TR Harrasser Vulcan.

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  1. CephalopodNME

    Is this considered balanced right now? How many times have you been driving ANY vehicle when all of the sudden you hear the distinctive "brrrt" of that damn gun spinning up and a few seconds later your vehicle is destroyed. There's no other gun that can destroy vehicles that fast, specially when there's 2-4 cheap to pull Harrassers running around in groups.

    You don't even need to slow down to hit your target, since it fires so fast. Other factions felt the wrath of the Nerf hammer for having weapons that worked too well, I think it's time the reds get that damn gun tuned down a bit.
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  2. InexoraVC

    TR Har Vulcan, TR Striker and Dalton are the only OPs left in game.
    If you feel to much pain get an ESF and mock Vulcan harraser the way you want. ESF is the only real effective Vulcan Har countermeasure.
  3. Liewec123

    its still easily the best of the 3 faction specific harassers,
    but its not a big deal anymore

    its certainly dropped waaaay down in the list of annoying things that need balancing.
    infact i miss the days when all there was for us to be unhappy about was vulcan harassers!
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  4. HaxMax

    Agree... either the DPS needs to be toned down or we need a hard counter.

    Almost everything in the game has some sort of hard counter. It's not clear how you're supposed to deal with Harassers in general, but especially Vulcan Harassers.
  5. Zipr

    While you boys are in for a treat! Vulcan was nerfed a long time ago... NC has the real threat up close and will destroy you and your pew pew vulcan (no skill required)

    Vanu is actually the same... But I wont say that because it appears Im whining and I also sometimes play vanu

    Vulcan deserves its original buff is my two cents I swear nc is either too stingy w/ certs to cert their harasser and/or hoping to avoid some Higby like nerf
  6. Towie

    Nope. You are very VERY wrong.

    Vulcan is categorically OP - and has been like forever - the ONLY time in PS2 history that something was actually better (to a degree) was when they introduced the ridiculously OP Gatekeeper MK1 with render-range hitscan accuracy that the target couldn't even see, I abused the hell out of it. Another TR weapon. The mind boggles.

    Vulcan has the unique combination of high ROF, good damage against everything and absolutely zero skill to use effectively.

    So how do I prove this ? Well I guess we just need to look at the stats.

    1. Vulcan is pulled more than twice as often as Mjolnir and Aphelion combined:

    2. Usually with something that is pulled so often, you see a reduction in KPU - after all there's only so many things to kill. Not so with Vulcan - KPU is on par with the others across every target type (air, infantry, armour - it's extremely versatile).

    3. a result - the Vulcan kills pretty much twice as many targets as Mjolnir and Aphelion combined:

    Now for balance - Mjolnir will win a 1v1 (assuming good accuracy) at very short range. Likewise, Aphelion might also win (assuming perfect pulse timing and good accuracy). However the VAST majority of encounters will see the no-skill BRRT easy-mode Vulcan win.

    There is a very good reason why it's pulled so often - it's just so damn good (ie. OP).
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  7. Demigan

    Yes! It was nerfed so hard that it still has 3 to 5x the amount of players using it than any other Harasser topgun!

    It was also nerfed so hard that it needs so much more skill to use! That is why it has one of the lowest average BR's of all Harasser weapons!

    And it still gets one of the higher ranges of vehicle kills per unique user!

    And how fast does a Harasser do this? Well it's just that every single day it manages to kill 2 to 5 times more vehicles per hour than any other Harasser weapon!

    Yeah! The Vulcan is totally not the real threat! It's the NC! With their Enforcer and Mjolnir that... Oh wait no, the NC has some of the worst performance with those two weapons of all Harasser weapons. But yeah! Definitely the NC is the threat here! Not the poor TR whose Vulcan was nerfed and the word "nerfed" definitely means it's no longer a threat right? Haha! Yeah! It's impossible for a nerf not to be strong enough to leave a weapon OP right? RIGHT?

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  8. Towie

    Lol - and I still to this day remember a Vulcan user complaining that they lost is a zero-range slug fest with a Mjolnir -

    The mind actually boggles on the narrow mindedness of some folk....they just need to try the alternatives for enlightenment.
  9. Thalestr

    You'd think a fully kitted and crewed Vanguard or Prowler would be the fiercest threat on the battlefield when it comes to vehicle combat, but no... it's a buggy with a Vulcan on top. If this is how they perform after a nerf then I shudder to think how powerful they were before. The Vulcan takes something that should be a light support vehicle and turns it into a high-speed tank-trasher and that's just absurd.
  10. JibbaJabba


    We thank you sir for doing the work. I just didn't have it in me to put it together. again.

    99% of whining about something being OP is wrong and folks just need to try it out themselves to see. Vulcan happens to be in the remaining 1%. /shrug

  11. Zipr

    Demigan I cant argue those stats with much solid evidence of much of anything I can personally tell you that I would prefer a gunner who can aim to use the Halberd which is somewhat effective at everything Most isn't so broad side of barn capable tho Hell it almost makes no sense to even try to be specific to needs ie. Running a Kobalt will still sometimes leave me as the driver watching as it appears my gunner is distracted by some non-caring air (Yeah Lock-ons making noise from Heavy's etc.) Now I could share my thoughts and maybe your own about the effectiveness of the "WALKER" being the real deal King But guess what? TR gunner's will sometimes just jump in and out faster than when running a Kobalt Now I would tell you I believe most see the Halberd and get scared to jump in (Been there done that No dub's) However, that would be subjective words that is probably heavily disputed in the Forums (Ya know Pro/Elite actin DaFool) Thank-you for your detailed response about stats tho!
  12. Zipr

    While I will try to explain the most effective method I had w/ much success... I would spot the lone camper aka Lightening tank totally obsessed with some direction oblivious to my presence I would maneuver to be completely on his six Nail the gas and slamming the F2 button before dam near ramming into the guy Finally the Gun would begin to put in work! Usually would not need much of any breaks Think it required one reload I dunno been awhile Quite similiar w/ Sundys because of the drivers preference of gun Folks needed to jump out and engage for the most part I tell you what tho I went full out and hard I just assumed a nerf was coming and hoped to take a Full advantage similar to a scat max in a bio lab lulz But yeah seeing what the nc harasser does now and paying close attention? I dunno Think I was wrong
  13. Blue_Lion

    I would think guns would do more damage than a knife, but no. Things in games are not always as you expect.
  14. JustGotSuspended

    tbh harassers and air in general are so broken it's unbelievable. Every time you encounter just try to discretely avoid them, or bail and redeploy. That is if you have time to do so before they practically instakill you.
  15. Zipr

    Yeah pretty cheap technique instilled by the developers Deploy a TR gun that appears to provide best play experience up close and personal Then NERF it out of contention in such fights Maybe only the smart nc playas engage? Really can't explain some apparent experiences tbh Hope you get some investigation of sorts tho! Maybe the weakened developer mindset ignores nc harasser engagement and focus is placed on other things which I cannot explain and a second nerf occurs? Oh woe is me... Break it even more IF you do not want fair play... Rock on NC w/ ur former Bio stats and future harasser stats! And yeah No! I also would not like or accept a nerf to your FUN I would just enjoy bringing a similar/fair/past gun to the fight... peace
  16. Blue_Lion

    Honestly instead of nerfing something make things that match or are better than it. Boom balance restored.
  17. ShadowYoyo

    You know why TR is pulling so many Vulcans, because the gatekeeper is grab.
    Yes the Vulcan is good, but the Vanguard shield too or the Magrider boost. The TR don't have a good Mbt, the Prowler can't win a fight against Mag or Van. So pls let us something left we can use probatly. It's often that TR gets nerfs, so why you want to nerf everything.
  18. Trebb

    I avoid whataboutisms for the most part, but while comparing pull count for weapons, Beetelgeuse is used MORE THAN EVERY OTHER HA DIRECTIVE GUN COMBINED. But I'm told it's not OP just because every vanu uses it. So I'll use that same logic and say that vulcan is fine, TR just lacks a good ES top gun beyond it.
  19. InexoraVC

    Vulcan Har is the most powerful thing for vehicle-to-vehicle combat. When I see it, I pull an ESF with Hornets.

    Offtopic: By the way I dont use Betelgeuse. I think it is not as effective as my favorite LMGs.
  20. InexoraVC

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