[TR] Impulse Factory [IMP0] - New outfit now recruiting

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  1. Rtwpygbzstpqacihfd


    Impulse Factory is an outfit for players that value good communication, teamwork and constant improvement. We do mostly infantry battles, but use vehicles when required. There is no minimum BR required. We are looking to grow and welcome all mature minded folks ready to up their gaming experience.

    - play the class most needed in the squad
    - focus on mission objectives
    - listen to requests from squad mates
    - play as a team, stick together
    - use squad chat, voice comms preferred
    - play often, once a week would be bare minimum
    - respectful to your squad mates

    Other Notes
    - No minimum battle rank (BR), complete noobs will be accepted and trained up
    - No mandatory forum, website, steam group or teamspeak join
    - No minimum age requirement, no need to use station cash
    - Open to players from all countries

    Once there are enough members, there will be scheduled ops and training sessions. We hope to become a good all round combined arms outfit. We aim to eventually have dedicated armor and air squads. Anyone hoping to become a squad or platoon leader will be more than welcome.

    To join, simply go to the outfit tab in-game, click find an outfit and look for Impulse Factory. It's an instant join so you won't need to wait for approval.
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  2. NeXxUSA

    Would love to join gonna add in a few minutes. I am a skilled pilot and can work as infantry support or transport.
  3. EPIC389

    Im interested(although its painfully obvious that I suck)

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