TR Just Feel Broken

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by BetaGuru, May 7, 2014.

  1. BetaGuru

    I'm a VS player, have been since the start, but I have a pocket TR I used to take out from time to time because I like the TR music and I like(ed) their weapons.

    But I don't want to play that character anymore and I'll keep it short and sweet as to why.

    The MCG used to be fun. Post-nerf (or rebalance, if you're in marketing and also insane), it's just a lame gun. Not nearly as fun as it used to be. Hard to really articulate why; it just lost that special something. It feels bland now, and less powerful. Just overall a weaker, less fun weapon.

    The Striker, on the other hand, is the most utterly broken pile of refuse in the game. The Lancer is such a superior weapon it boggles my mind that more noise isn't being made for the striker. Look, I know, lock-ons are annoying. But making them useless isn't the answer.

    I guess I'll have to switch to my NC for my pocket alt now, because hoo boy... the TR just ain't fun anymore.
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  2. Paragon Exile

    The MCG is better than it's ever been, had an audio revamp and is now actually usable.

    Why do you dislike it now?
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  3. Clay

    A striker killed my scythe today :(
  4. libbmaster

    Hopped onto my matherson TR alt today.

    Actually saw a guy shooting a scythe with a strike. Lots of people with MCG's too.

    It was the most fun I've had in weeks. Might have to let my waterson VS dude relax a little.
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  5. SavageBacon

    Yeah not the best examples, though the Lancer is pretty awesome. The Striker does more damage in a salvo and although that doesn't seem important from a single user standpoint, it means fewer lock-on dudes overall (but yeah no one is happy with it still). The MCG is a CQC beast now, it's almost Jackhammer-ish in a TR way through pummeling the target with a rain of bullets.
  6. Axehilt

    Yeah the Striker has always been pretty disappointing. It's a casual weapon by design, and basically unusable by skilled players. It would be great to see TR get a skill-rewarding AV weapon like the Lancer. (Basically I feel each empire should have a skill-rewarding ESAV weapon, as well as a skill-lite one.)

    MCG? No comment I guess, I haven't touched the thing in eons.

    Although, no mention of the Prowler? Personally I always felt it was substantially better than the other tanks. Looked through the patch notes (well they really only show the last 3 in the forums? Lame) it seems I missed a nerf to the HE and HEAT variants while I was away for the last couple months, but that they didn't appear to touch AP (the only maingun I use) apart from a projectile speed normalization to Anchor (which probably wasn't a huge nerf.) Which means the Prowler is probably still the best tank for laying down brutal kill-you-before-you-can-react vehicle damage on targets.
  7. iller

    TR still's got the MSW-R ... plus I been getting "counter sniped" pretty frequently by the "new" MCG. Odd thing to complain about there but I can understand how someone who first started playing the game with an ORION would now think MCG wasn't "different" enough.

    *mutter* ....spoiled higby vanu.... /mutter
  8. sindz

    I've been playing my TR alot since last patch and my thoughts are:

    Great LMG: MSW-R
    Great AR's
    Great Carbine
    A rocket launcher that actually deals dmg compared to lancer.
    Heavy weapon that can actually be used and is fun compared to suppression orb gun

    Both sides have their pro's and con's and its fun to play another faction for a bit. I like the fact that TR toys can be sued so much more while lone wolfing than VS toys.
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  9. Beeman

    I mostly play TR, but I find NC weapons are much easier to kill people with. I don't have any luck with VS junk but I really like them as a faction and their art style. Not so much the purple and black tights, but whatever.

    I don't know, if TR are a little powerful right now, I guess I'm just not skilled enough to take advantage of it XD
  10. Tommyp2006

    I won't say everything is as good as it should be, there are certainly things that could use a change. But I don't have much of a problem killing stuff either, I just avoid the bad and make up for it with what we have that is really good.
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  11. IamDH

    What? The MCG got an attachment that lowers its spin up time and increases RoF and then somehow its lame?
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  12. z1967

    I think it is fair to say that the TR should be buffed in increments and not all at once. Can't have those fair weather players messing with the closer to balanced population (minus the VS underpop, which might normalize but also might warrant looking into some VS weapons and reducing FRSM or something).
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  13. Vixxing

    mine too :(
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  14. Vixxing

    The MCG is a beast... a HV snuck up on my MAX when i had ZOE on... melted me in seconds... :(
  15. david06

    The MCG is now just barely useful enough to be worth it for the fun and aesthetics, the BRRT attachment is a must unless you want to lose direct close quarters fights against other faction's carbines. If you liked to headshot people before using the slow spinup then the changes are a nerf, but at least they've brought in more inline with what a chaingun should be.

    The striker has an advantage in alpha, but only when attacking dumb people who aren't looking at you and will make themselves visible for several seconds after they're locked...which makes it more of a weapon to spite people with rather than an effective one.
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  16. vanu123

    Chaingun received a buff, normally I would say every weapon should be viable, the exception IMO are lockons as a whole. TR are in a good spot except maybe giving them the old vulcan for MBTs (the problem was harasser vulcans).
    Just a little off track, why can't the VS get 0 bullet drop on everything? Return to faction traits SOE.
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  17. Clay

    There are still people out there who use ZOE? :eek:
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  18. david06

    Please explain how something like the striker is "in a good spot"

    An entire faction preferring to use the starting weapons or NS weapons over higher-tier empire specifics isn't just strange it's bad for business. Only reason why I have the MCG was because it went on sale for 99SC. It and the striker certainly aren't worth the expense or certs.
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  19. Corporate Thug

    Perhaps you need time to readapt to the TR weaponry? I have the most time played in PS2 as the VS, but switching to the TR for the past few months has been more enlightening. The TR weapons are brilliant except for the striker, which isn't any worse than any of the other lock ons.
  20. Vixxing

    Almost no VS use Lancer or Lasher, lets swap? Id be happy to use MCG, and now and then give a Mossie a heartattack when he goes "np i can survive one more lock-on" "boom","boom","boom","boom" WHAAATAAAARGH!?! (havent even bothered to buy Lasher)