[TR] Imperial Reach: Organized, Tactical, Mature, Ages 18+

Discussion in 'Emerald (US East)' started by Cliff_Ascent, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. Aravius5

  2. Bonesaws

  3. Quite Spiffing

    FNO was absolutely great fun, and Penty, you Sir, did a great job on leading first half of the Op, we had that Amp Station secured tight. Thanks to all of you for giving one hell of an awesome fight.
  4. Haterade

    Check us out on last night's FNO. No audio unfortunately, but that just means you'll have to try us out in-game.

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  5. Quite Spiffing

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  6. SinMachine

    Something we like to do in casual squads
  7. zib1911

    If your are still running solo you need to stop by and check us out, we are organized and like to put boot to ***, but we also enjoy having fun as well.

    Check us out at www.imperialreach.com
  8. Pandastratton

  9. Slayer Of Tacos

    I've been with IR for 8 months now almost since launch. Having played with a few other outfits I can officially say there is just nobody that compares to our tactical awareness and organization with a hint of raw awesomeness.
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  10. Tshapedvisor

    Come check out this exceptional outfit on one hell of a server.
  11. RedOak

  12. Steasy

    Imperial Reach is an awesome outfit with great people. I would recommend them to anyone.
  13. Pandastratton

    alpha squad was boss friday!! yeall not here are missing out on some epic action!
  14. Pandastratton

  15. Quite Spiffing

    Wish I were able to film this, but with Fraps killing my FPS to a mere 30 to 20 wasn't worth the effort, anyways, that airsquad was amazin' and you folks did a great job working together like a real air squad. Might reconsider changing to Air Certified.
  16. the p4p3rth1n

    Here's one thing I think a lot of new guys might like about IR:

    After every op we run, the squad leaders go through and ask every player what they liked and didn't liked, and what they thought we could do better. What this boils down to is everyone's opinion is heard, veterans of IR or not.

    Oh, and we're the best damn outfit.
  17. Quite Spiffing

    We're a military structured, social, and tactical outfit. We're nothing like formal, and only play super serious during our Ops. Come run with us, if you like some well structured combat environments.
  18. Penty

    The way we adapt and try new tactics is top notch. We don`t just zerg points like other outfits.
  19. Lampenfieber

    hahaha... nice video!
  20. Aander

    I'm curious, do you you guys run open squads/platoons very often? I don't recall seeing any recently (may just have missed them though).