TR HA's Battle Rifle Barrel Too Long

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by Cavadus, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. Cavadus

    Why is the barrel's length after stock as long as the entire rifle body behind it? It looks absurd.

    It's a battle rifle, not a sniper rifle. The medic's battle rifles don't look this ridiculous. It's pretty standard for BRs in RL to have 21 inch barrels to take advantage of the cartridge's large charge (hence why it's a battle rifle and not an assault rifle).

    That length needs to be toned big time. I'd say the FN FAL would be the best RL analog to this rifle and it has a 21 inch barrel. Even the H&K G3, one of the FAL's peers, only has a like 17.something inch barrel.

    Tone down that barrel length! This BR looks terrible which sucks because the SABR-13 is totally dope.
  2. TheBloodEagle

    Are you kidding me? I love the look of it! I think the AMR-66 is a great looking rifle and like that the extended barrel shows. It's one of the reasons I bought it after a trial. I guess everyone has different tastes. If you want short, stocky guns play NC.
  3. Uncle_Lou

    The battle rifle classification is all about cartridge size, not barrel length. If it were legal in my state, I know a website where I could buy an FN FAL with a 12" barrel, and it would still be a battle rifle.

    At any rate, I think most of the TR weapons are kinda ugly TBH. There is something about the forend that bugs the crap out of me. The stock narrows to where it is basically only barrel and then blows up again to the same thickness. It's bizarre and goes against every sense of weapon aesthetics EVER.

    WRT the AMR-66, I think it is actually a decent looking rifle - its about as close in appearance to an AR-15 as you're going to find in this game. The rest of the TR ARs and LMGs are fugly.
  4. absolofdoom

    Shut up you dumb rebel, our weapons are just as beautiful as they are deadly. :p
  5. Uncle_Lou

    If you are calling me a rebel, you should know the only character I have any time played on is a BR13 TR on one of the east coast servers. I played NC almost exclusively in PS1 though.
  6. absolofdoom

    Well your avatar. How am I supposed to fake being angry at you properly if your avatar doesn't correctly reflect your faction?

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