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Discussion in 'Emerald (US East)' started by PhantomShadows, Feb 14, 2020.

  1. PhantomShadows

    Just to start this out, yes I have made the same thread for VS, but I have since then disbanded that VS outfit in order to remake one for TR. I will be sticking with TR now. I have mentioned that and explained why I switched to TR in that thread. If any moderators wish to delete that one please do.

    Hello there Terran Republic, my name is CrimsonVulture (or well my in game name is), and I am looking for capable soldiers to join my outfit. My outfit - Forward Operating Company is intended to specialize at setting up temporary bases with ANTS and providing other tactical support for the rest of the Army. If you are like me, you are tired of joining inept squads that disregard the orders of their leaders, and don't provide and don't supply any useful information that the leader should know about (such as locations of enemies, warnings of any enemies spotted nearby a base, etc). I have also dealt with squad members that would place spawn beacons without my permission right before I was about to spawn in an area that I needed to be in.

    (To be clear I am speaking mainly about the random squads you can join, I can't say anything about the squads for the few Outfits that are still currently active in the game. Maybe they also have capable people.)

    I am looking for people to join that want to change this, together we will create squads that have more of a purpose than simply something to place spawn points with. Terrans, join me and we shall turn this empty outfit into one of the best TR outfits of all time. Though the main purpose of this Outfit is ANT base placement there are other forms of support I have planned to help our allies, I will tell you more details about these plans if you join up.

    Thank you Terran, I hope you consider joining my outfit, keep fighting, and let us end this needless war.

    This is CrimsonVulture, signing out.

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