-TR- [IWT] InwaryTeam wants YOU!

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  1. KulanCZ

    We want YOU for our army!
    Welcome, soldier. We are Inwary and we are looking for members to join our ranks. We have been playing since 2015 and since then our group has more or less stayed the same - just a bunch of friends. But now, we want to expand. We want to make a difference on the battlefields of Auraxis. We want to bring glory to the Republic. And for that, we need soldiers.
    We do not require microphone, discord or anything. We do not require you to be battle rank XX+. We accept all soldiers! Beginners, veterans, casual players, tryhards, EVERYONE IS WELCOME! We only have 2 requirements: ENGLISH language and being at least a bit cooperative. If you stick with us in battle and help our cause, you will get promoted very soon.
    Our main focus in battles are Liberators. We often play frontline infantry, MBTs, harassers and sometimes mosquitos and galaxies. We are not hardcore players by any means, however, we still want to make use of our presence in the battle, so our playstyle is something in between casual and competetive.
    If you are interested, just reply to this with your ingame nick or apply through in-game applications.
  2. SoLt3c

    I'm interested,ingame name = SoLt3c
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  3. KulanCZ

    Thanks for joining our ranks, soldier!
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