TR LA shotgun choice?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Sobieski14, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. Sobieski14

    I am not sure of which shotgun to buy, with them all being 1,000 certs.
    * Which one should I get?

    Atm I am on trial with the "FA1 Barrage".

    In comparison to the :
    * AS16 Nighthawk
    * TS4 Haymaker

    Looking into the stats, is seem the "TS4 Haymaker" is nothing compared to the "FA1 Barrage"
    * The TS4 Haymaker has an advantage of two bullets, yet it has allot less reload speed.

    The AS16 Nighthawk has interesting stats, it also has 6 bullets just like the "FA1 Barrage".
    * But it has a much higher fire rate, very useful when clearing a group of enemies quickly or fighting a max.
    * It suffers also reload speed, but not as much as the "TS4 Haymaker".

    I only wonder the difference of "Semi-Automatic or Automatic"

    Which one should I get?
  2. Witchkrapht

    I roll with the Nighthawk and I love it! It is fully automatic and with the Extended Mag (which should be your first Cert) is amazing! I can clear rooms with this beast!
  3. grin

    I would second the Fully automatic version. It has a smaller mag but it can be single click fired just as well as the other shot gun. Be warned that full auto on this thing can get out of hand so make sure you are confident in your aim when firing full auto.
  4. Sifer2

    You can get the Nighthawk as part of the Infantry starter bundle too.
  5. Sobieski14

    So I got the "Nighthawk", I love it.
    * Beast of weapon, I've had runs where I'd get 15+ kills with no problem.
    - I only wish to have more ammo, but at-least that is a reason to have a engineer as support.

    Is the "slug ammo" worth it?
  6. Witchkrapht

    For the Nighthawk...I would not get Slug Ammo...but that is my personal opinion. The Nighthawk, being fully automatic, is more of a room clearer than a weapon you want to use for "medium range" targets.

    Only upgrade I would suggest is Extended Mag so you have 10 rounds...
  7. Sobieski14

    Yeah I already got the "extended mag", I got it as soon as you suggested in your 1st post.
    * Seems then there is nothing more to upgrade.
    * Maybe get the "Night Vision" scope to scout areas in the night.
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  8. MarlboroMan-E

    I used nighthawk during beta and bought barrage on release. I can't say there's a noticeable difference, although the barrage reloads faster. Barrage is definitely semi automatic, which i personally prefer. I never used the full auto on the hawk, just makes you run out of ammo quicker.
  9. VKhaun

  10. Sobieski14

    If you control your shoots, you will not waste that much ammo.
    * Make every shoot count I guess.
    - I like the fact if I rush into a room, I can quickly pick off my targets by how fast I click on the shotgun.

    The "Barrage" is limited due to being a semi-automatic, but the pro could be that it is more accurate.
  11. Sobieski14

    I'd like reload speed, due to the fact I plan I fighting multiple enemies.
    * Not just one or two people.
    - Having a decent reload speed on a shotgun that carries 6 bullets at a time is very critical.

    I've won a couple battles vs squads of 5, just because of this small perk.
    * But I won't deny that the barrage also has some interesting advantages.
  12. DrTeeth

    The Haymaker is the best imo. 2 extra rounds in the mag is really nice, and its reload speed is noticeably faster than the Nighthawk. The biggest advantage of the Haymaker however is the extra 12 rounds in reserve you get. That is huge, I find myself out of ammo very often when using a shotgun so every extra round I can carry is a bonus.

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