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Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Icehole1999, Oct 23, 2017.

  1. Icehole1999

    I play a little LA when I'm bored of heavy or MAX.

    I've got decent loadouts. I run a Cougar with a 3.4 for open areas, and an Uppercut indoors. Secondary is always a Commissioner.

    The Uppercut doesn't seem in the spirit of TR. So I picked up an Armistice, but really feel underwhelmed. It just doesn't shoot enough bullets.

    Should I have bought the Hailstorm instead? Or maybe the Lynx? I want to be able to fire hose those NC morons with lead when I drop in from above or flank them unawares.
  2. Corezer

    lynx and cougar are really good

    smgs aren't
  3. Iridar51

    Hailstorm is crap. Armistice is actually one of the better SMGs, but none of them really fit LA due to lack of mid-air accuracy. Lynx is fine as a hip fire bullet hose, but Jaguar is better in that role in every way imaginable, except raw DPS.
  4. Icehole1999

    So basically with the Jaguar, its actual damage is typically higher than the Lynx, even tho the Lynx has a higher potential damage?
  5. Delfinovic

    I am maybe an odd example, but I've enjoyed the Failstorm a lot more than Farmistice. Mostly with Infil, but the Failstorm has so many bullets, it was weirdly satisfying to unleash the tickle storm of Failstrom, holding the trigger and spraying all over backs of enemies :D One thing I have found out just before auraxing it, that foregrip helps a lot more than laser against multiple unaware enemies. I suggest try it out for free in live play and see if you like it.
    And aswell I like the Lynx more than the Jaguar. Yes, it is more of a hipfire, CQC and oh **** weapon hardly useable past room distance, but fun indeed. Jaguar just is not that chaotic :D
  6. Drewseph

    Armistice is a solid SMG, iirc it has the highest ROF, which is good for it's damage but bad if you end up missing (especially given its small mag), which is quite easy to do given its COF bloom. You want to be quite close to use it.

    Hailstorms big magazine doesn't count for anything when if die before you get close to emptying it. It tends to lose in direct confrontations.

    I haven't used the SMGs in a long time so I'm unsure if they retain accuracy mid-air similarly to the carbines. It couldn't hurt to take into consideration how often you find yourself firing while jetting when you make the decision.

    Jaguar and Lynx have similar TTK, in my opinion the edge lies with the Jaguar's predictable recoil, which makes headshots more feasible. Jaguar's higher damage makes it more well-rounded so you won't find yourself gimped at range too badly, either.

    Jaguar also has .75 ADS walkspeed, not sure if the Lynx shares this trait.

    As for the Cougar, I suggest sticking with the 2x sight so as to not overextend range-wise.
  7. Iridar51

    Yes, you could say that. Lynx has much higher rate of fire, so even though it deals less damage per shot than Jaguar, it still has higher DPS.

    Lynx: 125 * 909 / 60 = 1894
    Jaguar: 143 * 750 = 1787,5

    Within maximum damage range, which is 15m with Soft Point Ammo, Lynx kills in the same number of headshots as Jaguar, but higher rate of fire gives an even bigger advantage here: 0.2 sec time-to-kill versus 0.24 sec.

    Compared to Jaguar, Lynx's main disadvantage as a bullet hose is lower damage-per-magazine. Having 40 rounds of 143 damage gives good margin for error while spraying shots left and right. Lynx requires a bit more finesse. Having higher rate of fire, Lynx also has higher bloom per second, so each moment off target costs you more accuracy than for Jaguar.

    Lynx has a lot of good traits going for it, but Jaguar is just so much more simpler that it's likely to be more effective. It's really not the fault of the Lynx, Jaguar has been one of the best carbines in the game for years.
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  8. Icehole1999

    That's really good to know. I've tried them both in VR, but I don't think that ever really shows you anything.
  9. Iridar51

    Well, it does let you know if you can handle that weapon at all, lets you try different attachments, gauge an approximate effective range, etc. It's useful, but obviously it won't provide all the answers.

    As far as Lynx vs Jaguar goes, it's mostly a question whether you want a weapon that's:
    1. Unique, but harder to handle, and harder to use 100% optimally.
    2. Simple, tried and true, but a bit more bland and boring.

    Jaguar is basically a better TRAC 5, which is already saying a lot. It's a great choice if you're looking to be simply effective. But if you already have like 5000 TRAC 5 kills, and you haven't used other weapons, you might be getting weary of it, and may want to try something different than another 143 @ 750 weapon ;)
  10. Oleker2

    Jaguar also have 0.75 move ADS speed. You can peak around corners and ADAD faster and better than other carabines.
  11. Icehole1999

    I'm on console. No ADAD. I have <- L ->.

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