TR Esamir Controlled

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Teegeeack, Apr 6, 2014.

  1. Teegeeack

    This is happening like every 20 minutes. I guess some heroic type tries to wrestle control of the continent, takes one base, before getting curbstomped by TR drones. I don't know though since I never go there. Esamir's the snowy one, right?
  2. Nanomorph

    Ghost cap.
  3. z1967

    Yes, Esamir is the cold place with the walls everywhere.
  4. Teegeeack

    Oh, Coldwall continent, I remember it now. The Chernobyl of PS2.
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  5. Nanomorph

    It's only a click away, you can help ghost cap it right now.
  6. Teegeeack

    I would rather that click drove a high caliber bullet into the head of a VS sniper.
  7. IamDH

    Its not like anyone ever goes to Esamir on Woodman. I dont even look at it from the map now
  8. Paragon Exile

    lol Esamir.

    It's a shame it get so little traffic off of alerts, it's a really beautiful map. Picturesque aurora, driven snow, vast fields of crystals, thousands upon thousands of annoying walls...
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  9. Nanomorph