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Discussion in 'Emerald (US East)' started by ZeakDK, Dec 6, 2012.

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    I created an account on edge-gamers.com.
    Then I went through the application process.
    I'm at the second step where it asks what game you are affiliated with but Planetside 2 isn't listed.

    Also there's no PS2 category in the forums.

    Please advise.

    Never mind... found it... under Operation X
  6. netsky4life

    Yup :)
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  9. MorganM

    Joined a week ago and so far having a blast with these guys!

    Organized yet not strict military simulation.
    Very active... all hours of the day! This is a big one for me because I sometimes play at odd hours... and there's always someone on.
    Willing to stand and fight if we have a fighting chance. Another big reason I like this outfit. So sick of the "wait someone is fighting back? lets roll out...." zerg mentality
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    Weekly events:
    - friday night ops 9 est
    - sunday school 6 est
    - occasional fun events

    Biggest ventrillo in the world (400slots)

    around 850 members atm activity rate off near 85% last couple off days

    always people online, during peak times at least a platoonsize.

    Join up :)
  12. CONs3queNCE

    Bump. No matter the time there is always someone on Ventrilo and in game. Good for those of you in the Armed Forces, this outfit is very military friendly. Enlist today!

    Start your application process here: http://www.edge-gamers.com/forums/cmps_index.php?pageid=application
    Find us under OP:X Division. Look forward to seeing you on the battlefield!
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  14. MorganM

    What's nice is that it isn't TOO military. They won't make you call dudes Sir, salute, or other military protocol. Just listen up when squad / platoon leaders are talking, be as effective as you can on the current mission, and have fun!

    Yep, people on during all hours. That's huge for me because I play weird hours for my time zone yet there's always someone on!
  15. Borokov

    Join eGO today!
  16. netsky4life

    Active 24/7 platoons up and running almost every day focused on grabbing those bases we need to grab!
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    Dickwraith has invaded your World
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    Seriously, we are looking for good guys! Apply now!
  20. Cravone

    Hey, I joined a platoon run by you guys last night, and I was impressed, and thought 'I have got to be part of that.' However, I am going back to uni for my final term tomorrow (which means I will be on a crappy laptop). Would I still be able to get in? I will definitely be back to PS2 at mid june, with only a couple holidays causing inactivity.

    Also, I live in the UK, in the GMT timezone, would this be an issue?