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Discussion in 'Combat Medic' started by Marcus4512, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. Marcus4512

    I was wondering what you guys like using at your primary medic weapon. I see all the different options and wasn't sure of which one I wanted to be playing with. Thanks to anyone with help on this issue.
  2. KodiakX

    I usually see people going after one of two options:

    1. The Base Cycler
    2. The TRV

    After doing some testing I now use the Cycler S. The Cycler S has the exact same rate of fire as the base Cycler (3.75s for 40 rounds) only with much greater variety for weapon modifications (grenade launcher, compensator, soft/high ammo, etc). It also comes naturally with a 3 round burst if you like that sort of thing (I find it extremely situational). The big advantage I like about the Cycler in general is that I find it much more accurate for mid-long range play (or at least I am with it).

    The TRV has a 25% faster ROF (3s for 40 rounds) which also makes it very popular and I really like it in CQC style scenarios where I'm charging buildings or a Biolab. I find the shots "bloom" too early though which can make it difficult when aiming at stationary targets far away but not enough to be inaccurate up close. Using semi-automatic firing mode doesn't work well on stationary targets because it gives them too much time to back out.
  3. Kairis(TR)

    Aiming for this one "The Cycler S" since it can use the underbarrel nades :) very fun in beta, also as above post yeah more options with attachments etc

    now just using the TRV too since alpha squad unlocked and rof is nice
  4. Koadster

    SABR13 baby ! I miss soft point ammo for it :( 5 bullet kills were amazing! 3 taps of MB1 = anyone dead out too 150 meters

    the NS-11A is a good gun, straight up upgrade from the T1 Cycler.
  5. Maderas

    Been using the TRV, but may switch to the Cycler S. Sounds like it has the attachments I'm looking for.
  6. Cavadus

    SABR-13 by a mile. Throw on the 4X scope, set it to semi, and pop off some heads at 200-400 meters :)
  7. Littleman

    Been getting into the SABR-13, though I love my RF-3 (the TRV everyone says? I see RF-3.) The SABR-13 hits like a gauss rifle, and handles like the SAW... needs attachments to be good for long range plinking at more than two rounds a second as the recoil can be pretty beast. It is, ironically, poor initially at long range combat for a rifle designed for long range combat, but for CQC is will never really bloom simply due to the way the 2 shot burst fire works.

    Good to hear about the attachments on the Cycler S. I guess the T1 is a waste to put certs into in comparison, eh? So much for no straight up upgrades. Even attachment options make for a nice upgrade, SOE.
  8. Fara

    The Cycler S has more variation specifically for Long and Short range engagements plus it has single & full auto fire. The gun has the correct attachments to allow it to perform both Long and short range engagements without wasting certs on different weapons. ie for Long = grip, compensator, 4x scope, velocity ammo & for Short = laser, reflex sight, soft ammo, maybe suppressor.
  9. Maderas

    Has the SABR been improved at all? I tried it during beta and wasn't very impressed; it didn't feel very accurate at long range even with a compensator and burst fire. Now that it lost soft point ammunition I'd imagine it's inferior to the TRV at CQC/midrange.
  10. Krona

    If you're not using the stock cycler you're doing it wrong.

    Thing is ridiculously good.
  11. Babaganoush

    I've been using the T1 Cycler a lot but trialed the Cycler TRV. I love that thing. Reload sucks on it though.

    Not a fan of grenade launchers. Sole reason being I'm so used to pressing 1 again to switch to my grenade launcher underbarrel. This causes me to shoot people in the face with my pistol instead of healing them.
  12. Vibe

    Using SABR-13 and enjoying it. If you can control the recoil that thing is beast at long ranges.
  13. Naithe

    Hear SABR alot. did they change it since release or something? I loved it during early times of beta, but right before beta ended, all guns got such a recoil reduction I just didn't feel the SABR, had any advantage anymore?
  14. Koadster

    The pre-recoil patch the SABR was better. I really miss soft points but its still a fantastic rifle.

    the NS-11A is really good too if you want a fullauto gun
  15. BombrMan

    The SABR13 is my pride and joy. Map the fire mode selector to your mouse somewhere and use it a lot. At anything over short range forget about the 2 shot burst, go so single. You can deliver repeat shots on pinpoint targets very fast. With the SABR I can suppress multiple snipers at once even from very long range. You can even keep up your ADAD to some extent while still dropping hits on them with it. I use the 3.4x dot scope. Just don't forget that in cqb you need to mash instead of holding it down. Firing 2 shots and then stopping while he kills you can be embarrassing.
  16. redshirt

    Im sure the stats on the weapon profiles indicated that the Cycler S is 'meant' to have a slightly slower RoF than the Standard Cycler? If that isn't the case then yea its pretty much a straight upgrade :\
  17. Maderas

    After buying the Cycler S and testing it, it does indeed have a slightly slower RoF than the default Cycler. It also has significantly worse recoil and the spread is quite a bit worse during sustained full auto fire. I kind of regret purchasing it, but it is the only assault rifle capable of using grenade launchers, so there's that.

    Have those of you using the SABR spent much time using the default cycler in single shot mode? I'm curious if the SABR really is markedly more accurate or if it's just the extra damage you like about it. If I recall correctly the SABR actually has slightly worse scoped recoil and the same bloom as the Cycler according to the weapon stats which have been extracted from the game.
  18. Littleman

    The SABR-13 is essentially the stock medic Gauss Rifle without full auto capability, from what my experiences with both weapons feels like. Harder to handle and very rewarding when you do tame it.

    Being that it can be semi-autoed, I'm skeptical if certain hardware devices can be macroed to fire it off REALLY fast.
  19. Sir Lemming

    Beta SABR was great, but I suck with it in close range encounters
    The TRV is strange a bit, but got unlocked with alpha.
    But the feel of the Cycler is unparelled imho, too 'bad' Cycler S is not exactly the same with some premium attachments... :/
  20. KodiakX

    I did the Trial on the SABR and really wasn't impressed with the weapon. Mostly this was due to a lack of automatic firing mode which with good enough control you can use to greater ability than the 2 round burst fire mode that's built into the SABR. Perhaps the recoil from spamming the fire button gets more under control with a Compensator but again it's pretty limited compared to any Automatic alternative. At range and at close up the single fire shots on the Cycler variants as well as the SABR have identical accuracy. This includes 2 round burst mode vs 3 round burst mode (on Cycler S).

    I tested both Cyclers (base and s) by pressing "start" on a stopwatch when I started firing and "end" when they reached 0 bullets and both emptied their clips in the same amount of time each time (around 3.7s - 3.8s with variations mostly due to human error). Not really sure why you think it's slower. The base recoil is slightly worse on the Cycler S however the fact it gets a Compensator (which the base doesn't) ultimately means that the recoil is superior when upgraded. The only other downside to the Cycler S is that it's reload speed is in fact noticeably slower but that was apparent in the stat comparisons even. As you also note the Grenade Launcher pretty much clinches everything together providing another great utility onto the weapon (the only annoyance factor being it pushes out the med tool to 4 instead of 3 which is annoying if you swap to another gun like the TRV).

    In the end however it all comes down to preference for weapons. If you're more comfortable and perform better with a TRV then the TRV is the best weapon for you even if it lacks utility slots like the Grenade Launcher.