new to this)
    My game name is Mrtimtim345
  9. SnowBurst

    obv you cant join more than one dno why ud think u cud
  10. Angry Hedgehog

    I'm from England and ive been looking for a good casual outfit :)
    2 things:
    - can ya tell me how many people you have in the outfit atm; i need an excuse to use my ****** out sundy bus after all :D
    -Improve your grammar snowburst its shocking :cool:
  11. SnowBurst

    something like 5 or so its small also i type fast thats y i type in letter/small words
  12. Total4111

    Hey, can I join your outfit. My in game-name is Total4111

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