[TR] Imperial Reach: Organized, Tactical, Mature, Ages 18+

Discussion in 'Emerald (US East)' started by Cliff_Ascent, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. vulkkan

    Warpgates are kinda like nightclubs
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  2. Coralian

    A Different View:
  3. Aravius5

  4. Casterbridge

    I'm curious do you guys ever run open squads? Been looking to join one for a night to see how it goes, but I've never seen a public IR squad/platoon running.
  5. zib1911

    We mainly run outfit squads, if you want to join us your more then welcome, we just have everyone join TS, ts.imperialreach.com:7057

  6. Bonesaws

  7. Quite Spiffing

    We mainly run Outfit squads, you can join thoug by hopping on our Teamspeak ts.imperialreach.com:7057 or by getting into one of our recruitment squads. But we would like to see you in the outfit, so by all means, join us.
  8. Quite Spiffing

    Ain't that a pretty picture ;)
  9. Pandastratton


    that moment when u realize you have the best sniping spot in the AO..
  10. Quite Spiffing

    Join IR, cause you'll get to do this:

    Well... not really.
    Regardless, Join us!
  11. SinMachine


  12. SinMachine


    I miss old reload animations
  13. Timb0R

    I enjoy fighting against these guys...except it seems like there is always a never ending stream of them.
  14. Tik

  15. Bonesaws

  16. SinMachine

  17. Coralian

    Exhalted. So ends the screenshot contest ;([IMG]
  18. Quite Spiffing

    That is how we roll, tactical and never giving up. Also strength in numbers :3
  19. Bonesaws

  20. SinMachine